Kamloops Seniors Village - City of Kamloops, BC

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Customer Reviews

We have toured this facility and it appears it is too expensive but very nice.

Our friend was very fortunate to have found this place.

Our experience as primary supporters for a friend who was bed-ridden and paralyzed in complex care for several months until her death, was uniformly positive. Beginning with the staff at the reception desk, right up to upper management, everyone was communicative and supportive. They were thoughtful and creative in the ways they dealt with our friend and with us. Those caring for her directly day to day were considerate, cheerful and skillful. A simple example, is that they chose things to wear that pleased her and helped her look her best. They went out of their way to do special things to interest her and raise her spirits. They continually sought ways to alleviate our friend's condition through direct care, meetings and consultation with professionals, us and our friend. They were positive, knowledgeable and easy to contact. In similar fashion, her death was handled efficiently and with compassion. We feel very fortunate to have had this home for our friend's last days.

Stay away!

Seniors here are ignored and not treated as if they're in their home but some temporary motel guests. They suffer constant shortage of staff services, supplies and even food. The staff turnover is high because the management is very cruel to staff and constantly demands they work heavy workloads and short. How is this place still operational???? Would never recommend to anyone!!

My step father moved into Kamloops Sen Village and 2 hours later they had the place in quarantine with the Norwalk virus. They should have sent him back home. He became very ill and weak and died [Removed]. All his possessions were moved out well before the end of Jan and the place cleaned as they had a new person ready to move in.
As my step father did not give a months notice before he died they charged another months rent and kept the $1,400 damage deposit.Only after a protest did they drop the next months rent. They still kept the deposit and I did not fight this as I was in grief about how they treated us.