Union County Nursing Home - Blairsville, GA

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Customer Reviews

Poor patient care

My mother has been in Union County Nursing Home for 3 years. They cannot consistently follow a toile ting schedule so now my wheelchair bound mom is incontinent. The constant staff changes are very bad for a person with Alzheimer's. Mom has natural teeth but with the frequent staff changes they assume she doesn't so they don't get brushed and are rotting. Lazy or overburdened staff do not transfer her from wheelchair to easy chair so she has lost muscle and is declining rapidly in her ability to transfer. They don't seem interested in best practices to maintain function and quality of life. Some of her decline is natural and due to her disease but it is being accelerated by the poor quality and consistency of care. If they worked harder at maintaining muscle and function staff would have more time for care. But since they leave people sitting in wheelchairs and beds all the time, their job of care gets harder from the patients becoming more helpless. They don't answer buzzers. They leave call buttons where patients can't reach them. They don't care.

Excellent nursing care

I would recommend Union County Nursing Home in Blairsville Georgia to everyone searching for a caring, safe place for a loved one.