The Towers on Park Lane - San Antonio, TX

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Profits have priority over caring for residents.

Tower personnel recently contacted me and asked if I would consider removing the previous review regarding financial distress facing an elderly lady.
After reviewing the review, it is decidedly factual. The lady in question suffered severe financial setback due to medical expenses and relentless charges exacted by the Towers. Failed to mention that in addition to Towers fees there were also property taxes, insurance premiums and electric bills for a vacant property until sold.
We are not related to the kind, sweet lady in question. We knew her as a volunteer at BAMC and the Fort Sam Fisher Houses where she helped so many military personnel, veterans and their families. The property was sold at a financial loss in order to stem the financial hemorrhage. It just seems to fail the test of doing the right thing for Tower residents facing a crises.

Financial devistation

Resident payed 1,540.11 a month for maintenance fees, concierge service, Physical fitness room, pool, monthly dining room fees, etc. Any maintenance performed on the apartment incurs additional costs.

The electric bill is payed separately.

Resident developed Alzheimer's and has not lived there for over two years. The Towers still charge the full amount even though they are not really providing any service.

Failure to maintain payment will end up in a lean plus interest against the apartment until it sells or is foreclosed.

Between the Towers fees and medical expenses, bankruptcy for this elderly lady is certain.

The Towers will not entertain a reduced maintenance fee to help one of their residents. We have been trying to sell the apartment but obviously the real estate department has not been pushing the sale of the apartment. This is a real cash cow for the Towers - no expenditures and a steady income every month. We have a realtor trying to help us sell the apartment. By The Way, even if the the realtor is successful in selling the property, the Towers still nets five and a half percent of the selling price plus administrative fees on top of what is paid to the realtor.

Every resident in the property is elderly. It is unknown how many other seniors are facing similar situations. The ambulance and coroner are regular visitors there. After all it is a senior living facility.