The StayWell Manor Village at Garrison Woods - Calgary, AB

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Customer Reviews

Do your due diligence before choosing a care facility for your parent

I believe there is a real push to move patients to the dementia ward when any little incident comes up whether they are truly ready for it or not - it means more money for them and to be an easy "fix" Also, management don't seem to be welcoming to other homecare agencies to come in and provide extra help which doesn't seem to make sense if they have the resident's best interests at heart. Staff are mostly good, but seem overworked.

Had the exact same experience as the other reviewer. We had my Grandma put in this facility as we were told she could be moved to the locked floor when she needed it as she has dementia. She has Lewy Bodies and they put her on an anti-psychotic (First google search regarding the med they put her on said NOT TO in LBD patients.) Anyway, it sent her into a state of delirium. She spent 1.5 months in hospital to come off of the medication and stabilize and when she was in there they told us she needed to move out as they don't have the facilities for "that severe of dementia". She is now in a great facility on the right meds and still doesnt need to be in a locked floor.

Going Downhill Fast

We are in the process of taking my father-in-law out of Staywell Manor. It was severely over-sold to us as a place he could spend the rest of his life. In reality it was never a good fit from the start; they are entirely disinclined to care for any patient that develops any problems; they knew my father-in-law had MCI that was likely to lead to Altzheimer's in the long run, but they wanted our money for as long as they could get it, so they misrepresented themselves as a facility that could handle all stages of memory care.

For the first six months I might have still recommended Staywell as suitable for anyone without issues of memory or mobility, but since then I have seen a troubling slide in the quality of care and particularly in the quality of the food. I had lunch there today and was served an hours-old grilled cheese sandwich.