Warwick Forest CCRC - Newport News, VA

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Customer Reviews

My father moved into assisted living after being evaluated on his care level in November 2018. He was assessed as level 2 which I was very impressed with the evaluation process. We had several issues that needed to be ironed out in the beginning but overcame them quickly. The staff has been very attentive, knows my father’s likes and dislikes and caters to him.
It is a large facility but there is always something to do if you want to be involved.

Avoid this [language removed] hole

I can’t say much about the rest of Warwick Forrest having not experienced any of what it offers. But the rehab facility is a [language removed] hole. It appears from our experience that its major problem is it is part of the Riverside organization and we found that the Riverside hospital from which our patient came to Warwick Forrest is also either incompetent or just plain unconcerned. In fact the reason WHY we had to come here after 3 weeks in the hospital is because of a botched biopsy. But that is another topic for another review. The bottom line here is: Avoid this rehab facility at all costs. Find somewhere else.

The people are friendly but basically incompetent. Slow responses and a general disinterest in actually doing a good job appeared to me to be the problem.
For example, my mother-in-law was bed-ridden, totally dependent upon help to do just about anything. But if she had to, for example, go to the bathroom (actually the bed pan), we routinely had LONG waits for nurses to respond. THEN the one who responded would say she would need to get help and would promptly disappear for another 20 minutes or so. By then I would have to go look for another nurse and we would repeat the cycle, the usual, “I need someone to helpe with this” ..and then SHE too would disappear. Eventually, help would arrive.

We had almost no interaction with the staff physicians. We saw the attending physician only ONCE - upon admission. After that, she disappeared. We saw the resident twice (in three weeks) who was, as usual, very friendly but, she too just ...disappeared. Sometimes the nurses would have to remove the oxygen cannula in order to maneuver my mother-in-law, but then they would forget to replace it until one of us showed up and did their job for them. We had to provide our own pulse/oxymeter to keep track of her vitals since this was crucial to her care, but the nurses only did this once in a while. This is important because the patient was in a state of heart failure and therefore pulse rate and oxygenation are key monitors. But we ended up doing it ourselves. We also had to buy a new clock for the room since the old one was broken and a basic orientation in time is important to a patient’s mental health.

The physical therapist did not appear to actually interact with the patient or try to understand her probelms; she just seemed to be running through a routine.

On the good side, the rooms are clean even if a bit old and they are not private. My mother-in-law said the food was good enough and the internet access is good. So, in light of these few good things, I have given a one-and-a-half star ratting instead of the one-star rating I would otherwise have written.

Too Costly

Beautiful facility & courteous staff, but I had to laugh when a reviewer wrote WF was less costly than other facilities. We wanted to move there, but it was completely unaffordable. There was a $100.00 moving fee plus $5,000 per month for a two bedroom unit.

just not good enough

The patient to staff ratio is not good enough and, as a result, patients are often treated like cattle. All staff could use training on working with people with dementia. They are very far behind on technology. The food in the rehab center is terrible but in assisted living is good. I hate seeing people sitting in wheelchairs in the rehab facility in front of the nurses station doing nothing and not being engaged by the staff. I once saw a nutritionist take a wheelchair patient to be weighed and she never said a word to him--not "hello" not an explanation of where they were going and what they were doing. It was so disrespectful to the patient. The activities are limited and not conducive for all of the patients. Rooms are very small. Management could use some training on customer service and issues of aging. There seems to be far more management than direct care workers. PT and OT staff are great.

In need of improvements

Facility looks nice, but has some important improvements yet to make. Unsafe nurse-to-patient staffing, in my opinion. Employees spend their own money for supplies at times. This facility is behind in the technology department.

Mixed Impressions

Very attractive and less costly than most of the competition. Staff is courteous and noticeably overworked. Management stays out of sight and appears indifferent to deferred maintenance issues. Surprising lack of attention to upkeep since this facility is part of the Riverside "family". A good place overall but could benefit from some changes to management personnel.