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Customer Reviews

I’m not sure if I did this right but the are excellent I don’t know what I would do without [name removed] and [name removed]. We have had some rough times after mom had her stroke but they have been with us helping us all the way. Can’t say enough good things about this company

Awesome Service - Wonderful, Loving Caregivers

We are extremely happy with the service we've received and all of the care givers are wonderful! What's more important is that our loved one receiving the care has responded amazingly well to the company, the activities and all the love the team shows for her. She is much better on the days when she has "a visit from one of her friends!"

Alysha Jackson

Local Representative

Thank you so much, her "team" will really love this feedback!

Home Sweet Home

We wanna keep mom at home long as possible. This agency is great and very accommodating. They come in our home 7 days a week for a hour to help mom. It is the same caregiver during the week and the weeknd it is someone else. They are always on time and they will help mom plan her meals. They do light housekeeping and take her to the grocery store. They checked on her when she was in the hospital. They are very caring. They help her with her meds and will take her blood pressure and weight. I would recommend this to people.

The caregiver was exceptional!

My father-in-law chose Premier Custom Care because he wanted his wife in the home with him and knew that she would need extra attention that a nursing facility couldn’t provide. She was completely dependent and needed extra care. This company had a good price but it was because of their caregiver [Removed] that we loved it so much. [Removed] went above and beyond and took the time to understand the specific and individual needs/likes/dislikes of my mother-in-law. She learned that the she was a music teacher and liked classical music and if she was getting anxious, [Removed] would play classical music for her to calm her down. She absolutely individualized her care specific to the patient by getting to know their needs and being respectful to who she was. The only issue I had with the whole experience was mainly with the scheduler, but those concerns have been taken up with the company already and have been rectified. [Removed] kept everything so clean and had great hygiene, and my mother-in-law was very particular. She learned all of her favorite TV programs and would watch them with her. She was just exceptional. I would hire them again if I needed to and I highly recommend their staff.

Great to Know We Have Choices

Premier Custom care has been a great option so far. It was the only alternative I was willing to go with when my in-laws decided they did not want to move into a community. A Place for Mom was very helpful matching us with [Removed] at Premier, and [Removed] was great. She was very personalized, helpful, and knowledgeable, matching us with a caregiver to visit my in-laws’ home for shopping errands, doctor visits, cleaning, and other tasks. It has been so great to know that we have choices. I’d definitely recommend Premier to others.

Consistent Great Care!

I am very happy with Premier Custom Care. They are very reliable and show up on time. There was only one instance that they were running late but they called ahead to let me know. I can still drive but they have been a tremendous help pushing my husband's wheel chair and getting him in and out of the car for Dr. appointments. They assist my husband with getting dressed and personal needs. All of the caregivers they have sent to our home are very consistent in the level of care they deliver. They are very friendly and caring and provide great companionship to my husband. They have done a good job with preparing meals and helping with the housework. I definitely would recommend Premier Custom Care to others, in fact, I'm thinking of having them come in more often.

Moving On To Community Environment

This agency has been good to us when assisting my mom with the care we needed. They have provided a couple of caretakers who are good at their job and a good fit for mom. It was a little difficult scheduling
but they were good at getting a caretaker for us. The caretaker was on time and understood what was needed of them. We will not be using them because
we have future community plans but they were good for us.

They really helped a lot.

They really helped a lot. They were reliable, we didn't have any issues with people being late or not showing up. I think they worked out really well, and if we need them in the future, we would definitely use them again.

Keep Mom Home

Our in home care is excellent. Joyce did a great job making our senior feel comfortable and they offered a wide variety of services from bathing and changing sheets to running her to the store.
We want to keep Mom at home with us and it may not have been possible without Premier.

It's working fine. The people are good and reliable.

It's working fine. The people are good and reliable. They have been very accommodating. I really couldn't ask them to do more, and I like the owner very much she does a good job.


We are utilizing Premier to assist us in getting our mother home from rehab. We are concerned about her care at the facility that is most handy for our dropping in and visiting. We are struggling with holding them accountable. So we engaged Premier in order to meet caregivers prior to her discharge to stay with her and see that the staff assisted her when we are not there. Then Mom was uncomfortable with someone in her room while sleeping so we are now back to waiting for her home plan.