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GREAT Assisted Living Facility

I was informed of this site by from an family member of someone at Timber Oaks where my mother is. When she brought it up it was in regards to a review written about issues with the administrator and facility. She asked me if I'd ever seen anything like this as my mother has lived there for over 2 years. I couldn't believe that someone could feel this way but I guess everyone has there own views. The only thing I can say is that I couldn't have ever imagined a place that I'd have to place my mother that could be better than Timber Oaks. The staff is usually top notch, but obviously you cant always have the best. But whenever I've found staff that don't seem to be up to my (or my mothers standards) I always bring it to the administrator. He always takes the time to sit with me and go over not only my concerns but will discuss in detail other things as well. He is very open and willing to take time out of his very busy day whenever I feel it's warranted. The outcome has always been the same, he addresses the issue at hand and makes sure that mom is given the best possible care.
Whenever I visit the first question I ask my mom is how things are going. Her response is always pretty much the same, she says that aside from being able to live at home theirs no place else she'd want to be than where she is. She says that the administrator and nurse stop in at least once a day (during the week and sometimes on weekends when they are there) and take time to see how she's doing. It's not just a simple hello, but a sincere attempt to make sure she's happy and always asking what they can do to make it better for her.
When we first went out looking for places for mom we were very worried about how this would affect her. She was very depressed at first which made it hard for us. But she adjusted to it and considered it home within the first month, which we were shocked by. Knowing my mother is as Timber Oaks is truly something that helps me sleep at night.
Mom was at two other facilities previous to being at Timber Oaks for health issues, but made it back home both times. But what we went through was a nightmare to us. She always said that the staff was rude, didn't answer call lights, treated her like she was a hassle and she didn't feel safe. Mom is still mom (no dementia) and is very alert. Like anybody she can be sensitive and overreact, but when it comes to the Timber Oaks staff she is protective of them. She truly feels that they are an extension of her family and loves them dearly.
These facilities can be very expensive, but all I can say is the cost we pay is worth the happiness she gets. The piece of mind we get is priceless. I would recommend anyone looking in the area to consider stopping by and seeing for themselves. Many families come on a daily basis and will be more than willing to answer questions for anyone, myself included. There may be other facilities as god as Timber Oaks, but I don't think you could find a better one!

A great place for mom

I read the previous review and couldn't believe it. My mother has been at Timber oaks for over 4 years and has never had one complaint (at least not one due to the facility). The staff is hands down the best you could ask for. As for the administrator anyone with common sense knows that a staff is only as good as the leader. All I can say about him is he considers EVERY resident a part of his family and they truly love him for it. Over the years I've gone to see my mother at least 3 times a week and sometimes daily (when I can and sometimes multiple times in a day). I go on different days and different times and I've never seen anything that makes me think that Timber Oaks is anything but the best. Most importantly my mother LOVES it, which if you ever visit you'll see the same in most of the residents as well as their families. This was a very difficult thing to do when we had to move mom in, but if I'd have known how it was going to change mom's life we would have done it sooner and prevented a bad fall and some other health issues the facility would have prevented. I love the staff and look forward to seeing them. Continue the great work you do!!! Anyone looking should definitely stop in and have a look around, they don't require appointments and you'll see the truth in the residents faces.

Management is the worst ever

The staff regarding the Assisted living side. They are kind and do a great job. The staff has to deal with a bad Admin.
NO thanks to the Administrator on this location the staff is better then I have seen at many places in the Racine, Union grove, Burlington area.
He only has the job thanks to his mother. This does not mean this is a job he should have. He should have been fired by now!
He is a Bully and uses his position to make things happen, not only to the staff but the patiences of the facility. [removed]. If a patiences family pushes back he will do anything to stop them in their tracks. His tactics are threatening to have them forced out or has the patient fear him and what he will do and has done!
The family has no say on what is done. You have the family begging to stay because the staff is good. They will do whatever to stay. How sad is that people? That is the Real truth.
It gives him complete control over everyone in that building. Sad! He did it to me and I could not see my parent for over a year because of his threats to my parent. When I say it's first hand it is personnel. HE is a slimy little fish and be careful he fools many.
I came in the room one day and this is what I smelled and seen first hand. He/she has not showered in over a week, no food, was very ill, and bed sores. I had someone come in and shower him/her, bring some food in for them, and changed his/her bedding. I firmly told the Admin this will not be done anymore. Had the staff dumped the garbage and clean the room? Would you want your parent to be treated with such lack of respect? The Admin was walking in every two-second in the room.
Shared space is just wrong and if you do it build it bigger! He was mad because the patient was able to complain and he hated that fact. He likes them quiet and easy to push around. He/she stood up for themselves. As did the family and he had to control one or the other which do you think was easier? Yeppers, the patient. Families need to make many pop in visits and not the same time or the same day. Keep them on their toes and accountable to you! Call the state each day if you need to hold all of them accountable. Elderly care in this state is sad and depressing. We should be ashamed of how easy this has become to make money on them.
I would like to know why the maintenance is lacking in these facilities they make tons of money. The government tax break and the up charges.
We should be demanding better for our parents!!! [removed] ? This is what the companies bank on. Tour the ones in the area that your parents or a family member will be entering. Believe me the kindness is a show. I have seen it first hand for many years.
The paint colors are depressing and why is it always poop brown? Light or dark it sucks! The floors always look dirty and never clean enough. The facility will not provide the proper cleaning supplies. Why do they always smell like body fluids?
The room sizes in these places as in others are smaller then our closet! Could you live in that size of a room or have to share?
The owner is looking to expand and my hope would be to make the rooms bigger for the patients he already has in his assisted and nursing home on the same site. It is a very small lot size and can only imagine the rooms would be tiny if he builds more rooms. He is all about the money not the patients.
Please view these places like you would be living in them. What would you want? The kind of care you want and I think we NEED to have them sign a contract with the family. On the care and we have rights to chew you a new one for not giving the respect or proper care to our loved one!
One person that wants to give you a view on this place. Many are afraid due to family still in that place. My parent has passed and sad I will never get back that year and half with them. I was there in the end. The Admin is wrong for what he was allowed to do to us!