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Customer Reviews

Very impressed with the high energy of the residents and the activities. Seems to be a high level of engagement with residents. $3175 for 1 bedroom if sign lease by 4/30. Third month free. apartment was great size. initial fee of @$3200. annual increase could be 4-7%

The food choices, food quality and table service at the La Jolla location are not anywhere near acceptable

My parents have lived at this location for over 5 years now, and they have never complained about the food, or the food service, until recently. They are considerate, patient, kind and appreciative people, who are satisfied with very little, so when they are constantly complaining about the food choices, quality of the food, and the table service, I feel compelled to do something about it - currently they say that on average only 2 out of 7 meals are OK in a week, and it has been like this for many months - more than I care to recall. They receive a weekly menu, and when they get to the dining room, the menu has changed, and their choices are limited. The only thing that they say is always good is the soup, and the salads are OK, however the protein is over or under-cooked and either tasteless or too spicy, and the vegetable choices are minimal. They tell me they, and others, send back their food on a regular basis, citing it as inedible. What an incredible waste on so many fronts - a waste of the money we pay to accommodate and feed them; a waste of food; a waste of the time I need to spend complaining about this.
Further issues relate to the table service - they go down for their meal at 5:30, place their order, and they don't receive it an hour later, and in some cases due to kitchen and table service they only get to leave the dining room at 7:30 - 7:45, which means that they miss out on the entertainment, which starts at 7:00 pm, or their favorite TV shows.
I am not sure if you are aware that elderly people look forward to their meals, and spending a couple of hours in the company of their friends, because they have already lost so much at their age - their quality of life and independence, possibly their spouses, and their health.
One of the key elements to keeping them healthy is ensure they have good nutrition, and the comfort of companionship at a daily meal - I don't think it is too much to ask that they receive food choices that resonate with them, a selection of real vegetables (not potato as a vegetable), and a dining experience they enjoy, for the large sum of money that we pay.
Everything else about the facility is lovely - it is in a great location, the remodel done in the last year or so has greatly improved the aesthetics of the environment, however the food is nowhere near acceptable - when asked if they would give up the visual remodel to have back the good food and service they used to have, the answer is a resounding yes! The do not eat breakfast in the dining facility, and very occasionally will get a sandwich to take up to their unit, so at least they deserve one tasty well prepared meal a day, and we deserve value for our money.
There have been countless meetings with the residents and yourselves about this issue and nothing seems to have changed, so I would like to know what the plan is to resolve this for once and all - and I would like the courtesy of a response. I have submitted two inquiries about this via your websites in the past, and have received no response!
And I would like to know why the General Manager of this location is not doing anything about what is going on?

Ashley Lee

Local Representative

Pam, thank you for providing detailed feedback about your concerns. I'm happy you and your parents are pleased with the appearance of the community but hate to hear that the culinary experience isn't meeting your expectations. Could you please send me an email at [removed]? I will then pass your information along to members of our leadership team who are in the best position to address your concerns.

Great place. We are planning a two-day stay to evaluate it further.

Reasonable Place - Activities and Meal Service Need Help

Generally, The Patrician is a decent place but since Merrill Gardens took ownership, cost cutting is very evident. Rooms are good and the lobby dining room area looks good as well.

Activities are very uneven, poorly communicated and it feels like a low priority. Showing movies periodically in should be tablestakes. I think they should try a little harder

Meal Service - The food is reasonably good, but there is a bottleneck somewhere in the service delivery. Either there is insufficient staff in the kitchen or in the dining room, but bottom line - it can take over half an hour to get your meal.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing this honest feedback and expressing your concerns. We will review the information with the community team and the appropriate departments.

Everything is going fine!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and she is always saying how much she is loving it so far. The staff have been attentive to her needs and I am very comfortable with the care she has been receiving. She has had no complaints about the meals and enjoys the dinning experience with the other residents. I am pleased to see her getting involved in many of the different activities and the events they have going on throughout the week. Overall it has been the perfect fit and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

I wish I had been warned

I have been calling to get help for my mother and no one is at all interested in helping. They clearly care only for the bottom line and making money. I wish I had been warned and perhaps I could have stopped my mother from moving into this place which is not good for her at all.

My mom's good care.

I like the care at this community. I like the staff and they are always caring, The menu is good and she is happy with the menu. I like knowing that she has started participating in the activities with the other residents. I am glad to know that she is happy here and we would recommend this community to other families for a good feeling with the good care and value that is received here.

Loved this facility. Affordable. Clean and modern. Sandra, the director, was easy to talk to and very thorough with information. I was very impressed with her
There are open trails to walk and places for a morning jog. The location is good--close to stores, movie theater, and restaurants. Rooms are spacious. Dining room is more like a nice restaurant. Very inviting facility.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

Thank you for writing this positive review for The Patrician! We are very proud of our community and the various amenities we offer.

Over The Top Staff!!

I am very happy with the care that the staff have been providing for my mother. My mother and other people that have had meals with her say that the food is good. The staff try to encourage my mother to participate in activities in a level of comfort for her. Overall, i can say i am happy with everything there are no complaints.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We are happy that your mother is enjoying the food and starting to participate in activities. Please let us know if there is anything additional we can do.

Research Options

I was doing research for my mom's future needs. I thought it would be inexpensive but it actually is too much for me. This was very educational for us.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. Please let us know if you have any additional questions that come up during your research. We are happy to help during this process.

Since Merrill Gardens have taken over the Patrician, the concern for the quality of the well being of the senior patron has diminished. My parents moved here when they were 86 years old. My Mother was 93 when Merrill Gardens took over and started to make changes. Merrill Gardens raised the rent by 6%. They took what was a cozy, contemporary, clean environment and started to renovate to a very uncomfortable level. Much of the residents are disabled and have difficulty navigating life on a daily basis. For the last 6 months, there has been so much dust, smells, and noise coming from the sanding, jack hammering, the electric saws, painting, and the pounding of nails. The excessive noise and dust has been so bad it was recommended by management, that they stay inside their apartments while the receptionist wore ear protectors and at time, masks to protect them from the environment. Because of the smell of the painting, windows were left open and the seniors complained of being cold. Direction and pathways constantly changed because of the renovation, at one point, even the receptionist got confused as to a pathway to take. Not knowing how to make it downstairs, my mother almost went through a hall that was supposed to be blocked off and was under construction. The final straw was leaving the doors and gates open for the workers rather than protecting the safety of the senior citizens. We have been told the gate can’t be left open for a few minutes to help load groceries into their apartment because it is for the “safety” of the residence but it is ok for them to leave it open all day for the workers. I constantly hear complaints about how long they have to wait for their meals, which has been up to an hour wait. The office response was, “They are working within the legal limit with servers.” True they are working within the legal limit but do the care about the senior citizens’ comfort? With the past few recent price hikes I’m sure they can afford to bring in a few more servers. It is a shame to disrupt these patrons who have had their lives turned upside down to the point that some need to move. This is quite difficult for seniors to make a change like this. My question is, who wanted this change? Not the senior patrons, most have moved to other senior facilities such as The Gateway, Fredericka Manor Retirement Community, and Casa de Manana La Jolla Retirement Community. No one, at this age, wants to make the effort of another move, the stress and physical exertion is more than what most can handle. My Mother’s friends are slowly dwindling away as people look elsewhere for residence. The original idea for Kisco’s senior living was developed by a man who wanted proper care for his mother, this idea has been lost with Merrill Gardens. What they want, is best for the corporation.
Now that the renovation is finished, I must admit, it looks very nice, but what was the cost for this? Now they have raised the rent by 10%. That is more than $700 per month more than it was before Merrill Gardens took over. Most seniors live on a fixed income. I suggest that, if you sign up to rent at the Patrician, ask for “three years of not raising the rent” clause.
I am so sad and disappointed that Merrill Gardens took over and have made such drastic and unpleasant change to my Mother’s life. The way the corporate management handles their agendas and programs will never change. The needs of the seniors living at the Patrician are secondary to the desires of the corporate management. Renter beware!

Right now the Patrician is still in a transition stage so it is hard to rate how it will be in the future. Mom moved in at the beginning of the renovations and we have had difficulty handling the changes even though we new it was coming. I didn't ask enough questions, to trusting about my own assumptions. Be wary is my advice and maybe wait until the dust settles.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

We appreciate you taking time to provide us with this feedback. The community updates at The Patrician will provide beautiful new spaces for residents to enjoy, and we understand that the renovation process can be difficult. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

My ex-husband is at The Patrician. It has it's good and fair
times for him.....although he would be a challenge for any
place to completely please. So far, this seems to be a good
place for him.

He has been there now for 6 months or so. W e like that it is a by the month place which has made him feel he is not
permanently placed somewhere he might not like so much and has too much invested to move.

Amanda Warren

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this review. The Patrician is happy to offer month-to-month rent to help make the transition to senior living. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

From the Community

Located just north of downtown San Diego in the University City neighborhood, Atria La Jolla is a vibrant community designed to helped older adults enjoy the benefits of a simplified lifestyle.

This inviting residence offers a selection of one- and two- bedroom apartments, each with a full kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances; most floor plans include a private patio or balcony. Just steps away are a variety of convenient amenities, including a fitness center, full-service salon, library and relaxing outdoor spaces such as a pool, courtyard and patio with barbecue area. Residents also enjoy all-day dining in multiple venues, and a friendly, attentive staff is available 24/7.

Every day is a new opportunity for connection, creativity and fun. And with a calendar full of events, residents can do what they love or pursue a new passion. From water aerobics classes and happy hours to outings to the Museum of Contemporary Art and nearby Torrey Pines for a round of golf, residents can be as active and involved as they like.

Atria Senior Living is a leading operator of independent living, assisted living, supportive living and memory care communities in nearly 200 locations in 27 states and seven Canadian provinces. Atria communities are home to more than 21,000 seniors and employ more than 14,800 people.