The Watermark by the Bay - Emeryville, CA

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  • Resident Parking Available
  • Respite Available
  • Hospice Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Aging in Place
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents

Customer Reviews

April 2019 from a resident

I have been a resident for 2.5 years or so. The facility came highly recommended. That was mostly an accurate assessment until recently. The exception for a long time has been Housekeeping. It is promised and paid for weekly whether I get it or not. Not some weeks for a long time with no solution in sight. The food was great until the Manager who was here when I moved here left. The replacement just is not up to the task. Things on the daily specials menu may not actually be available or have suddenly changed. The wrong thing was ordered. The beef is now a poor grade - downright tough no matter how prepared. Last night's special with no actual main dish was an undercooked baked potato with a tiny amount of ground beef as a topping. There is no access to meals elsewhere for variety. There is a weekly group outing that is infrequently to any sort of gallery or museum, never a live performance. There is a movie, sometimes of quite recent vintage, most evenings but little else to provide any sort of intellectual stimulation.

Ready to Go Out?

The staff is good at keeping me involved and informed about my loved one. My loved one says that the food is great and they have a variety to choose from. The community offers a lot of activities, well I like to call them field trips. I would absolutely recommend this community to any of my friends and family.

Loving Care

This is a great community with great care. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The activities are helping her to stay busy and active. The food is good and she is happy with the variety of different meals. The community is always clean and her room is very well taken care of. For those who want good care it is a wonderful community.

Nice Staff!!

I went on a tour of this community. They offered many activities for the residents. This community allows pets. Housekeeping is also provided. It was very clean and up-kept. The person that gave us the tour was knowledgeable.


Bayside park is setting the standards in the economy. Everything is top of the line and first-class everything. Its a little expensive but its worth it .

Watermark Ambassador

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to review our community and for your positive feedback. We’re committed to creating an extraordinary community where people thrive and an excellent value for the lifestyle our residents enjoy. I’m glad you’re satisfied. Sincerely, Rich Lieberman, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Rich Lieberman


This property is excellent and very safe, nice, happy environment. I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

No one really wants to be in one of the places - for themselves or a loved one. BUT, if you have to be there - this seems to be about as good as it gets.

It's clean, with lots of activities, the staff is very friendly and the food is good. All great things.

My only complaints are that it's on the expensive side and that the level of care isn't always high enough.

We are very happy with it.

We are very happy with it. It's very clean, and the staff is very friendly. The food isn't the greatest in the world, but the fish is really good. I would give the food a 3. They have plenty of activities, and so far we are pretty happy with them.

Watermark Ambassador

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that your loved one is settling in well. Our associates are certainly the lifeblood of the community and we are glad to hear that you have found them to be friendly. We try to provide a wide variety of dining choices made with fresh, healthy ingredients, and I agree - the fish is particularly good. We welcome your input; would you like to join the food committee and help us with the menu? Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or comments on any subject.

Best regards,
Misty-Marie Jensen, Executive Director, Bayside Park


What makes Bayside Park exceptional is that the people there really care and they are excellent at what they do.

I really liked their programs for seniors

I really liked their programs for seniors, for instance, they don't have bingo, they have poker. Their activities seemed a lot more interesting than what a lot had to offer. The eating area looked like a cafeteria, tho, and the ambiance was minimalist modern. Judy, the woman in charge, was a very impressive person. She really made it a point to make people feel part of a community and to draw in outside resources to help people there, to offer extra services for free.

If the physical space had a different ambiance, with larger rooms with outside balconies, for instance, I would have felt this was more suitable for my loved one.

It's really geared for the appeal of the family

They have things that they offer but not everyone has access to the activities. If you are more able bodied, and not cognitively declined, then you have access to all of the amenities. However if you need a higher level of care then you can't always get access to those amenities. They don't help bridge the gap, and I think they are understaffed. There have been some trouble getting medication in a timely fashion. Communication is a big issue there. There are no forms I could fill out about what my concerns were, and even though I had written an email to the director, there were still some communication issues. It's something every month, some communication misunderstanding. What's the ability of your loved one to communicate, start a routine, and can advocate for themselves. It's really geared for the appeal of the family, the food is good, and it's clean, it looks very nice, but the day to day reality is a little different.

Bayside sophisticated and caring atmosphere

First off, I have the utmost confidence in the skill and compassion of everyone that I've worked with at Bayside, from the Front Desk to the Director. It would make for a long review because I can think of almost two dozen individuals, in just the first week, all of whom have been great at what they do and very concerned about helping my Mom. But I mean it. I really want to thank everyone there that has helped my Mom.

Bayside is a great fit for my Mom. That's saying a lot, because my Mom has very serious concerns about assisted living. That's why its very important for her that Bayside's sophisticated atmosphere provides residents with lots of opportunities to maintain and even enhance their own personal dignity.

In spite of my Mom's concerns about assisted living, I think she's already feeling less anxious, safer and more social than she did living in her own home. The best things about Bayside for her are the caring staff, the energy level of the residents, the cultural and intellectual opportunities and the independent, modern feel of the facilities. After doing a little better than expected in her first week, I'm hopeful that my Mom will really thrive in Bayside.

I think Bayside gives my Mom the best chance of enjoying some safe and happy times in spite of the scary prospect of worsening dementia. But I also have very much appreciated how the staff has helped me and the rest of my family through the hard process of trying to find the best opportunities for my Mom while she has a difficult (often impossible) time making decisions that are in her own best interest. As a caregiver, I'm very optimistic about a long and productive partnership with Bayside.

He didn't want to leave.

When I came for a tour, I saw the whole floor, and we saw activities going on. Then we did a second tour with our loved one, and they suggested we sit in and observe an activity, and we did. We sat in on an exercise class, and when it was over, he didn't want to leave, which was a good sign. They would keep him in his room watching t.v for most of the day, at his old community. They were all friendly, and it's clean. I think this will work out nicely.

Poor Health Care

When we moved my father to the community they requested that we not come back for 6 days so that he can adjust. During this time, my father passed away due to pneumonia. He was given the wrong prescriptions and was not taken to the emergency room quick enough to say him. The community did not notify us of an illness until after he passed.

Bayside Park

We have been really pleased with the staff and activities that are available. They handled the transition beautifully and have been very attentive to our loved one.

Very Nice but a Little Cool

It was clean, very nice, and lovely but a little cool as far as the atmosphere is concerned. It was spick and span and there are a lot of nice services but it was a little cool. The sense of community was okay but there was not nearly as much camaraderie as the other place we were looking at.

New, Clean, and Very Nice

I took a tour there. The reason for not selecting that location was that my mom has Alzheimer's so I thought the amount of activity there would be a little challenging and confusing for her. She'd have to go all the way down to the lower floor for meals.

Bayside is fairly new and it's very clean. They're very keyed into piano recitals and making sure there's music there daily. I was very impressed with that.

Nice facility - but not for...

Nice facility - but not for mom. Pricey!! Small sized refrigerator under kitchen counter. Hard to bend to get access. Activities not for mom.

This facility is clean and ...

This facility is clean and bright, I liked it very much.

Very urban, maybe to urban for Dad, l...

Very urban, maybe to urban for Dad, liked facility very much and the available room, exercise room, therapy pool, dad will need to see as it is different from most places

Very nice, good location, friendly st...

Very nice, good location, friendly staff, expensive ($5,700+$950 double, $6,400+$950 single.) New building, rooms smell new, food looked good.

It is a fabulous facility. airy, col...

It is a fabulous facility. airy, colorful,sunny, great aesthetics, lovely art. The residents are encouraged to use the entire building and memory care residents are provided escorts to more open areas and events. Activities encourage creativity. The different populations are encouraged to mix with each other. There is a walking pool and exercise room as well as a room for meditation. Residents meet with Psych. interns to better understand their personalities, interests and needs so that they can be better supported and their needs met.

Like the looks in its decor. Hip and ...

Like the looks in its decor. Hip and modern. Not a good location. Too industry.

Beautiful facility

Beautiful facility