The Terraces at Boise - Boise, ID

The Terraces at Boise - Boise, ID has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Very nice, but expensive

Staff is excellent and easy to work with

I ended up picking this facility for my Mother because it is very close to where I live. This community has just been fantastic from the time we toured until now. The building itself is clean and well organized. The staff members are excellent and easy to work with. They are always around to get into contact with. I like how they create a very warm and welcoming environment. I’ve also eaten here a few times and the food is good. I would recommend this facility to other families.

Very Nice, Very Expensive

I looked at The Terraces for my loved one, and found that it is a very nice community. It's very fancy, like a resort, it's clean, and the people are kind. However, They required a very expensive buy-in, so I knew that it would not be a good fit for us.

It's like they have space age technology available!

I toured here when looking for a place for my Mother-in-law. It’s a brand new facility and they were like space age, almost. If you wanted to know what’s going on with the menu or the activities, or if you wanted to know what the latest news around the community was, there’s a touch screen you can go through that’ll sow you everything. There’s even kayaking. It seems like the residents there are very active. I learned that in order to get in, you have to buy-in but you get 90% of that money back if you decide to leave. We had a really nice introduction, but it felt like they led us astray by not telling us that upfront. We went for our tour at the end of the meal, I think, so I couldn’t tell how wait staff was. The woman at the front desk was very nice and very cordial but we didn’t see anyone else other than the salesperson. They had a quilting room that we saw too. They really seemed like they were great, you just have to be careful because it is newer so they may have a few kinks to work out.