Arbor Village at Hillcrest - Boise, ID

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  • Hospice Available
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Pets Allowed
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents

Customer Reviews

Toured the facility today. [name removed] was very informative and helpful.

This facility is generally good. We had to remind the staff to provide some of the promised care for the first several weeks. All is going good now.

A great place for mom and dad

This facility is lovibg and friendly. It smells so good and everyone is overky helpful and kind. I live this assisted living. We definitely are a family!


The staff at Hillcrest is amazing! It's a very different atmosphere then other assisted livings my parent's have been at. It's very resident care focused as opposed to being all about the money. I feel like the staff and the management team really care about my parent's well being and about me and my family also. The nursing department is always available to speak to me and my parent's about any health concerns and always see to it that they are addressed quickly. The kitchen team is wonderful and my parent's state they feel like they are eating at home in their house instead of an assisted living. The kitchen manger is always up for suggestions! I would recommend hillcrest to anyone looking for an assisted living for their parents.

The residents are well cared for and loved. Staff is friendly and compassionate. A good experience overall and I definitely recommend it together looking for a good place for their loved ones.

Hillcrest is GREAT once again

I have had the pleasure to get to know all the staff at Hillcrest Assisted Living and I must say they are doing amazing and are a great team of people. The Administrator is new and really knows what she is doing and has an open door policy for staff, residents and families. They have a new Director of Nursing who really knows his job. New Kitchen Manager is doing a great job. When you walk into Hillcrest you can feel that residents and staff are happy. I have been coming into Hillcrest for a couple years now and since February this place is the best. Apartments are huge and the prices are very reasonable.

Pros & Cons

Price on Senior Advisor is not accurate. Almost $3000/month for a private room with the minimum allowable level of care. My mom lives here. Some big pluses and some big negatives. Good value and that's hard to find these days. A nice and diverse group of residents so there is a compatible friend for anyone seeking companionship here. Larger than average room size. Great location! Very nice, free guest room. The negatives: loads of staff turnover which is not good for the residents OR the staff. I get the distinct impression that if an employee OR a resident expresses "room for improvement" to management that they are fired or intimidated. In my opinion the medical care has been terrible. Prescriptions not filled in a timely manner and Mom out of drugs on several occasions. Once mom had a cut on her leg- resident physician's assistant stuck a band-aid on it without using antiseptic and Mom got a dangerous infection that became an emergency. Check out Hillcrest Assisted Living 83705 on to see what employees have said about working here.

Older facility but very nice, big rooms

My mom stayed here for about a week. It’s a much older facility, built in the 50s I believe, and originally it was senior living apartments. Just from the small amount of time she was there, I liked them. I liked the size of the rooms because they were bigger than a few other places we had looked at and the kitchenettes in the rooms were much more spacious. There were lots of big trees around and it just looked nice. I wasn’t able to have a whole lot of interaction with the staff there because when I had brought her, I was leaving for vacation. They seemed friendly enough, though, and she didn’t complain about her stay. She said everything went okay.

Likes Everything Going Good

My loved one is very happy here. She is doing the activities and enjoys the social events. The staff is friendly and nice. The community is clean. We both enjoy the food it is very good. I am happy with the choice we made.

Very Comfortable

Hillcrest Retirement & Assisted Living is an older friendly establishment. It is a clean and comfortable place for my Mom, The staff is very caring and friendly. They do provide activities, and they try to encourage my Mom to participate. The food is good, she enjoys the meals that are much better than the last place she was staying. There are places to walk and enjoy the outdoors. This was a good fit for my Mom, affordable and comfortable. It is very homey and the residents all seem happy to be there.

Worth taking a look at

This community looked nice when we toured it. This community allows pets. It is a little less expensive than the community we chose, however the one we chose was closer to me.

Great place

Hillcrest is a great place. I have a family member there and she is very happy and the staff is great. Wonderful food and a beautiful community.


I decided to make a visit to Hillcrest Assisted Living a couple weeks ago. I didn't call and I just showed up. It is a beautiful community. Staff were friendly and very helpful. The tour was great and we will be moving in our family member soon. I recommend everyone to go in for a visit. The marketing department did a wonderful job along with everyone else. We are so excited!!

Amazing community

Hillcrest is an outstanding community. I recommend it. The care is amazing and the food is great. Very clean and updated.

Excellent place

Hillcrest Assisted Living is worth every penny they charge. It is a beautiful community with good activities, wonderful food, great care staff. I love living here and never want to move and I recommend anyone looking for a wonderful Assisted Living Community to contact the staff at Hillcrest.

Compare before choosing

Please take the time to visit 2-3 facilities so you have a better perspective . Spend time walking around observing beyond the very guided tour . Ask questions of the aids and staff . Pay attention to the condition and smells . Are the residents clean and tidy ? Someone gave me great advice .. look at their fingernail , teeth and glasses , if those things are clean and maintained .. you know they are well cared for. If you take the time to compare You will quickly see that Hillcrest may not be the best choice .

resident review

I love this place!! I have lived here for over 3 years. I have seen staff and managers come and go and overall they do their best to keep us happy. sure change comes but that is life. the current group is so happy and fun. I love that the management team talks to me and takes my ideas into consideration. they really care about me. we hug and have lots of fun. I really love my Hillcrest family!!

Grandma is Happy!!

My grandmother lives here and I come to visit almost everyday. I eat the food, participate in activities, and talk to the staff all the time. the food is always fabulous!! I even like the liver and onions. I love to play Bingo with the residents usually there is about 25+ people that play. I love the staff and so does my grandmother. they love to laugh, play, and hug my grandmother. I LOVE that my grandma smiles and gets to laugh and joke all day!! she enjoys life!! as for the negative comments below, I say BOO on you. the management staff is always willing to help or do anything. The administrator and the office manager have helped my grandmother in the bathroom!! what other facility would do that???
just saying that I am here all the time and I love it and my grandmother is happy and taken well care of. that is what matters to us!!

The touch of the Heart

My grandpa Dale was at Hillcrest for about 8 months till he passed away from Colon Cancer. He loved the staff and they were soo wonderful with him. He was a stinker and stubborn old construction business owner, and he would throw out a snarky remark and they would throw one right back, and it would make my grandpa just laugh and laugh. He would try to walk and do things by himself and the staff were so patient with him. He had very delicate skin and they had the softest touch, He only had one skin tear the whole time he was there, and it was his fault not theirs. When my grandpa was getting toward the ends of his life, they let my grandma stay in his room with him for about 3 nights. The administrator April was always willing to explain what to expect next and she really was a good shoulder to cry on. Thank you Hillcrest, you really did touch my heart.

Used to be great

This place has got to be one of the worse staffed facilities I have ever seen. Only 2 nurses for 100 people? What a joke. Having an RN on staff to oversight is good for marketing, but where are they when the people need them? Spread too thin. The CNAs who pass the medications don't seem to understand what is going on most of the time as well as they should. The administrator has to ask the kids passing the medications about everyone, she doesn't even know her own residents!?! Mom loved this place 3 years ago. What happened? The staffing needs to be increased, or competent. I don't know how the nurses are able to keep up with what they do, but at least they seem to know what is going on.

Great staff and facility. Give them a call

My parents live here. The maintenance man works very hard to keep everything repaired Tiddy. The housekeepers work very hard to clean and be friendly to everyone. The food is great, love the salad bar and soup of the day! Not from a can but made with fresh ingredients.
The activities are fun and very organized. Ursula is very personable and so is Wes. Wes reads to the people with vision problems.
The management team work very hard to keep everyone safe and deal with everyday problems of a senior. Loss of memory, loss of friends and just loss. It takes a lot of action to keep 100 people safe and assisted. The care givers are true caregivers. They truly care and go over and above to help.
Two nurses RN Kathy and Lpn Marcus, friendly and dedicated to the residents.
Please stop by and meet the marketing lady Becky.
She helped with my mom and dad with insurance questions, and lots of other questions.
They are also being renovated with new paint flooring ect.



Soooo poorly run . carpet dirty and gross , rooms are smelly and the administration is a joke those gals don't know what they are doing , so unprofessional ! Aids and Med tec just give you blank stares when you ask questions or request something .

Dirty , unorganized and poorly run

They were so friendly on the tour and made lots of promises , then we moved mom in and it was a big mistake !

The place is dirty and gross ! carpet is horribly stained throughout the building , residents with stained dirty clothes and the rooms smell of urine .

mom's call light goes unanswered . Her health has declined and she has lost weight . She feels put off by the administration . The food they feed them is horrible and unhealthy .

The staff is always too busy sitting around talking to be of any help to mom and they miss her meds !! They don't know what they are doing , blank stares when you ask a direct question . Seem they are all friends who are there to just hang out become irritated is you press the issue .

The administration is aloof never interacting with the residents unless your visiting . Apathy is the word that
comes to mind. when i brought things up to the Administrator she was very defensive and rude . Refusing to even negotiate what we were asking for.

an earlier comment about it being run by a bunch of high schoolers is dead on, right up to the administration . VERY unprofessional in the way they speak, act , dress and handle the issues . Her office looks like a teenagers room.

Seems they will tell you just about anything to get you to sign a contract .

Go somewhere anywhere else would be my advice !

I have been here for 10 days I really like this place. The residents are very friendly and the staff are very helpful. The only thing I have a problem with is the Internet it doesn't work throughout the facility. I needed to be in an Assistant Living Facility and I am glad my daughter found this one


Had to give one star to post, but I'm here to tell you this place is full of adult children! Nobody knows what they are doing there. [removed] The residents get ignored all the time by the staff not to mention there are rooms that reek with the smell of urine. When you need a nurse if he doesn't like you or know you he just ignores you and then looks at you like he's confused as to why he's even there! Funny when pain meds come up missing and the nurse wont help to figure it because your not a favorite! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE HERE. I have witnessed this with my own eyes for about 3 years I've also seen State come and go more often then residents families and out of those three years they went through 3 Directors. Its a wonder why we are not there anymore and will never go back!

Worst Place Ever

Zero stars. But I had to give one star for this review to go through. Worst place ever. Sure ... They all look good on a tour and all the residents that you SEE look like they are enjoying themselves. But what goes on behind closed doors ... My mother was a resident for over 3 years until she passed away. Towards the end she was unable to walk. Hillcrest assured me they could take care of her. Her room smelled of urine constantly. After her death, the administrator was let go. This was about the fifth one in 3 years. I lost count, as well as so many nurses and turnover of caretakers. [removed The point is -- you really don't know until you get there and the level of care really needed.

Good at first, until they got an awful nurse.

When we were here at first, it was good. Until the nurse left and they got a new one. Pam was out of this world, when she left and they replaced her, the new nurse was awful. When they had a meeting with the residents, the ombudsman was there, they threatened to raise the rates on the residents if they complained. It's been a little while so maybe things have gotten better. It really is the staff that makes or breaks a place.

Friendly, accommodating staff

Mom and Dad are doing good and settling in well. I would rate the cleanliness at a 4 only because there are some stains in the carpets. However the apartment that Mom and Dad moved to has clean carpets and the walls were repainted. It was all nice. The staff that we have worked with have been really helpful, and nice and wonderful to work with. My parents feel like they have settled in fairly quickly. It is hard to tell how the care services are as they have only been living there a week. They did run out of pills for Dad last weekend and I'm unsure if that is due to just getting connected and getting things straightened out. However the nurse notified me right away that there was an issue and got it taken care of. Everytime I visit there are buses loading people up to take them to activities. So there seems to be a fair amount of activity for them. As for value, we are getting a good value with this community

everything has been great!

Everything with Hillcrest Retirement & Assisted Living has been great! Mom is very very happy with everything. She loves and takes part in the activities. Jenny and April, as well as everyone else involved, have been very friendly, nice, and accommodating. I really can't think of anything that could be better!

she seems happier now

My mother-in-law has already made friends and its only been a week. Everyone is very nice and the food is so much better than some of the other places we have visited. She loves to play bingo and she loves having a little patio off her apt. The grounds are well maintained. Had a few problems getting her meds on time, things are better now.

Good facility, clean, well managed. ...

Good facility, clean, well managed. Had several units on ground floor with patio doors. 3 meals, sometimes BBQ, activities. Annual increase between 3-6% Have 23 retirement residents + 50 or so in assisted living. Housekeeping/laundry 1x per wk. Beauty salon $13-15 with $35 for perm. Free cable but $20/mo for phone. $50.00 for guest room. Rm = $2500+500 second person. Can have pet, I believe laundry is residents responsibility-don't know re linen & towels.