The Neighborhoods at Quail Creek - Springfield, MO

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Customer Reviews

If you love your loved ones, do not take them to Quail Creek

I have waited for two months to write a review to see if my feeling changed after the passing of my father, to see if my anger at Quail Creek was still there or misplaced. It is still there and not misplaced. From the beginning things were bad and they only got worse. We were specific what we wanted for the care of our father. We were promised it would be done. It was not. We were shown one room and then put in a totally different wing. When we got into the room it was in a sad state and the bathroom had not been cleaned. There were whisker hairs in the sink and the room had not been painted or touched in years. It was completely opposite of the beautiful and freshly painted room I saw when they were "selling" me on the place.
I would like to say the staff communication was bad however it was non-existent. Every question we asked was given an answer but then contradicted by the next person. Then the administration would get down right hateful when we brought up what we were promised verses what we were receiving. The way they dealt our concerns was to tell us we were welcome to take him out of their care at any time.
We were told patients were turned every two hours. Our father was never turned unless we kept after the staff. The only shift that was fantastic was the 2-11 on the Maples hall. My father was there a little over 2 weeks before he passed away and the night that he passed the nurse was "too busy" with paper work to help us through. She only came in after he had passed then acted really kind. We called for her 2 1/2 hours before he passed. After about 30-40 minutes went and found her on another hall. She told us she was the only nurse there ,she was covering for someone's break and then she had to do paper work.
They lost several of his clothes even though his name was on them. And trust me I could go on but those are the highlights. If you care about your loved on DO NOT take them to Quail Creek.

Wonderful experience

My mother was at Quail Creek 4 times. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their "neighborhood concept", wonderful food, professional doctor and kind staff. The place always smells good and is kept very clean. I was always greeted by a smile from the front desk lady when I came in. My mom wad in the "rehab to home" section.

Not a Good Experience

While the facilities generally are very nice, our challenge was the lack of communication between the staff to the nurse to the doctor. Assistance seemed slow and many staff bickered publicly. We do not have confidence in their physician, nurse practitioner and nurses to be willing to remedy medical issues in a timely manner.