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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Very nice property. Plenty of activities and health team is onsite. Lots of activities. Hospitals and doctors are very close by.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good morning, I hope your day is going well. Thank you for taking the time to rate The Lynmoore at Lawnwood five-stars. We appreciate your compliments about our activities and team. If you need anything from us, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by phone, Facebook or in person. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

[name removed] toured facility. Nice and next to Lawnwood Medical. More of a nursing home feel.


When first dealing with them they were top notch, once dad got in everything settled into place. Times are well over 30 minutes when red buttons are pushed I have witnessed first hand numerous times. Getting things put on a priority does not seem to be the normal. But as I have found out this is the case with any facility.

Very nice people!

The Lynmoore was very nice but during our tour, we noticed that the staff did not seem to interact as much with the residents as they did at the Brookdale that we toured. The place was clean and everyone was friendly, we just did not get the same impression.

Same Old Situation at Lynmoore.....Poor Service

My last review of Lynmoore mentioned problems my mom was having at Lynmoore in terms of not getting the level of support she was paying for ($750) each month. In the last 6 months the managers at the facility have all been replaced but nothing has been improved. In fact it is even more difficult to reach these folks on the phone. Response to the call system continues to be very slow.....or no one shows up at all. Staff at times may be rude to the residents. Worse, the management talks about doing things to improve the facility but seemingly do nothing of significance. Management really has no system in place that I know of to document the services provided by the aides to the residents.......except the word of the aides. Improvements are really needed.

Peaceful and Calm

They are doing a very good job with my dad. They make meals that are nice and fine. The staff talk to the residents and they provide the right care for my dad. They are terrific and there is no yelling or screaming. It is a lot calmer and my dad is now more calm. The people and staff are nice.

Caring Staff is Respectful of Residents

Our mother was 85 when she moved into The Lynmoore after dad passed away. The big change in her living environment together with her grief and frustration of leaving so many household and personal items behind left her quite temperamental, even more pronounced by her dementia. The Lynmoore staff was welcoming and understanding and gently coaxed her to become involved in some activities. It took some time, but mom grew to truly appreciate the staff and the care that they provided. At times it came as a surprise that the caregivers could make her smile, especially when she was determined to resist. Meals were well-balanced and varied, but the desserts were mom's favorites. Even when she started to lose her appetite, she never missed dessert! In our experience the staff showed real concern for and commitment to the residents. With family out-of-town and out-of-state, we needed to trust a facility to provide mom with consistent professional care. What we saw when we visited was just that. The nursing staff was always available to give us an update and their personal observations. We are thankful that mom had such great care throughout her residency there. Her journey was seamless from her initial entry into assisted living, her transition into memory care, and her final passage into hospice. Surely, there are angels who walk among us, and some of them may be found at The Lynmoore.

Wonderful Community

Dad loves it here at The Lynmoore. They staff is amazing. The care they provide to the residents is outstanding. They keep the community really clean. Dad loves the food. They prepare the food exactly how he likes it. My son went fishing and took some fish to The Lynmoore. The chef cooked the fish for my dad with no problems. The only complaint I have is the area rugs. They can be difficult with residents who use walkers and such. Overall we love it here and would recommend The Lynmoore to any family seeking a great community for their loved one.

Patience at Lynmoore is a Necessity

My mother has been at Lynmoore since Sept. 2015. She is 99 years old and is paying a fair amount of money above the basic room and board charge for personal service. She has good things and bad things to say about Lynmoore. I do need to say that my mother hates the idea of being in assisted living in general, so I tend to discount her complaints a bit most of the time.

However, a recent visit to Lynmoore demonstrated the poor quality of the call system used by the residents to request help. As explained to me, a call from a room for help initiates a signal to the aides in the area to respond. If the aides are not available to respond within a few minutes (and turn off the call button in the resident's room), a second call is issued facility-wide for a response. This sounds good on paper but fails in reality.

My mother's experience with service calls seems to result frequently in much delayed responses (30 to 45 minutes) or no response whatsoever. I pity anyone calling for help in a true medical emergency. Lynmoore needs an intercom system to better establish and respond the reason for a resident's call.

Another problem my mother has experienced is the tendency for the aides to "require" her to use a wheel chair rather than her walker when moving about. The chair is the faster way to travel, but walking for an elderly person is about all the exercise they get on a typical day. The aides need to be reminded that they are there to help the residents, not dictate to them.

I have discussed these issues with the Lynmoore management through emails (I am not a Floridian) but have yet to get much, actually no, response. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 of this story.

Not enough proper supervision or cna's to supervise

I spent much time researching Memory Care living places. I found Lynmoore in Fort Pierce to be clean, the residents appeared to be clean all seemed to be as well as any of these facilities, so because I felt I could not keep my husband safe as he has sundowners and was constantly roaming. I placed him there. He is not one to ever ask for any thing, he just walked and because he didn't require much supervision. just short of 4 wks. due to lack of supervision he fell on a Thursday night and the WOMAN who called admitted to me she was not in TV room so was sent to Lawnwood at about 1am, then again Fri night and finally on MON. at 3am another call broke his right hip and femur. Their investigation showed some Male(?) was watching don't know where the woman who called me came from? Now when he is discharged I am sure where to place. Neglect seems to be the norm.

So glad my Grandmother is happy!!!!

I would like to take the time to say" Thank you" to the Lynmoore. My grandmother has been a resident their for over 2 years now. She NEVER has any compliants. The nursing staff do the best they can with what they are given. The food has always been outstanding when I visit with her. The Chef is always walking threw the dining room to make sure all is well. The activites deparment has bent over backwards for my grandma in making sure that she always has something to do. But she likes the conversation and the LOVE the best. The happy faces on the activity people make a world of difference. Their are a hand full of people that go out of their way at the Lynmoore. Sometimes I do wish I would see a more help with some personal care. But over all I am very happy with my grandmothers attuide when it comes to how she is.


I just want to say that my mother lives at the Lynmoore and I could'ent be happier with some of the services that she is getting. To start the food is amazing. The kitchen takes the time to meet the residents needs all the time. The wait staff are very patient and so kind hearted.The Chef always seems to go above and beyond. She is a asset to your company. The nursing department could step it up a little but for now I'am happy with her care. The front desk always is so nice to me and my family. The activities are one of a kind. The Director is always going out of her way and she has two other woman that work with her what a GREAT team. Im happy to know that my mom gets a hug or a kiss or just conversation. The entertaining that Your Activities Director puts on is top shelf im thinking New York..... in my book she really seems to enjoy her job and the residents. Your company should be proud to have such amazing staff. Keep it up Lynmoore....

Peace of mind at the Lynmoore

Having our mother at the Lynmoore has given us the most peace of mind we've had since her stroke several years ago. Having had mom in other places, we could feel the 'Lynmoore difference' almost as soon as we walked through the front door. There is an atmosphere of home-iness and warmth that is immediately apparent. We know that not only is our mom well cared FOR, she is also cared ABOUT as a person by staff in every department. It's not unusual for a staff person just to stop and hold a hand or give a hug to a passing resident. A lot of thought goes into making the Lynmoore a HOME and not a 'facility' for the people who live there. We couldn't be happier or more grateful for the wonderful quality of life our mom has at the Lynmoore.

Recently management has changed hands again at the Lynmoore. Their New CEO has made such a difference in such a short time. She has made the residents feel at home and the staff feel appreciated and needed. She has a kindness that the residents already feel. Her presence In all communities has made such a impact already..... And the color of choice for her office is a big thumbs up !!!! Great job bringing her to fort pierce....

I can not say much, because the entire time my husband was being placed I was in New York and got most of the information from my sister, but basically from my experience they are good. At the moment I don't have any idea.

Nursing care

This is a wonderful caring place. However due to the different levels of care required for patients sometimes
the staff can be overwhelmed. So, be careful if your loved one needs alot of care this might not be the place
due the staffing ratio. Inquire about this because my Mom
was accustomed to 1:1 care in her home and now it is not the case, so she is having difficulty adjusting.


The Lynmoore leaves the residents in one chair and does not move them unless it's meal or bathroom time. My mother just left there and when I took off her socks, saw that her toe nails had not been clipped in the year she was there. Her toe nails had grown over her toes and into the back of her feet! I took her to a podiatrist and found that they actually go there once a week and had never seen my mother.

Many of her items were missing and never looked for. They have patients that should be in physiatrist wards and not memory care [removed]!

My mother was charged the top care price and she could feed herself as well as wheel herself in her walker.

They do not have enough cna's to the amount of people that live there.

Would NEVER recommend the Lynmoore!!!!!!

Services not provided as promised

My mother has been there for over two years and it has gotten bad. The staff and administration has no communication. The prices have gone up and the services provided to the ones living there has gone down terribly. We have tried over and over again to have many issues resolved but no one ever follows through. We are moving my mother to another facility in the area. We planned on making this her last home because it is so hard on her mentally and physically to make changes. She went without her medications for over two months due to nursing staff not following up with her doctor. We do not want this to happen to any other families, so we decided to do this review. Not a good place.

Not a good experience so far

Our experience here has not been a good one. I'm there every day, and I've just noticed a general lack of attentiveness and effort from the staff. Some of the girls are good, but many obviously do not care about their jobs at all. The management is new, and has only been running the facility for 6 months, but they are trying to improve things. I have been working with them in that regard. At this point however, I cannot recommend them.

So far we are very pleased.

They are very friendly. They are very fair with their pricing. So far we are very pleased. I think the food is pretty good, we haven't had any complaints. They were very professional, and the location worked good for us.

They do a pretty good job

You should still pay attention to your loved one's personal care, small things may go unnoticed. She loves it there everybody loves her there. The food is good. They have a 24 hour nurses on staff, and they have doctors that come in once a week so if anything is going on they can look into it. She is able to keep busy.

An entire list of concerns and eventual outcome of my mother's stay at Lynmoore

Regarding my mother

My mother became a resident of Lynmoore Assisted Living December 27 of 2013
Here is a list of concerns from that day forward.

1. Move in was fairly smooth.
Met the staff, showed one member of staff where mother’s supplies and underwear were located. Was assured that a book of instructions left would be complied with.
2. Second day – After assurances felt comfortable to leave mother for one day without a visit so she could get acclimated. Stopped by and was assured that all was going well. Helper had not understood how to put in hearing aides but this had been remedied. Also told that my mother was on her way to get her nails done and was quite content. (next day saw no sign of nails being done and was told by my mother she remained for most of the day alone in her room.) Activities such as Bingo were also denied her since she had not cash money with her.
3. Arrived in my mother’s room at eleven am December 29th.
Found her sitting in her chair quite distraught.
Said she had found a man in her bed when she came back from breakfast.
Also she had been thrown getting up and getting into her chairs (not allowed to pivot as she is capable of doing).
Was made to feel like she was poison because she had an ostomy.
She had no slip, underwear and stockings on as was specifically stated in care book left.
She also stated that she had not been bathed or had a shower.
I rang her buzzer three times and no one answered to help her. ( was later discovered the buzzer was not working.
I then went to lunch with my mother where she waited for ten minutes to be waited on. Her finally soup arrived and she held her hand up for another length of time to ask for a soup spoon (she did not get one nor crackers) and she and I ate the soup with a teaspoon.) I will say the server was friendly to her when he arrived, but the service was far less than stellar. Food was excellent. (mother had not complaints there).
To credit of Institution – The above matters were for the most part addressed immediately by Nursing Director and mother’s stockings and slip were put on, I was able to demonstrate mother’s ability to pivot. Aide was willing to listen and help with the changes. She appeared to know what she was doing.
4. December 30th, 2013 – Appeased but not completely comfortable with events I decided to return to my mother’s room at 7:30am just to observe the type of care she was receiving.
I had left express instructions that my mother was to be taken care of in the morning at 8:00am. At that hour her ostomy bag is usually filled with gas and becomes quite heavy at that time and it is imperative that it be changed at eight oclock. My mother wakes up (without fail) at that time and I was expecting that someone would surely be there to take care of her in a timely manner. I waited in the hallway until fifteen minutes after eight . At that time my mother had awoken. I told her to push the button on her buzzer for the nurse. No one arrived until 8:30am.

At 8:30 a nurse arrived and went in to see my mother. (I was very upset regarding the time coupled with the events of the previous day).

Shortly after speaking with the nurse aide arrived and I told the nurse I would stay while aide worked with my mother on her morning routine and perhaps help with instructions on how her routine is usually done. The nurse said that would be fine.

I told aide that my mother would need to take a shower. (She looked at her watch and shook her head, but the nurse instructed her to give my mother a shower).

(Both the nurse and aide said that the facility was understaffed and they were with other patients – I reminded them both that we are paying extra for these services and more staff may need to be hired if quality is to be maintained).

Aide somewhat reluctantly emptied my mother’s bag and then took her to her shower. The nurse then changed the lock joint holding my mother’s bag that had been caked to her skin. ( I had to supply the wipes owned by my mother to clean her off as there was not even any toilet paper in the bathroom). I have since supplied all paper goods in her room so this does not occur again).
I went through the motions of how my mother gets dressed, pivots to the bed, with lots of ideas on how to even make it easier for the aide (example: My mother takes care of her own teeth if she can be taken to her vanity table and given water).

Once aide left – my mother was attended by a paid person whom we have regularly hired from a home healthcare agency until twelve o’clock and I left with a complaint form in hand regarding the service thus far.

I returned in the afternoon on the thirtieth. At this time my mother was happy that she had won bingo and that was the one pleasant happening at this facility. She however stated that while being asked to stand at her dresser she had fallen once. She did not seem too upset about it though and so I left her on a high note with her win at bingo. The nurse was there to give her medicine and take her to dinner, so I went home to take care of my sick husband.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
I am not going to be with my mother this morning as I have a doctor’s appointment and my husband is sick. I pray that these items can be properly addressed and my mother will feel more comfortable at your facility.

In short I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with her first few days. I hope to speak with the Directors of the facility soon about these concerns and that they will continue to be addressed.


December 31, 2013
The above letter was submitted to the Director of the facility along with the PR person at 11:30am on December 31st. Issues were addressed. I was informed that the matters would be brought up at a board meeting in two days and that a staff change would most likely take place. Also the guest who had entered my mother’s room uninvited would be taken to another area and that an all out effort to make things better all around would be made.

January 2, 2013
When I arrived at 11:00 mother’s ostomy bag was being changed. After the aides were finished, I knew Mom has enjoyed playing bingo, so I took her down where they were playing. The aide told me to go ahead into the room, and I did and put my mother at a table where she would have waited to receive another card when the game they were playing was ended. The person leading bingo abruptly told us that Mom was too late to play at all and she must leave.
I did note the original aide was no longer taking care of my mother and (the resident found in her bed had apparently been moved to another room on the other side of the area my mother is in.
January 3, 2014
I observed my mother being changed and another aide teaching another person to do so. This aide instructed the girl to fill up the bed pan that had been used to hold the feces previously with water so that she could wash off my mother. I returned with a specific wash pan for washing her bottom rather than the bed pan.

January 4, 2014
My mother tells me that the gentleman (another resident) who was in her bed in a previous complaint tried to get in again and she has also seen him wandering the halls in nothing but a band aide over his private parts. I have also walked into the back area where my mother is located and have found no staff available. It seems with someone like this person running around, more staff should be available.
My mother informs me that she has not slept in four days. The tall pillow which we supplied and is sitting on bed, she has never been allowed to use although I have repeatedly set it up when I have arrived.
Also – once again her nails were not done – she told me it was because the aide said she was too late when she was being changed. My mother’s grooming is VERY important to her. Last Tuesday she also did not get her hair done which when entering I was assured was standard practice. I will watch carefully for this upcoming Tuesday.

I arrived on Sunday to pick my mother up for church. She was dressed and waiting in the lobby. While at church she lost her teeth as a result of no one giving her time to put in her teeth glue. Her bag had filled completely up in church, as Mom indicated the last time she had been changed was at 6am even though I had informed aide that she would be going out at 10am. Had she been changed at 8am – She is always able to go to church.
To me these are serious complaints.

I DO NOT WISH TO PULL MY MOTHER FROM THIS FACILITY. I have a very bad back and cannot take care of her anymore, but this is EXTREMELY TRAUMATIZING.

The above additional complaints I had hoped to turn this in this morning when I picked my mother up, but there was no one at attendance at the front desk when I signed her out.

My mother has been resilient throughout, complimenting the cooking and the things that have been good, but at one point this morning she told me that all the nice outfits I had put together for her in her closet would probably not be used, because she would probably die first. She has never said anything like this to me before in all the years I was taking care of her.
I took her back to the facility because she did wish to get back to lunch as she LOVES the food and she loves her room. She knows both I and my husband are not feeling good and she is trying not to make any trouble.

There is a tremendous amount of GOOD to this facility. I only hope these items of concern can be addressed and fixed.

I shall continue to keep notes.

Tomorrow a Home Health Aide from Home Instead whom we have hired will be in to see my Mother as I will be unable to go.
Since the Home Health Aide was coming in on the 6th I did not go to see my mother on this day.

January 7, 2014

I visited the facility at 9:45 am. At this time I brought my mother her motorized scooter so she could get around the facility better. I took her through the building and stopped at the hairdressers to be sure she had an appointment. She did not. I spoke with the hairdresser who (despite from assurances from the PR person in the beginning that it could be done) informed me that he was unable to do hair curlers at all. I excused myself, filled out the paperwork for her to have her hair done even though she hates a curling iron. (No one had told me that this paperwork needed to be filled out in order to have it done on a weekly basis).

As I was walking through the halls with my mother, the PR person came out and asked me how things were going now as she had talked with a person from a reviewing agency yesterday and told her things were fine. I stated I had not yet spent much time with my mother on this date to know.

I proceeded to arts and crafts with my mother where she stayed for a small time.

I then took my mother back to her room. She stated that she would like to try getting in and out of the bed from her scooter and I proceeded to get the call button. It was on the floor next to the bed where my mother informed me it had been all night. (How is my invalid mother supposed to call anyone with a call button laying on the floor?

I waited outside my mother’s room for approximately 15 minutes (no staff member was in Magnolia throughout this time), until finally a lady in a Lynwoode purple shirt, who said she was not an aide, walked through the Magnolia Area and I asked her where everyone was. I told her about the call button on the floor, and she stated it might be a wise idea for us to purchase a necklace push button for my mother. I thanked her and told her that was a good idea and I would most certainly do that, even though I am appalled that it had to be purchased at all.
I also demonstrated to the lady how my mother preferred her pillow in order to sleep and she watched and said she would inform Earla.
I once again took a walk with my mother around the facility and stopped to give the PR person the extended list of concerns. She took them and said she was going to see the Director with them.
I waited for a while in the hall with my mother for the PR person to return, but then I proceeded back to my mother’s room and stayed and talked with my mother until an aide came to take her to lunch. I showed the aide where the wire to my mother’s new motorized cart was and it is my firm hope that someone will plug it in this evening so it will continue to work for my mother. (My faith has been shattered).

I then prepared to leave but on my way out I stopped at the PR persons office and had to ask what was discussed. At that time she told me that they would like to set up a meeting between the Director, herself and the Director of Nursing at 9am the next morning. I stated that I had a doctor’s appointment at 9am but could probably get here by ten am. The PR Person said she would check and proceeded to the front desk where the Director of Nursing was also standing. As we discussed meeting times, The Director of Nursing said she could not possibly be here in the morning as she would be at another facility and would not get back in time. In fact she said the only time she would probably ever have time open to talk would be nine oclock on this evening. I said if you want 9pm this evening I WILL BE HERE. The PR Person said, no, that was not necessary we would have the meeting tomorrow morning even if Earla was not there and I should come in for the meeting as soon as I finished with my doctor’s appointment. I agreed because I had to leave.
I sincerely wonder why a meeting could not have been had right at that point when the three people were all there.

I also mentioned the necklace button for my mother, but was informed if she got that then the nurses would never know exactly where to find her in the facility. They cannot find her now when her button is lying on the floor.

My mother continues to grow unhappy, but surprisingly it is not her complaints that are bothering me as much as the types of things I am seeing with my own eyes.

1) Lack of security and supervision in the Magnolia Area
2) Lack of Aide Training
b Ensuring call devices are properly secured
c.Showering and washing,
d.Providing time for basic assisted living needs to be met (Time to put in teeth, etc.)
3) Lack of staffing to ensure that time is allotted for basic needs to be met without hurried attitude from staff.
4) Lack of trust in promises made prior to selection of Lynmoore (Nails, Hair, Response time, Activities)

January 8, 2014
Attended meeting with PR, Director, Director of nursing, and my husband Wayne. Referred to all of the above concerns summarized. Pretty much they just said sorry these things had happened. Thank you for telling us and we will address the issues with our staff. Their recommendation was that they move my mother’s room to the front section where there is more staff and things going on than in the new Magnolia Section. We agreed to this change and were advised to leave without seeing my mother so she could enjoy playing bingo.

January 9, 2014

We decided we would come back to see mom at around 3pm on this day. On our way to the facility we received a telephone call on our Cell phone from the Director of Nursing informing me that my mother had been taken to the hospital with a head injury after falling. The Director of Nursing told me that it was only a minor head wound and that I should not even bother to come to the hospital. My husband and I, however, rushed to the hospital through a tremendous flood and I found my mother in the Emergency Room completely alone. The nurse asked me if I had any paperwork, so apparently no one from the Assisted Living Center had even sent anything over and there was no one from the home with her at all. I had her insurance information in my purse and I stayed with my mother until she had received X Rays and was discharged. Upon discharge, I went back to the Assisted Living Facility, picked up ostomy supplies from her room and some clothes and with no one even talking to me at the front desk, I simply walked out and took my mother home. I called the facility and told them that my mother had gone home with me and that I was providing them with my 30 day notice of leaving the premises, and my mother was coming with me NOW. Having her hurt and left alone in a hospital emergency room was the last straw.

January 10, 2014
We returned to facility, picked up my mother’s medication and signed her out officially at 10:30am.

Please also note, my mother returned home less able to pivot from chair to bed than when we had taken her to the facility two weeks before.

We will return in the next few days to pick up her furniture with a rented truck.

In short and very, very BAD experience and I do NOT recommend this facility for anyone

A Good Place that Could Improve in Some Areas

They're very friendly. I'm not there that often so I don't see the activities and my friend is in a situation where she's not too interested in them but they seem to have a lot.

I'm having some difficulty understanding what happens to her clothes. I go there and her clothes are gone but there's other people's clothes in her closet. I've gone int her sometimes and she doesn't have toilet paper or towels although I've supplied her with all brand new towels. I think that's a concern. She is always very clean when I see her but her bed isn't necessarily made.

I was a little disappointed when we first moved her in because there wasn't the help we were told there would be. They promised they would help hang pictures and provide a nice chair for her. That never happened and no body seemed to know anything about what was happening. I was a little disappointed with that.

Somehow the office doesn't really communicate well with the nursing staff. The business office will called me about things and then the nursing office will call me about the same thing. It does seem like they're communicating but they are very good to her and patient with her. She seems to be very content there. I don't have a complaint with the care, it's just that sometimes there is a miscommunication between the business office and the nursing office. I can't give them a 5 because I think there are some areas they could improve - like sometimes the food is cold - but all in all it's a good place. I'm very happy that we found it.


We chose Lynnmoore because it close to my home. It is too early to be able to rate the value.

From the Community

Our friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to meet new friends and fill your day with a number of fun and engaging activities. Our caring associates are focused on providing you with the very best personalized care to ensure that you’re comfortable and at ease. No more worrying about tedious daily tasks like cooking and cleaning! Our range of care extends from traditional Assisted Living services such as hygienic assistance and medication management to our specialized Memory Care program, which includes Alzheimer’s Care and help for other memory impairments. We provide an attentive atmosphere with a 24-hour personal call system and around-the-clock staffing. As one of only 10% of Florida’s assisted living providers with an Extended Congregate Care (ECC) License, The Lynmoore at Lawnwood can offer clinical services that can extend your stay in assisted living. We are proud to offer more extensive clinical capabilities in an effort to better serve our residents. You can take comfort in knowing help is always available at The Lynmoore at Lawnwood. Close to shopping, dining and medical services, we offer all the things you need to fill your days with fun and give you peace of mind. Our senior living programs also offer many choices within our own four walls. So whether you like cooking, art, crafts, exercising or just visiting with your neighbors, you stay as busy as you want to be. The Lynmoore at Lawnwood creates a place you will want to call home – so come enjoy the easy living at The Lynmoore at Lawnwood!