The Montera - La Mesa, CA

The Montera - La Mesa, CA has yet not published prices.

  • Respite Available
  • Hospice Available
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Pets Allowed
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents

Customer Reviews

Loving life at The Montera

My mother has been a resident of The Montera for a few months now and I can say that she has been receiving excellent care. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. I needed to have mom checked on today and that was done within 5 minutes of my call. It is a comfort to know that she is in good hands at all times.

The programs and activities are very comprehensive and enriching. From my experience they seem to add new and interesting activities every month, such as wine tasting. The management is very approachable and there is a high level of caring about the residents.

Terrible, incompetent management

Current management has driven out MANY good employees. Residents are DISAPPOINTED that [name removed] was made ED. She treats employees very badly, has a long record of people leaving the company due to the treatment they received from her. Many good people work there, but are treated horribly by management.


This is the worst place to place your elderly family member!! I have a family member who has lived there for 9 years. Every time management/ownership changes we were told it was for the best and it just seemed it was for the worst. Med techs and RSA do the best they can and The Montera needs to decide weather their employees are Med techs or RSA. I have seen the employees Med techs one day then the next they are RSS!!! All this causes confusion to the residents. Management is the worst especially the GM Mercedes she is one NOT to be trusted. She has made promises on Monday and by Wednesday she swears she didn’t. Be careful with The Montera their are a lot better places in SD and you will get your monies worth!

New Management again but lots of Hope

Great staff, amazing people. Too many changes but they promoted a very genuine, compassionate lady. Old management sucked but luckily they now are owned by MBK. Lots of hope for this place.

Looks are deceiving

My mother had been there for several years ! The looks of the place seem great but they are soooo deceiving when it comes to care! The staff had changed over so many times as well as management ! We found cockroaches in her rooom and the maitance man never called the pest control people to take care of it ! She was invaded with roaches and they barely did a thing!!!! Most of the time the Med techs don’t even know what meds they are giving my mom when she asks ! In the evening the Med techs answers phone calls from the desk and deliveries meds at night! My mom just recently went to the hospital in an ambulance. I had to find out from the hospital a day later. No one at the front desk told me she had gone. Horrible care!!!!! No matter how good it looks and how good the food might be the service is terrible ! Getting my mother out ASAP

A tour for care

I toured this community and liked the staff. This community was nice. They do not provide that type of care I needed for my father's care. The community is older, but we found it to me clean. The staff are very caring. Families might tour this community for the care needed for a loved one.

very satasfied

I was apprehensive about placing my mom into a care facility until I started touring some of the locations. I love Oakdale of La Mesa. The staff is friendly and helpful. The facility is cosy and clean. The food is great. My Mom is doing better at oakdale than she was living with us. I think she likes the Independence that it gives her, and the staff is available if she needs assistance. I am 5 minutes away and can drop by to see her anytime. Oakdale of La Mesa was the perfect answer for my mom and I.

Very nice, not an option.
He would not be comfortable with this price point or lifestyle.

Highly recommend!

I like that the staff is so friendly and they really care about the clients. They are also very respectful to the families. I would recommend this facility to anyone that has a loved one with memory problems.

Here is what we liked about...

Here is what we liked about Oakdale: Services - such as visits to the bank, doctors offices, grocery stores, trips to Wal-Mart, scenic drives... Laundry service Activities such as Happy Hour and onsite chapel All inclusive meal program (and everything else for that matter, minus internet) Life Alert type services for all residents Price was very reasonable for what they offered Location to our house Pet's accepted If you move from independent living to assisted living, the service comes to you - changing rooms or buildings is not necessary Pricing is up front and listed in their website Here is what we did not like about Oakdale: The front of the building was very nice, but the hallways, dining areas and rooms were a little tired With all due respect to them, the residents we encountered seemed very old. My mom's immobility is decreasing but her mind is fine and I just don't think she's quite at that stage yet. It's hard to describe, but I hope you know what I mean.

I found a very informative ...

I found a very informative couple who showed me around and informed me of what their facility offered. A very nice, clean and current community for seniors. If both of my parents were only growing older this would be good choice.

It just had an old feel to it.

It just had an old feel to it. It just seemed like it needed to be remodeled or something. I remember thinking I wouldn't want to live there. I just didn't care for the overall atmosphere. They also had smaller rooms for more money than another place I had found.

rooms seem small - not a go...

rooms seem small - not a good fit for 2 br

Terrible Experience

I would never recommend this place, EVER... to anyone! When we decided on this place, we were under the impression that the Memory Care section would have monitoring of the hallways at night. Apparently, that is not the case. If someone fell or left their room, they wouldn't give you any information. The Assisted Living side is terrible, as well! We paid for extra levels of care, and we never got it! The place was filthy! Would NEVER recommend!

Great activities here!

They do a great job here! It's a nice looking place, and they keep it very clean. The staff are friendly, and the entire facility just feels very welcoming and family friendly. They also have an impressive variety of activities here. My only complaint is that it is one of the more expensive options that we looked into.

Very Impressive

I thought Oakdale was wonderful. It would have been my second choice. The only thing I didn't like was that it was far away but I was very impressed with the sales person and with everything there.

Great Staff and Activities

I would highly recommend them. The staff is very lovely. The activities that they have are quite interesting. A lot of these places do bus trips and they do that too but they also invite a lot of people in like musicians and various types of entertainment. My husband enjoyed that. There were a lot of lectures where people will come and discuss history and things along those lines.
My husband enjoyed all the guests that they had. I really thought the staff was very nice. They knew the people and knew what they were doing.

Nice facility. Great outdoo...

Nice facility. Great outdoor area. Rooms a little on the small side but still clean and nice. Great location. Pet friendly.

Great Care, Great Value, Great Place Overall!

They're doing a wonderful job. I think they offered the best value for our money of any of the places we saw. They're not a nursing facility so you pay rent like you would in an apartment. The cost varies. It would be more expensive for a single room but if you share a room it would be less expensive. They had a hard time finding a compatible roommate for my mom. These are all Alzheimer's people so finding the right roommate is crucial. We did end up find a good roommate for her. On top of rent you have to pay for the assistance that you get. They have a scale of care needs. This was the best value for our money because mom is also an insulin dependent diabetic so our choice of facilities went way down. For the same quality of place that could car for her, there was only other option that was more expensive and didn't have any vacancies.

The care is great. Every time I go she's dressed, clean, and fed. The people are nice. This is a good place! They give their employees incentives to get the people up and dressed and cleaned early so they have a full day. There's some kind of activity all the time. I never thought my mom would participate but I constantly find her in the activity room talking to other people and doing things. It's prefect for her. There is an outdoor patio setting with lost of flowers. There is lots there that is stimulating for the residents

Good Food

For San Diego it's good deal. We're very happy with. My mother is happy there and she hasn't been happy in the last three places she's been so they must be doing something right. They have quite a few activities and it varies from exercise to musical concerts to games, outings, things like that. The food is very good. I can tell you that first hand because I've eaten there a few time. We're very pleased with the food.

Very friendly staff, clean,...

Very friendly staff, clean, great dining room, koi pond, pool, chapel. Wonderful selection of onsite and offsite activities. Spacious apt units & many great areas to congregate/socialize. Lovely campus. Reasonable $$

Everything We Were Looking For!

My mom's only been there 3 days but as far as I know everything is going alright. Every time I've been there it looks good - clean. She hasn't said anything about the cleanliness and she would have if it wasn't good. She seems happy with them. From talking to her, morning and evening, she's been going to exercise classes and they have bible study. It seems like everything is just what she needed and wanted. This was the first place she went to but she really liked it so we didn't even go anywhere else.

Spacious, Private Rooms

I don't really have anything to compare it to but I haven't run into any major issues. The people are great. My biggest struggle has been trying to deal with medications and pharmacies. I'll get questions from their med techs and I just don't know what to do with them.

Both of my parents love it there. They're very happy with their room. We looked at other places and the rooms at Oakdale are spacious and private. It has everything they need. The other places were just like a rectagluar box but this place has a bedroom portion and a living room portion - the layout is nice.

They Made My Aunt Feel Comfortable and Safe

My aunt is kind of forgetful so when I ask her about the laundry or the cleaning she says they cleaned but she's not sure exactly what they've done. I just don't know how the process works. I think it would be helpful to have a sort of infromational packet for when you first put someone in a place like this and you don't know what you're doing, like me. For example, the laundry. Am I supposed to strip her bed for her so they wash her sheets or do they do that? I was calling and asking questions everday and they were really nice about it but I think a little info sheet would be nice.

I can tell you that they really did make my aunt feel comfortable. Within days they were calling her by name and I think that really made the difference in making her feel comfortable and safe there.

Very nice facility, beautif...

Very nice facility, beautiful grounds, very informative and friendly marketing staff. Too far from our home for my parent but a great place.

Nice People!

They are really good. They have been quite nice to work with. My mom is a big bingo player so she likes the bingo and she loves the food. They are very responsive and attentive - just the nicest people! They make you feel welcome.

They have a nurse who is there 24/7 so they are able to administer medications. They've been great.

tour 6/13 impressive over 5...

tour 6/13 impressive over 5000, labyrinth of hallways..dementia people in the back, nice outdoor areas, good meals, point system for individual needs

We weren't especially fond of the fac...

We weren't especially fond of the facility. Was kind of 'institutional' like in feel.

We liked this facility very much, esp...

We liked this facility very much, especially the studio apts. vs. a single room.

Very nice, but units too small and yo...

Very nice, but units too small and you have to walk outside on a covered walkway to get to the main building for dinner and activities.

Nice facility and services, but the s...

Nice facility and services, but the sliding assisted living fee might make it unaffordable for my parents.

So far, this one is winning out in ou...

So far, this one is winning out in our vote. Very nice, larger rooms, good access to dining, life line included, services are about the same as others.

Doors lock in Memory care. Cash not m...

Doors lock in Memory care. Cash not managed. Lots of walks/outings, coy pond, gardens, arts/crafts, yoga, exercise. Hospice on premisis. Transportation: Tues/Thurs=Medical; Mon/Fri=USPS/shopping. Scenic drives.