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Westport is deadly to our elderly

My mother was placed in Westport by the hospital my sister was placed in after being admitted for an emergency and sudden life threatening illness and needed a transplant - My mother was in fairly good condition upon entering westport and a year later after fighting to have my mother released from westport ( They actually [Removed] ) we had to place her into ICU fighting for her life - We had to involve lawyers and Ombudsman . The administration staff especially the director and [Removed] were the most obnoxious depraved individuals and should be investigated for elder [Removed] and [Remoived] of power- They should not be working with elderly under no means - My mother was [Removed] by nursing staff as well - We are currently in the process of trying to have this place shut down or at least the director and [Removed] removed and investigated - There are several individuals with similar experiences - If you have a similar experience please voice it on here with your contact - we are thinking of a class action suit against this company - [Removed] is the parent company of this establishment and has done little to help or recognise a problem with the staff here . I would also like to add we have the three nursing homes who would except my mother at the times ,who are willing to let people know that westport refused to send proper papers or contact them to facilitate my mother's move - they would not answer calls or call back or return emails from these homes and their administrators - All of them have indicated they have never been treated or dealt with another facility like westport and indicated they felt my mother was in danger there .[Removed] told us they would facilitate my 85year old mothers move and the process was begun - A staff member ordered a wheel chair and oxygen and other supplies for my mothers trip to Florida - [Removed] cancelled everything day's before and my 85 year old mother was left with no oxygen ,medications ,or wheel chair - Her clothes were weeks dirty from her colostomy bag leaking on them and not washed and my husband had to pack her stuff an hour before they left - That after my mother was told in front of him to shut up and go to her room she wasn't going anywhere - Her bipap machine which we supplied her the day she was admitted was broken under loads of stuff piled on it and the chip inside indicated it had never been used the whole year she was there - During the christmas holidays they shut their phones down and I had to send an administrator from another facility after 4 days of the phones being off to do a wellness check on my mother - the phones were back on within the hour but my mother was approached by staff and threatened because I had to check on her well being during the holidays .My complaints are just a drop in the bucket to what they did to my family - My mother was within hours of death the doctor told us and she had a fissure infected on her backside and untreated for a long period of time - Please speak up if you have had experiences with this place .

Nightmare experience

I will never forgive myself for placing my father at Westport. This is not a place for patients with serious medical conditions, such as recovering from a stroke who are non-ambulatory. The facility is decades old and the staff is not prepared to deal with complex medical issues. Ours was a nightmare experience.

Shop around before you make a decision

They bragged that they are a 5 star facility and have been for years. Their gym and rehab staff are the only ones that deserve to get a 5 star!!!
Westport leaves a lot to be desired. The nursing staff are not very responsive to patients needs, CNA's are overworked, Administration staff are very passive (no one takes charge, they just pass the buck) did not like the doctor at all, Admission to the facility was a disaster, rooms are very small and should be considered a safety and fire hazard, 4 people share one bathroom, bathrooms were not always the cleanest, Lobby is very dim and depressing, breakfast food was always cold, could only get good and hot coffee in activity room.
My heart goes out to the folks that have to live there permanently and have to deal with all of this and/or don't know any better. It is very sad.

Regret placing father in Westport's care

This is not a place for patients who are recovering from serious medical conditions, such as a stroke, who are non ambulatory. The facility is decades old and the staff are not competent at dealing with complex medical issues. There is no communication between nurses, CNAs and therapists. Ours was a nightmare experience with the exception of two CNAs who were compassionate and competent.

active recovery

Following a fall, my short term memory, physical balance and general orientation were all severely impaired. I was admitted to Westport and during which the staff provided memory and physical therapy. Puzzle exercises, memory quizzes and logic problems stimulated my thinking. The physical exercise program was a 7 days a week challenging routine in which state-of-the-art equipment and a focused staff monitored progress over the past week (or even the past day). The attitude and support, especially from Speech Therapy with Ms. Jill Skinner, was very reinforcing. After 6 weeks I was transferred to another facility which provided greater physical mobility and self determination. But I am unhesitating in recommending Westport for others seeking compassionate professional care.

In my opinion , stay away from this facility

If I could give this place a -0 , I would. The administration was horrible. They have no idea what they are doing . I had to fill out the same paper work several times before any of my siblings were allowed to take my mother out or discuss my mother's care. They are so understaffed that the CNA's have to double as dining hall staff serving plated food. The nurses in charge of despensing medication were often new and were not familiar with the patients or their medicines. My mother was discharged today with the assurance by the social worker that a hospital bed would be delivered. This was prearranged last week . However, no hospital bed ever arrived! In my opinion I would NEVER leave another loved one at Westport!!!!

Didn't address issues promptly

She was not pleased at all with the care and then she had to go back into the hospital. For some reason they had some issues going on that they just did not address so I think had they been addressed earlier on it would have prevented some issues.
The rehab was good and the food was good, it was just some of the staff and she was not pleased with the doctor at all there. He was one of those that was trying to be funny and trying to be funny with an 80 year old who is sick just doesn't work. I think she wasn't the only one who complained about it either.

From the Community

Westport Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a unique facility that offers patients a comprehensive program designed not only to eliminate the deficits of an injury or musculoskeletal problem, but prevent it from returning. Our goal is to return our patients to their previous level of functioning as quickly and safely as possible.
This is a place where exceptional care is constant. Where support is strengthened through respect and dignity. This is a place where hope is regained and independence is inspired. This is a place of recovery. This is Westport. Welcome.