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Customer Reviews

From the heart of a Clinical Chaplain

As a clinical Chaplain of 10-years, I see the best in continuity of care and enhanced well-being for every resident. CONGRATULATIONS to [name removed], the Activity Director and [name removed] for being the best at what they do. It is a joy to see residents engage, laugh and interact during Events that is to their benefit. ALSO to the Front Desk Secretary, [name removed]. You all help create a welcoming atmosphere for residents, family and visitors! Way to go!

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Mr. Perry, we greatly appreciate your kinds words regarding our facility as well as your dedication to our residents. Your service and grace do not go unnoticed.

Don’t bother...poor customer service

This is the second time I have visited this facility just to get information. And again no one to assist you... Receptionist tried to be helpful but she didn’t have any knowledge or information about place. Other staff that I observe were very indifferent....I sat there for approximately 15 minutes while receptionist was trying to find someone. Customer service is absolutely a big “0”... All I wanted were answers not a tour.
Will not waste anymore of my time.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hello, we are very sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with our customer service. We will address this issue and make the proper changes to prevent difficulties in the future. Thank you for your feedback!

Awful nursing skills

I would never trust this facility after having my Mom there. She had a stroke, very high BP and no one even recognized it was a stroke or got her help. They reported to me she was dehydrated and being given an iv. my daughter checked on her and said can't you see she has had a stroke. They knew her BP was very high bit never told us. It's been a nightmare caring for her since. Please don't trust your LO is being cared for in this facility. Don't take the chance at all.

Great Teamwork

Managing your loved one's care from another state is difficult in and of itself. The team here at Villages on MacArthur have been wonderful in taking care of my husband. While visiting they took great care to allow privacy while also making sure his needs were met and allowing me to stay until wee hours of the night. Felicia, Joseph and other staff were remarkable. But I already knew that with the direction of the Director of Nursing [name removed] at the helm. The business office, therapy and social worker were also very helpful and accommodating. They have all worked well with my sons and they have tried to help me navigate my husband's care from afar. Thank you Team!

Think twice

Well I don’t even know where to start my mom was admitted [date removed] and got released [date removed] the time she was there it was pure hell I would not recommend you to put your loved one there.They don’t answer when you need assistance the residence there are racist and they don’t respect other residents that are Medically ill and nothing is done about it ,but only thing nice about the place is that it’s nice inside and that’s about it .They are short staffed.They only get there showers 3 times a week and if you decide to receive your meals in your room .You will not get your meals on time and sometimes they bring it cold .

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi Ms. Ramirez, we truly apologize for your unsatisfactory experience at Villages on MacArthur. We strive to consistently deliver quality skilled nursing care to all residents. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact our Facility administrator at [removed] or let us know if you would like us to contact you directly.

The Villages - Improve or Go Out of Business

I came to this site to look at recent reviews, since my mother had such a horrible experience there in 2015, hoping and actually expecting that things would have improved, since if they had not, I couldn't imagine how the place was still open.

I see that it has not. This is so sad, and I really hoped that others would not be harmed as severely as my mother was. Our family stayed there most of every day, once we realized that the care was iffy at best, and non-existent much of the time. We had to bring in our own Depends, wash cloths, even towels, because most of the time these supplies were not available. Caregivers told us the supplies were locked up and they often could not find what they needed to care for their patients. We quickly realized that when this happened and they were desperate, our supplies were pilfered and used for other patients, which I kind of understand. Before we started bringing in our own for our mother, I was tempted, myself. Even bad food could have been tolerated if the care had been adequate, but it never was.

Call lights stayed on for more than an hour, even when one of went to the hallway and called out. Not one thing about the place was as advertised, and eventually our mother was badly hurt, shattering her hip and shoulder, and many hours passed from the time we were notified to the time she arrived in the ER, where I was waiting for her for hours. Her shoulder had not been x-rayed, and the ambulance drivers were lifting her by her shattered arm, and when I called them on it, they said there was no record of it in their papers. My poor mother had to have both hip and shoulder repair, with multiple pins in each, only two days apart. She never should have been subjected to that at her age, but we couldn't leave her with shattered bones and joints. And she was in so much pain.

The problems with this facility should have been fixed immediately at that point, but now I read recent reviews and find that the same or even more egregious accidents and care lapses are still happening.

I grieve for my own mother and her suffering there, but now I also grieve for all the other mothers and fathers having to go through this kind of thing. This should not happen in a place that appears to know better.

BTW, the only good thing I have to say about The Villages at MacArthur is that the PT department was excellent, and they often went way beyond their own job descriptions to help my mother.

Problems? Medication, staff knowledge, beds, inedible food

I was there 4 weeks. The PT staff was awesome and accounts for a higher rating than the hospital overall.
There were problems with medication, insufficient staff training and knowledge, uncomfortable beds, and inedible food served by staff with very bad attitude~~~~~~~
Pain medication was not given on time, my other medications were badly mismanaged; wrong medication, wrong dose, wrong time and some not given at all. It took an outside doctor to verify the medication errors and get them straightened out. Nearly ended up back at hospital.
During a seizure one nurse attempted to shove a pill into my mouth and the other tried to give me water. They were both freaked out.
The bed had a big bolt right where my tailbone sat and made me very sore.
Food services - thank gawd for Amazon same day delivery and friends who brought actual food. Even the nurses were afraid of kitchen staff who were rude and surly. And for several days there were no eggs.
I could go on, but you get the gist of it.

Take me at my word- don't think twice!

Don't take a chance on you're lived one surviving the villages on MacArthur! We placed my mom in the memory center may, 2014. First 8 months were good, then staff changed from administrator down and we kept meeting with them which each dir of nursing was going to get things in order. Asked us to give them a few weeks and all would be perfect We planned to move our Mother Jan 1, 2016 because dir of nurses just kept changing! On Dec 10 I received a phone call my mom was dehydrated and would be put on an IV. We were the people who visited everyday, but I had bronchitis. I kept asking the nurse are you sure she doesn't need to go to the hospital. Finally I decided to get my daughter to leave work and check on mom. She found her with a stroke. A nurse couldn't recognize a stroke???? By the time this was discovered and they knew her BP was off the charts that morn but did not inform me, she was unable to receive the shot to reverse the stroke! Then the hospital dr asked if I knew why they had withheld her stroke preventive meds for the past 5 days! Of course I had no knowledge of this. The dr called back to the villages and was told prescribing dr had stopped them! Prescribing dr said he nor his office had ever had a conversation with the villages! We had delivered a 30 day prescription to them 7 days prior. They were unopened! We were never notified or given the chance to save her from a stroke. This has left her paralyzed and cost most of her life-time savings on top of changing our lives. I'm disabled myself and must have hired help! It's been reported to DADS(state regulation) which also needs stronger penalties. Please listen carefully to this. You don't want your family member treated this way or just thinking she's old and died. I've since heard horror stories from some workers where people did die for [Removed]! Don't trust this place ever!

JUST DON'T. Turn the vehicle around and drive away!

I don't know where to start. My experience with my parent there was EXTREMELY brief. I could type about all the negative aspects of this place but that's not my style. I will say I have stood at a nurses station so that I could see a large section of two hallways at 3 and 4 AM. I saw several room call lights on and stayed on for OVER AN HOUR before they were responded to. Questioning what I experienced the response was "we meet the legal guidelines". At the main entrance, there is a stand-alone sign showing how many residents and how many care providers at night. When my parent was there, there were 98 residents and 3, as in three, staff on duty. So ask yourself, what happens if your loved one has a diabetic episode, soils themselves or needs a non-scheduled medication, say like an inhaler or a non-scheduled breathing treatment. You are out of luck. It's a pretty place, clean place, nice and friendly day staff, overnight--when you are trusting that your loved one is receiving competent care--you are "SOL". Just to add insult to injury (literally direct injury from falling out of bed, when call button went unanswered for over 1.5 hrs and decided to go to bathroom by themselves, roughly 4am, then I was NOT NOTIFIED was sent to hospital until 2 hours later "we were busy, it was shift change") it took me FOUR months to receive the refund, one months costs minus approximately 4 days.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi, we apologize for your negative experience at Villages on MacArthur. We appreciate you addressing your concerns and would like to focus our efforts on having a clear understanding of your experience. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our Executive Director, Vanessa Zabojnik.

Don't go there!!!!

Don't be fooled by deceiving looks and first opinion of workers! There is no care or concern for your loved ones at this facility

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hello, we apologize for your negative experience at Villages on MacArthur. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our Executive Director, Vanessa Zabojnik at [removed].

Horrible Care

My dad was in this facility for 12 weeks in 2016 and I would give this place the worst rating possible. It is a nightmare and they [Removed] all patients. We had to have a family member present at all times to make sure he was taken care of. We even hired a caregiver part time because the care was so poor. There is no one in charge that can help and supplies are limited or not even available most of the time. This place was the worst experience I have ever had and I left there in tears most days after watching other patients ignored and not taken care of properly. Do not consider this facility under and circumstances.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hello, we apologize for your negative experience at Villages on MacArthur. We appreciate you addressing your concerns and would like to focus our efforts on having a clear understanding of your experience. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our Executive Director, Vanessa Zabojnik at [removed].

Stay Away!!

This is the worst place ever!!! If you live your lives one DO NOT take them here. Opt for home health or something in the mean time until you can find a place that suits your needs. Check out any facility and various times through the day, especially late evening and the middle of the night. I did surprise visits to find workers sitting around watching tv, being in their personal cell phones and ignoring all call lights. This place needs to be shut down!!!

Don't judge it by its new look, it's the worst!!! Stay away!!!

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi Suzy, we truly apologize for the negative experience you and your family experienced at Villages on MacArthur. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our Executive Director, Vanessa Zabojnik at [removed].


If you have a family member that is in this home be sure and check on them every day they are very short-staffed does not take consideration and their needs and they are very neglected. You have some rooms that the pee smell is so strong but they don't even take care of that but from experience my mother-in-law was in there for Rehab to help strengthen her legs because she could not hardly walk but guess what she developed a sore on her tailbone and this was very neglected they made excuses that her oxygen level was down and sent her to the hospital paramedics said that she was fine but was complaining about her butt needless to say they [removed] she has a severe wound on her back that she's got so much pain and has to see a specialist and on antibiotics for the next two months so tell me why a place that is 2 years old neglect their patients to be so new they do not have enough staff I would not put my dog in there but someone's got [removed] to pay for this she is suffering a lot I wish we would have seen place and checked up on it before we put her in there but most of all you thought it was new it couldn't be bad but guess what we found out wrong no one from their office ever contacted us never greeted us so what the [removed] what kind of place is this it needs to shut down

My love one was treated unbelievable!!!

I trusted this facility to take care of my love one! I didn't realize the level of neglect until it was too late!!! Please don't consider this place under any circumstances!!! You will be very disappointed and I don't want anyone else to go through what we have because of neglect on getting the correct medicine that has left us in a place that we have to have around the clock care! Please don't take this chance with your loved one!!!!! We thought it was a nice place and it appears nice but please don't be fooled by these non caring people! They need to be shut down and never allowed to abuse or neglect any one else. Our list of complaints is many!!


This facility is dangerous and needs to be shut down! They neglected my grandmother and she almost died because of it. Thankfully I got there in time to get her to a hospital. Her things were [removed] from her room, she was left alone after a stroke for more than 18 hrs with no care, and when we requested copies of her medical records (which we legally have the right to) we were given bits and pieces. Please don't take your loved one to this facility as it is completely unsafe for someone who depends on others to care for them. My grandmother was fully functioning when she moved into the facility and since is now unable to care for herself due to a severe stroke. They don't dispense medications as directed and lie about whether or not someone is actually getting their medications. We visited her daily and these things still were able to take place so it concerns me for those that don't have visitors. If you have had any of the problems we have with this facility please report them to the dept of aging and disability.

Very disapointed

This Nursing Home is going down hill since they first opened. Halls smell like pee. Nurses dont give report, nurses dont know whats going on previous shift, aides sit around with cell phones, medications left in patiences rooms, nurses dont wait for patiences to take meds, never have enough towels, if you give complaints to adminstrator.... For get it! Both administrstors arent patient advocates! Its all about money! They wont take time to speak to family! They dont want to be bothered. Infact, they will look down And talk down to you! Staff steal from patients! We have had enough! Calling State Texas Dept of Aging

my dad is in the memory care wing and we love this place.
we go in to visit him at all hours and the employees care about the patients. He loves the place and I can honestly say this is the best place for dad.

I had my mother in the facility for about a week back in February and the care was fine. Lucky she became well enough that she could come back home.
Now, due to her health, she was in the hospital for 2 weeks, and is now on her second week here again.
This place is HORRIBLE this time. The "REGISTERED DIETITIAN" continues to tell me that she knows what my mother can and can not eat. So last night I told her Dr, which he almost came unglued. They are feeding her the same as everyone else, and she is suppose to be on a very strict RENAL DIABETIC, LOW SODIUM, VERY LOW POTASSIUM diet. Well, again, she eats what everyone else eats because I do not have a degree like the dietitian does so I am stupid. They have feeding her biscuits and gravy with sausage, chicken smotherd in tomatoes, cheese enchiladas, potato chips. The other night they had breakfast for dinner which she didn't mind, but her choice was eggs, pancakes, big slice of country ham. Like I explained, I have been dealing with my mothers declining health for over a year and you want to tell me what she can and can not eat???? REALLY!
Then my mother can push that call button and wait up to 2 hours for someone to come see what she needs. TRUST ME on the 2 hrs part, we timed it the other day. When she ask to be helped to take a shower in the mornings, she has been told she can not have one until the afternoon, so my mom has not gone to the dining room to eat with the other residents because of this. By the time someone comes to help her, it is about 3pm.
She goes to dialysis 3 days a week, and these people want to come help her around 3:15 and the driver to transport her comes about 3:30 to take her.
The whole facility is a mess. The nurses aides stand around talking, on their phones, or hiding somewhere that there is never one around.

I ran into an old friend from the neighborhood that was admitted there, and I am about to visit her family this weekend to tell them to move their mother. Since she has been there, I have not seen a nurse aide to go in and check on her or anything. I went and spent about 4 hrs with her the other day, and in that whole time, no one came in to see if she was still breathing.

I worked at a nursing home when I was in high school. It was an experience, and we could not do at that time half the stuff I see go on here. EVERYONE got a shower or bath everyday either before breakfast or right after. I understand that the facility may have budget issues, but guess what, if you don't have patients you don't have a J O B!!!!!

Good rehab care

My loved one stayed here briefly for some rehab care, and overall I thought they did an excellent job. The facility was clean and well kept, the staff were friendly, and they did a great job with his rehabilitation.

Physical therapy is an outside contract company and the only reason we are staying. The dietary issues are so bad I wish I could attach pictures of some of the food we have been served. When we toured we were told they could accommodate his low sodium diabetic diet. They won't even after multiple meetings with everyone in building and a corporate rep. I stay 24 hours a day because I don'ty trust them to manage his diabetes and med issues. Building is new and clean. Aides are sweet and friendly but don't be fooled. It is an empty package. All about the profit.

Not a happy camper

Don't let the owner-written reviews fool you. Although there are one or two staff members who rise above the rest, they're all overworked and understaffed. Meals are forgotten. Residents are left out in the hall. Call buttons are constantly ignored. Complaints are answered by promises, but promises are not kept, which creates more complaints, which are met with more promises. Care is minimal at best when we visit, so I can only imagine what goes on when we're not there. Unless you can hire someone to take care of your parent(s) all day, I would not put them there.

45 residents only; brand ne...

45 residents only; brand new $4600-4850 'all inclusive'

'calm' mem care program w/ ...

'calm' mem care program w/ massage & aromatherapy; location close to Kris, hard tile flooring w/ some carpet; central kitchen and dining. all rooms open to main area; staff trained in dementia; paths outside short; extended dining times; memory book made for reminiscing activities; Bible studies, hymn singing; day trips

Mom loved this place!

What a wonderful place! My mother came here for therapy and left better than she came! The staff was so helpful and nice to us. Met all of our needs and then more. I will recommend this place to everyone I know! Mom is so happy with how she is doing!

From the Community

Luxury accommodations, exceptional care, and stimulating wellness programs, await you at the Villages on MacArthur. We are proud to offer Memory Care services in a warm, friendly, home-like environment. Our staff is trained well beyond the state required minimum, in caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Our community is small enough to provide the highest level of personalized services, and large enough to provide all of the amenities of a large facility. We offer 3 home cooked meals daily, plenty of mini-meals in between, and extra nutrition throughout the day as needed. Our Wellness team ensures there are plenty of activities, programs, and entertainers, to ensure there is something that each resident enjoys and can be involved in. As the newest provider of Memory Care services in Irving, we are looking forward to your visit so that we can show you why we are the leading provider of memory care services in the DFW area. We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations!