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Customer Reviews

Not a Place For Mom or Dad

Most of the staff hates their job and it shows in the care and treatment of residents. This is not my opinion, but direct from staff members. My family member has lived there for more than a year and yet to receive a shower, even though during our tour we were ensured they could accommodate showering needs. At the most it's quick once over with a wet towel and done. Breakfast is at 8am-10am and once again the meal was missed due to not having the resident ready until 10:30. This happens at least once a week. We have been seeking other facilities that can supply the level of care needed and promised. I cannot give too great of a review for fear of revealing who my loved one is. In the past when we have complained to management my loved one suffered retribution from the staff because of it. By the way, inspections and fire drills are a joke as prior notice is given when such things occur. During fire drills many residents are not even taken from their rooms as it would be too much trouble.

Naimita Kapoor-Atiyeh

Local Representative

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, your review includes some misinformation.

Every Whitehall Manor resident receives a shower two times per week and the resident in question receives a bed bath.

All residents always evacuated during unannounced fire drills and there is no advance notice of the fire drills. We take the safety of our resident and everyone at Whitehall Manor very seriously.

All residents receive regular meals and even if they sleep in we make sure to offer them breakfast. We are happy to provide delicious, healthy meals throughout the day, when our residents would like them.

We encourage you to reach out to our management with any and all concerns. We are more than happy to set up a care meeting. Our residents’ health, safety, and wellbeing is always our top priority. Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Wonderful place and people. Very clean. Able to accommodate skilled nursing needs. We chose this one.

Staff were very friendly and tried to please my loved one as much as they could. Biggest disappointmen was communication, difficult to find someone to answer questions when main office was closed.

Gillian Pemberton

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had difficulty with communication. However, there is a supervisor on staff at all times. A med aide can direct you to them in the case of an issue or need. We appreciate the compliment to our caring staff. Thank you!

It was Terrible. I would not recommend it. Staff was not responsive to our needs for our mother.

Gillian Pemberton

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience at Whitehall Manor with us. We encourage feedback of all kinds and welcome suggestions in order to constantly improve our senior communities. We apologize that you felt as if our staff was not meeting your family member's needs. Our professional staff provides the best possible care for our residents in all aspects, including overall care, activities, and communication. In addition, our facilities receive daily quality assurance reviews in order to provide the best possible living experience. Again, we appreciate your feedback. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.

Not Happy

Let me start off by explaining that my Mom, who is 91, is a resident. She cannot walk, has trouble hearing and is legally blind. She requires a Hoyer lift to get moved from her bed to her wheelchair and requires someone to push her wheelchair to and from the dining hall. Most times the aides are so busy that it takes more than an hour and sometimes more than two hours, after calling them, to get one to change her or two to operate the Hoyer to get her into the bed so they can change her. She has been injured by the aides while using the Hoyer lift on several occasions and suffered several cuts that required wound care nurses for weeks. It seems that while some aides know what to do when using the Hoyer, others do not have the training or the patience required to operate it safely. Mom has been in this home almost a year now and there are areas of her body that have never been washed.
The food served leaves a lot to be desired. Please do yourself a favor and sample the food while your there, making sure it's the same that's being served to the residents. The food is often served cold and often too tough to eat. Many residents that need help getting to the dining hall are often missing meals because they get them ready too late. This is especially the case with breakfast.
The building is nice and for the most part kept very clean. The management will bend over backwards to help you with any concern. It will be corrected immediately, but the corrections do not last and will be back to the way it was the next day.
About half of the staff are caring people and the other half do what they need to do to keep their jobs and could care less about the residents. Some t the point of being mean and very rude.
Many times you will see what I call a parking lot of residents in wheelchairs just parked in the "Florida Room" sleeping in their wheelchairs and seemingly waiting for the end. Parking them there makes it easier to get them to and from the dining hall.
The med nurses issue the meds and any care that is prescribed. Many times that care gets forgotten. My mom has a problem with the skin on her feet and requires a cream to be applied daily. She sometimes goes for weeks without getting it applied.
Given these circumstances you might ask why we leave her in such a place. Well it is one of the few that will accept a resident that needs to use a Hoyer lift. Having had Mom is several other homes it does not seem that they are all that different. The bottom line is everything and care comes later.
As for activities at this home, I don't think my Mom has ever been taken to any activity other than her weekly hair appointment.

Gillian Pemberton

Local Representative

We are very sorry to hear that you are in any way dissatisfied with the care that your mother is receiving at Whitehall Manor. First of all, we would encourage you to reach out to our management regarding your concerns. We are more than happy to set up a meeting to talk through your concerns and address any issues you have regarding your mother's care.

Our caring staff and nurses are trained to assist in all of our residents' needs, including cleanliness and any medical needs, which are addressed as often as necessary, daily or multiple times per day. Residents are invited and encouraged to attend the many fun and stimulating activities that are offered. We provide a delicious, balanced, and healthy diet that is served on a consistent schedule, and we can assure you that residents are not missing their meals.

We do appreciate your feedback and take it very seriously. Please contact us so that we can work with your family and our staff to be sure that your mother is receiving the best care possible. Thank you.

Best care

My aunt was under hospice care when she was at whitehall manor she was only there for one week before she passed away all staff were wonderful and caring not only to my aunt but also to her family

Gillian Pemberton

Local Representative

Thank you so much for the review. We are so happy that we were able to assist your aunt and your family during this time.

I found this Center to be very pleasant. The staff were very friendly. All residents that I saw appeared very happy. Two dining areas available. One on the first floor another on the second floor for residents with rooms there. The hallways are well lit and hand rails are on the walls. An RN and LPN are on the staff with scheduled visits by other medical professionals.


The first thing I noticed about Whitehall Manor was how friendly and accommodating the staff are. My mother needs a lot of attention due to her dementia, and they are always happy to help with her needs. They even took a photo of her and held a small celebration for her birthday, which fell on her first week of being there. It made her feel so special! I would gladly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.


I have visited this facility as has another family member, in searching for a place for our parent. Dark, dingy. Absolutely no sign of activities, engagement or productivity of any kind in the memory care section. One room offered was large but bare and dismally dark and the other room had no door and was off the community room where, if someone inside fell, nobody would hear it. I saw sad, lonely-looking residents sitting alone, with their heads down, at empty tables waiting as though something was going to happen. This place looks terrible at any price and the air smelled of urine. I saw one staff member sitting with one lady. Our parent is not demented enough to live here in dim isolation. [Removed] can get better service at no cost to them while our parents have so few options in their frail and needy years, and can't afford decent care at an affordable price, after having worked all their lives! [Removed].

Lehigh Valley Manors

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience at Whitehall Manor with us. We encourage feedback of all kinds and welcome suggestions in order to constantly improve our senior communities. We apologize for the impression you received of our facility during your tour, and take your review extremely seriously. All of our locations throughout the Lehigh Valley feature very interactive, daily activities schedules for all residents to enjoy - all spearheaded by experienced activity directors. These activities are customized depending on the capabilities of our residents, some of whom are not as capable as others and require specialized activities. We also want to assure that our staff members never leave residents alone who are not independent. Our facilities receive daily quality assurance reviews in order to provide the best possible living experience for our residents. Again, we appreciate your feedback and wish your loved one the best in searching for a memory care facility that is best for them. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.

Beautiful Facility

What first drew me to Whitehall Manor was the convenience in location. My mother is in need of a loving, specialized community with Memory Care and Whitehall Manor is beautiful. She loves the fountain and swans out front, and the staff are very helpful.

I didn't care for this facility at all. It seemed old and dark. Also too many people just lined up in front of the TV. Also, the workers did not say hi or acknowledge my presence on the tour.

Care and Comfort

I like this community. The staff has been able to learn more about the care that she needed. The staff is kind and helpful. The menu is good and there is a large variety. The community is clean and I like knowing that the staff is very sensitive to her needs. I would recommend this community for the care of a loved one for the good care and value for others.

Not accepted.

I did a tour here and the staff did a fine job showing me around and answering my question. but in the end, they would not accept my wife.

Adequate Accommodations

It's been two months that my parents have been at this facility. There has been good things, but equally bad things. I believe there is not enough help for this fairly large community. The food is not very appetizing. Most of the employees are very friendly and try to be helpful. There are always going to be a few employees that really just don't care.

Some health issues have been ignored/overlooked for my parents and not reported. I'm not happy about that.

Not cheery enough

I toured the Whitehall Manor and the staff was very friendly and informative regarding the care they would provide. It was a clean community, but I was looking for something more uplifting for my wife.

Community Too Large For Us

We toured this community for my mother, and needs. Everyone was very kind to my family, and I. The community was clean, and everything appeared to be well maintained. The staff we met was friendly, and helpful. However this was too large of a community for my parents.

Considering Revisiting This Community

My parents almost made the move into this community. However right before they made the move they informed us my parents needed more care than they originally had planned on. If my parents moved into this community it would had cost me extra for their higher level of care. After our experiences in the community my parents are currently at, this is a community we will be visiting. The director was very kind, and informative. She is great with her follow, and still checks on my parents, and I. They have a lovely outdoor setting, and I feel that my parents would enjoy that. This is a nice community with kind people.

Trained Staff!!

This community would have not worked out for my mother because the location was not right for our family but they have a great facility. I recently had an aunt that lived here and she was treated lovely by all the staff and received great quality of care. They have a clean property and lots of great amenities for all of the residents. It was just not the right fit for my mom due to where it was located.

Mom is Happy here

When I was first driving to the community I got lost, and when I stopped to ask for directions. The person that gave me the directions used to work at this community, and she informed me this is a best community. Everything is working out very well with my mothers move to this community. It is a very nice place, and I'am satisfied with all they have done for us. She seems to have adjusted well to this community, and she is happy. Everybody has been very kind, and friendly. It has been a lovely experience, and I would recommend this community.

Few Issues, But Overall Mom is Pleased

It has been a work in progress for us with my mothers move to this community. We have had some medications issues, and problems setting up her oxygen machine. However we are working through things. The staff is willing to work with us, and have been helpful. She is enjoying her time overall. They have nice meals, and she has gotten involved with some of the activities they offer. It is still a work progress, but overall I would recommend this community.

Positive experience

Our experience with A Place for Mom to find this community was outstanding. Everyone was very professional. Whitehall Manor was excellent to my mother and ensured she was comfortable. I have nothing but positive things to say. I have already recommended them.

Mom Is A Happy Resident

My mom is fine being here and doing better. The meals and care has been very suitable with no issues. She enjoys and has fun with the activities that are planned out. I would recommend this place for those need.

I Like this Community, My Wife is Well

So far everything is working out pretty well for my wife since her move to this community. There were a few issues at first, but things have gotten better since then. She is adjusting well to the community, and I'am satisfied with her move here. The community is nice, they do a good job with the cleanliness of the community. The staff is friendly, and kind. This is a community I would recommend overall, it is working out well for us.

Special place for mom

I have been very happy with the facility, services and kind staff of Whitehall Manor. It is warm, comfortable and extremely clean. The staff is very helpful and seem to care about the well being of these tenants. I am hopeful that my mother will find ways to enjoy this place and this time of her life. I live close by and have been to visit my mother every day. I have not seen or heard anything that has changed my very positive impression of Whitehall Manor.

Staff is good ,friendly and helpful. Place is clean

Friendly Tour

This is a nice community, and our tour of it went pretty well. From what we saw the community looked nice. Everything looked neat, and tidy. The staff we came across was friendly, and courteous. It was a pleasant experience, everything went well.

Just a feeling!

I really liked this community and the staff here was awesome and they were very gracious. I thought that the community was very lovely. i just did not get the feel that this was the place for my husband.

My tour!

This was a nice clean community. The people we met were nice. We would have chosen this community, however they did not have the accommodations we were looking for available. This community is also a little farther away from the family than the one we chose.

A nice place

Whitehall manor. did not have a room for my mom. I did like the staff. I feel that it would not have been a good fit for my mom. because it was a layout that she may have gotten confused in finding her way around. I did like the cleanliness of the community. They did have a variety of activities. I think families would still like this community for the value and the staff.

Very nice, well staffed, resonable pricing

Beautiful Outside Sitting Area

My brother toured this community for our mother. He said the facility looked very nice. The staff was nice and friendly. The community has a homey feeling to it. Everyone was very nice and kind, the residents were very welcoming. They have a beautiful outside sitting area for the residents. The location wasn't the best for us. They didn't have a room available at the time we toured. Everything went very well and this is a nice community.

Review of Whitehall Manor - Pittsburgh, PA

Very clean. Homey atomsphere.

Very nice place!

Overall our experience with Whitehall Manor has been a good one. The staff seems friendly and professional, and they've been very easy to communicate with when any issues have come up. The facility is clean and well kept, and I think they take good care of the residents.

Lovely place with great care

They offer different options for different clients and needs. I think thats wonderful. Services tailored to individual needs. just great.

I have had family there in the past, and they seemed happy. I did not feel it would be a good match or as comfortable for dad. Things seemed very quiet and there seemed to be a lack of interaction with the residents.

So far it seems like it's a nice place.

It's very clean, and the people are really friendly. So far everyone has been very attentive and responsive, but it's only been a few months. I haven't had a whole lot of experience with the activities, but from what it sounds like there are activities going on. We haven't had any complaints about the food. So far it seems like it's a nice place.

Friendly staff, all inclusive pricing structure is nice!

So far everything has gone well with Whitehall Manor. We're completely satisfied with the service they provide! The facility itself is nice looking and clean, and the staff have all been very helpful. We also really appreciate their all-inclusive pricing structure, it's much easier to budget when we know the price won't increase along with care needs.

From the Community

Located directly behind Caste Village on Weyman Road in Pittsburgh, PA, ManorCare provides individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care in a comfortable environment. Our clinical and therapy teams are experienced in providing specialized care focused on your needs, interests and ability. This commitment results in a smoother and safer transition throughout your recuperation. You should look for a setting that specializes in providing vital medical care and rehabilitation in a warm and caring environment. We offer a range of services to meet your health care needs.