White Oak Manor-Charlotte - Charlotte, NC

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Look beneath the surface

I've had to fight to get my mother treated respectfully. Housekeeping would pile her wheelchair, walker, and visitors chair up in the corner then push the bed up against it and leave, after they finished doing the floor every week. They would stack spare towels or bedspreads on the visitors chair. How is that for welcoming guests?
When replacing trash can liners, CNAs would tie them up so tightly inside the trash cans that nothing could fit inside. They were useless.
I was always finding her call button on the floor or else fastened or dangling somewhere out of her reach.
The food has improved but was miserable, I still take her something every night just in case. She is bed-ridden and whether the staff would provide her a bib at dinnertime was hit or miss
The door closes by itself, half the doors up and down the hallway have trash cans propping them open.
I did not trust them doing her laundry but I learned my lesson: write name and room# in your garments and let them do the wash; they'll do it whether you want them to or not. All her original clothes got lost. They rented an O2 concentrator to us for over $500 per month, until I bought one for less than $800. Mother has COPD and one of her attending CNAs would wear so much perfume I could smell her from 20 feet away. I complained and got that changed.
The AC unit went out completely and they replaced it with one that has an unreadable thermostat readout.
WOM Looks nice on the surface but they are greedy price gougers who exercise little control over the CNAs. Some are real nice and the nurses are very nice but some CNAs appear to have little regard for the residents. Things have improved but had to do a lot of complaining to get us there.

The food is good, she loves the food.

The food is good, she loves the food. The menu is good, they have people waiting in the dining room to help with anything they can. The head administrator keeps nice seasonal decorations up and gives birthday parties for the residents. It's very big but designed with several wings with nursing stations and parlors with wide screen t.v.'s on each wing. They can go outside with the birds and the flowers and things, they have an area for that. They are a unique set up. They do accept medicaid.