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Customer Reviews

Good facility but my mom said it felt like a nursing home

This is a nicer facility and I personally saw nothing wrong with it. It’s really good place but unfortunately, all my mom saw when she walked in was a nursing home. The manager, Penny, was very friendly when she showed us around. The only drawback I saw with the community is that the hallways were really long and it would be harder for my mom to get around. I would recommend this community to other families.

2nd time posted, don't know why the firstwas taken down.

My mom and dad were at Waunakee Manor for a number of years and for the most part got good care even when they were short-staffed, which seemed to be most of the time. The social work staff was excellent and the place was kept exceptionally clean both inside and out. However towards the end of my mom's life my mom was the victim of theft as she had her Mother's ring stolen one month and on her last day alive had her wedding ring ripped off her finger. This was witnessed by two staff members. I got their statements from Susan O., an administrator. I told her I was taking the statements to the police and she told me she didn't want to get her staff involved. Well the police said they had to go interview the staff and the staff must have been coached as they gave"I don't want to get involved" answers. Ring was never recovered. My mom's hand was very bruised which the administrator to pictures of but since my mom died the next day the police wouldn't do anything about this. The Waunakee police force made the Mayberry Police look competent. This is the 2nd time I posted this review. They must have took the first one down.

Keep Going as it's confusing, retaliate and rudeness and they retaiate

Confused and very worried. My little brother placed my Mother here for a rest as she was running non stop taking care of her spouse with cancer. Several years later and she's still there. She has MS and has fallen several times and hurt herself. When she calls me she whispers for fear they will retaliate. I find out she's in the hospital 2nd hand. Once my family picked her up to take her out for lunch and after she invited us up to see her "dungeon" she called it. Upon entering she became very sick & lost consciousness. My son begged them to call an ambulance for his Grandmother. The nurse & CNA snottily said "just ignore it as it happens all the time." My Mother throws up & loses consciousness? I'm medically trained & i tell you she is in better hands with me. She is finally taken to the hospital where i arrive before she does. The Dr. & nurses are happy to see me as they know she's in great hands. After very few tests Dr. calls me over to look at her medical records & tells me she's been in renal failure for a long time, then he firmly tells her that she has full POA so he's upset with why she has been treated the way she has & she must drink more fluid. I bring her back & tell the nurse & CNA this & they are just, "Well, we can't do that." I make calls the next day but they never call me back. After several attempts I contact thrir director, David and he's rude & hangs up on me. This is my Mom & no one there seems to care? Plus we noticed their Sunday supper was just sandwich with salty soup written on a chalkboard. No wonder Mom has to take a cab all the time to a grocery store for fruits & vegetables to keep in her room. I worked for Hwalth & Family Services & you contact Bureau of Quality Assurance to complain about Assisted Living Homes as they do inspections all the time. They inspected them & now i'm not allowed to come there or call as they say it was too traumatic for them. These places are inspected all the time & they sure don't have any problem taking our money. Get over it or you shouldn't be in this business. No one's parent should live with total fear of reprisal. They are under staffed too and [Removed]. Sure anyone can put on a good tour when they are trying to get a new patient. But I am a Dr. & this is my Beloved Mom. If you can't be at your Loved Ones side 24 hours a day, keep on going. Call Quality Assurance as they have floor plans, the directors names, etc. Get references. Do your homework as you are entrusting them with your loved one. Otherwise say good bye to your loved one and it's on your conscious.

Friendly people!

My tour of Waunakee Manor also went pretty well. The person that took me around was friendly and informative. The facility was clean and well set up, but it was not the best fit for my mother at the time.

Giant Community

Waunakee Manor was really nice except it was huge. They have skilled care, assisted living, apartments, everything. She got good care there, and the building was in good condition.