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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews

Staff is good and they treat my parents well

We have been extremely happy with this community thus far. My Father is sometimes tough and he actually picked this community. The staff is good and they treat my parents well. I have also been to the facility during meal time and have gotten to try the food. It was presented very well but it tasted okay. The facility itself is clean and the staff takes good care of the residents. I would recommend this facility to other families.

A Very Good Fit

My mom is doing okay and it has been a big adjustment for her too. We like the Brookdale staff and they have been very helpful. There are many activities for the residents and my mom attended to some. With the community being a bigger place, she thinks she is staying in hotel. I have join mom for a couple of meals and it reminds me of hospital food which I understand for those with special diets. WE mostly picked them for the availability of an apartment and the location. They had an apartment on the lower level and that is easier for my mom when walking around.

Going pretty well

The staff have been helpful for the most part. They did help when we moved mom in. They do offer daily activities. Mom is satisfied with the food. The community is clean and they have a courtyard in the center of the community. Mom's apartment is a nice size. This community is in a good location for family.

My favorite Brookdale out of 3 visited, however, no OVEN. Grounds and building outside and inside really well kept. Love the location and the staff.

Good Experience, Nice Tour

I had a good tour of this community. Everyone was very kind, and helpful. The staff was informative, and my questions were answered overall. The experience went well overall, but this was not the community for my father, and his needs.

A tour for care

We toured this community and we liked the staff. The staff was nice and caring. The community did have an odor. The community had a nice menu and a lot of activities. The community was clean and maintained. We would recommend families to tour this community for the options for the care of a loved one.

Nice Experience!!

I have no complaints about the tour I had taken of this community for my loved one. The staff where friendly and made sure to give my loved one and a detailed look at everything they had to offer. They had a nice open floor plan with wide hallways that was easy to navigate through. Overall great experience it was just not the right fit for my loved one in the end decision.

She is very happy!!

My loved one was only at this community for a short respite stay but ended up loving it so much that she is going to make it a permanent move. The staff have been wonderful to her and treat her just like family. She has had no complaints about the meals and has enjoyed the activities that they provide throughout the week. Overall we are very pleased and would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

Brookdale / Beware

My Dad was evaluated by [Removed] and they gave him their approval to move him into Brookdale, Novi, that was April 3rd, on Tuesday April 6th after moving his belongings in we were told they would not be able to help or care for him. We moved him out on Saturday, April 9th. My Dad was there for 2.5 days and they billed my Mom $2100.00 for that time. Dad has since passed away, he should never have been put in that position, it was a total nightmare, please do your homework if you are considering this facility. And be careful what you sign, you will not get any compassion out of the front office.

So far so good

My parents seem to like living at this community. Moms only complaint is that the food is not very good. The manager said they would look into this and see if they can improve it. The community is fairly clean, however mom feels they do not do a good enough job cleaning her apartment . The staff are friendly and quick to respond.

Not my favorite...

We did not like the Brookdale Novi. It was an older facility and the toilet that I used in the hallway during my tour was not working. The place seemed kind of crummy and it was not a good fit for my father.

Loved the community but not the right room

I toured this community and love it here. The reason I did not choose Brookdale Novi is the room they had available for my loved one was in the back of the property and things would not have been as accessible to her.

A Place To See And Tour

From what I saw when touring the community they were suitable. The staff offered us to stay for lunch but time was not available. Everybody looked like the enjoyed the community. However this facility was not in a good location but much farther away from us.

We Didn't Get Full Assurance

I had them come to my house to evaluate my loved one and they brought lunch and sat with them for a few hours. The 3 assessors told me that they were a good candidate. I questioned many times to ensure they could handle the behavior. They ensured they were able to have them in the community. Within in the first few days an accident happened. Before the incident, they didn't call me about a wander issue. Now I question their judgement.

Wonderful Staff !!

The staff has been wonderful to my loved one. The nursing team is always making sure his health is stable and that he is feeling comfortable. Housekeeping has been very helpful on making sure his room stays picked up and well maintained, I have no complaints and I am pleased with his new living environment.

Brookdale of Novi is Outstanding!!!

My recent stay at Brookdale Senior Living for 17 day Respite Care was was wonderful. I am 66 years old and have many medical issues, however, my cognitive functions are good. My husband had wanted to take a trip to a country that is not disability friendly, I decided to stay at Brookdale to allow us the peace of mind that I would have good care while he was away.

The facility is designed for safety, comfort and privacy for seniors. The entire staff, from the receptionist to the director are exceptional. Their mission seems to be to offer the assistance in a personalized way. The empathy shown and constancy of a calm environment adds to the quality of life for all the seniors of varying ages, physical ability and cognitive ability. I was very impressed at the level of care and inclusiveness for each individual resident.

The manager of patient care is amazing. She has a team of care givers that are very attentive to their residents. She is extremely hands on, no desk sitting for her!

The manager of dining services takes great care in providing the residents a varied, healthful and enjoyable dining experience. The wait staff is well trained and proficient. The food is excellent!

The manager of programming is very engaged! The variety of activities, entertainment and social activities are geared to the interests of the residents. There are religious services, exercise classes, speakers, musical entertainment, beach ball volley ball (a personal favorite), positive thinking group, happy hour, sing alongs, outings, cooking demos, etc., etc. Jill is extremely hands on as is the staff in assuring the residents have plenty of opportunity to enrich and entertain themselves. I was surprised to see how active everyone was.

The receptionists take their important job quite seriously. When a resident pulls their cord for assistance they summoned the help of an aid immediately. They monitor the flow of people visiting, assist residents and answer calls from family checking in on their family member.

The facility is extremely clean and in good repair. They provide transportation for shopping trips, doctor appointments and outings. To me, it seemed very well staffed.

I wish I would have been able to find this quality of senior care when my father was in need of it. I highly recommend Brookdale of Novi Senior Living!

Brookdale Novi

Met with Jennifer and discussed our desire for a 2 bedroom with independent living for now and whether they had the ability to provide assisted living as needed. She told me about the company that does do that and gave me a list of prices for different levels of assistance. I like the homey feeling there. They were enthusiastic and patient. We decided to take the offer they gave and move in in The first of March. In talking to about five residents I received a surprise as all residents I talked to liked living there. A first. One had been there for 10 years. That kind of response is encouraging as it is a big move to do and expensive as well. I am semi handicapped and my wife has moderate dementia so we both thought it was time to do this. I visited 9 other places and this one won my heart.

Nice place, overall

Our experience with Brookdale Novi has been a good one, overall. It's a clean nice looking facility, the staff seem friendly, and they take good care of the people who live here.

The square footage and luxurious rooms were nice

We toured Brookdale Novi, but my father actually never moved in there he decided he wanted private care. Nancy helped me who is excellent with working with us and finding us Brookdale Novi, not to many amenities, but luxurious large bedrooms, the square footage was great compared to other homes.

Great place!

I think they do a great job at Brookdale Novi! The staff here is wonderful! The facility tiself is clean and well kept, and they provide all sorts of amenities and activities for the residents. I also think they do a pretty good job with the food, I've eaten here a few times already and the food is pretty good! My loved one is having some trouble adjusting, but the staff has been very welcoming and accommodating, and they're doing everything they can to make him feel at home. I toured quite a few communities in the area, and this one just felt right from the moment I walked in. I would highly recommend them!

My father has lived here for three years. He loves it. The staff honors his privacy yet helps him when needed. And they are all very friendly and kind to him. Physical Therapy called me when he needed some help and looked into his insurance to make sure it would be covered with the lowest out of pocket for us.

very happy

There was a little chaos in getting the room ready and getting her all moved in. The first billing that we received was totally messed up, but they corrected it when we brought it to their attention.

Those are my only complaints, other than those small issues everything has been great. She is very happy there, enjoys the food and the home-like social atmosphere, and everything else.

Very nice place!

They do a great job at The Grand Court, we're very pleased with them. The staff are all very friendly, and the people you deal with when you walk in the door do a great job welcoming you and making you feel comfortable. I also really appreciated that they offered to let my loved one stay for a few nights at the community to see how he liked it, that is a great service that I think more locations should consider.

Mixed reaction: loved the w...

Mixed reaction: loved the welcome from friendly staff, but the halls are narrow and poorly lighted. All common areas we saw were shades of dark green and brown (even furniture). I couldn't believe it. IF SOMEONE HAD SET OUT TO DESIGN A DEPRESSING DECORE, THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT THEY WOULD HAVE COME UP WITH. On the other hand there was a family of ducks living in the courtyard, but a resident complained to us that there were no outdoor walking paths. Were invited to come back and stay for up to a week sometime. Much more pet friendly, in fact they gave us a jar of treats for our cat! Arrangement of apartment kitchens is good. One available apt had a completely barrier free bathroom. Three meals a day with 'assigned seating.' That is a negative, although it would be great to never grocery shop or cook again. Attempts to explain the reason for assigned seating sound 'fishy' to me. Is it something old folks like? Very heavy chairs in dining room -- impossible for my wife to move. Older property in need of upgrades.

My parents had a dog so this place does take small animals.

My parents have been at Grand Court for over a year now and the complaint they always have is the food. They continue to meet weekly to discuss the meals and when they suggest different types of food or different ways to prepare, they don't seem to take the advice.

It would be nice to have someone, who is qualified, to come in once a week to do group exercise or yoga. I have seen, on occasion, someone playing Wii Bowling but that's it. How about starting a league? I know Bingo is a big hit but maybe more group activities.

High praise

Finding a safe place for our Mom to live when her dementia worsened was a daunting task. After meeting with the wonderful people at Grand Court Novi, we were comforted by their attention & support. The facility is homey, the people are friendly & the food is quite good too! The people that we've worked with at Grand Court over the past 1 1/2 years have been great. It takes special people to do the job they do and exceptional people to do it well! One of our favorites is Jill - she is truly exceptional! She is not only wonderful to our Mom, but also to us. :-)

dinning is an issue

my parents have been there for 1.5yrs. most of the clients there complain bout the dinningroom. The service is not good, once their order is taken its a while getting to them and a lot of the times there is no water on the table and coffee has not even been offered. Food is spicey, too much sauce, cooking servings either too big or too small, fresh veg not cooked soft enough. Not enough vegetable and meat variety and hardly ever even quality canned fruits. There is no safe place for outside walking. halls are not airconditioned and with the latest storm there was not a back up generator tthrough the building to keep some safe lighting. The staff is nice and friendly. Grounds basically clean and uncluttered.

Caring and Friendly Staff and Really Nice facility that "fit" my Mom make Grand Court the perfect spot.

So pleased with the entire experience interacting with the team at Grand Court.

I visited about 10 independent living locations and narrowed the ones to take my Mom down to 3 top choices. Grand Court was my first choice so I took my Mom there for lunch. Jennifer and the team customized the visit so she enjoyed lunch with a couple of women with similar interests and by the time we finished lunch, my Mom asked "When can I move in?"

She signed the lease that week and it's been an incredible experience ever since. We were contacted by the on-site Physical Therapy team within the first week with recommendations. They contacted her Doctor and facilitated bi-weekly physical therapy sessions to strengthen her legs.

One month after moving in, I asked her what she misses most about the house she lived in for over 60 years. She said she misses the house her 9 kids grew up in but other than that, she's glad she made the decision she did (and wishes she made it earlier). When I asked her what her favorite thing about her new place is, she said the people. Both the ones who work there and the other residents. They are all so nice and call me by name.

I couldn't have wished for a better outcome for she and our family. We feel an INCREDIBLE peace of mind and are thrilled with the decision we made.

The one thing I would recommend to anyone considering moving forward to find someone for their relatives is to choose somewhere that feels like their personality. We didn't go for the slickest/glossiest location but somewhere the team working there and the facility "felt like my Mom" and we haven't been disappointed on any front.

A special THANK YOU to Jennifer and Michelle and the entire Team at Grand Court for the time they continue to take getting to know my Mom and making her feel comfortable and welcome as she transitioned into her new place. I will never forget the sign they placed on her door that said "Welcome Home Bea" and when Jennifer brought a beautiful potted plant and kitty Treats for my Moms cat that made the move with her. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

It is very friendly.

It’s a fine community. It is very friendly. The community is a little older and needs some upkeep. The food is okay.

Required a 60 day move out ...

Required a 60 day move out notice PLUS a 30 day community fee. Too expensive with all the fees.

She liked it here, but she started needing more assistance.

She liked it here, but she started needing more assistance. This is an independent community, and they will let you have a care service, but the care service started adding charges for everything and it just was not enough. There was some boredom. They did do outings. They went through a big transistion in the last six months and the new person is wonderful.

She had been there for almost a year,...

She had been there for almost a year, it was good. They don't have as many activites as where she is now, but she liked it there, she made friends there and she liked it. They would administer her medications but I would bring it in, it had to be in pill boxes and I had to give them a list of everything, but i liked it because I knew what was happening.
They don't do as much here but she had a room to herself which was huge.

Good Community

The food here is good. The care for the residents is good. It wouldn't be my first choice but I would still recommend the community. Our loved one just had a difficult time adjusting, just didn't feel very welcomed here by the residents. The staff is very nice and they try to be helpful. This wouldn't be my first choice but it's not a bad community.

Very Nice. Close to my home...

Very Nice. Close to my home and work. That is important.


I have been looking around for a couple years just trying to plan ahead and I had “novi” pegged from the beginning. I love the fact that they have a very experienced staff. The longevity of the employees they all have been working their for years and even move up in the company as they stay with them. The people are very friendly and the community is very clean. I have looked around at a lot of communities and I knew that I wanted “novi”. They offer a full range of services all of which are satisfying. The food is good with a well rounded menu. The diversity of the entertainment activities is great they have everything from bingo, baseball, trips to the casino and even music. The people and the staff are very involved.

This is a very nice property and is o...

This is a very nice property and is our first choice

West side of west park drive. Both i...

West side of west park drive. Both indep and assisted. Add services as needed. Three meals 2 different seatings. Order from menu. Lifestyles program...optimum life. Free dr. With in 10 miles. Assisted services available.

Much better than Grand Court Farmingt...

Much better than Grand Court Farmington. Limited patio/balcony units.

Sounds wonderful; I am keeping this o...

Sounds wonderful; I am keeping this one in mind for MY mother, when the time comes.

Lobbie & dinning areas very clean and...

Lobbie & dinning areas very clean and spacious. Friendly staff and residents. Could not handle mom if she were on a feeding tube.

From the Community

Brookdale Novi is a vibrant independent senior living community in Novi, Michigan. One of the fastest growing cities in Michigan, Novi is dedicated to providing each resident the highest quality of life. Novi has a number of different parks and community events for residents to enjoy including a weekly farmers market, movies on the lake, and an active golf program. We are proud of our commitment to our community which makes Novi a friendly and prosperous place to call home.

At Brookdale Novi you will be able to live a carefree and worry free lifestyle, participating in fun activities, finding new interests or just relaxing while we take care of the cooking, cleaning and other necessities of life. We collaborate with local medical professionals to provide personalized assisted living services as needed. Additionally, our long list of services includes, but is not limited to:

An effective and challenging fitness and wellness program
Weekly personal housekeeping and linen services
Full-service dining program with three meals a day served by a professional wait staff in our beautiful dining room
Scheduled transportation services
Fun and exciting social calendar with regular events and outings
24 hour concierge and staff availability