The Legacy at Santa Fe - Santa Fe, NM

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Customer Reviews

The Legacy at Santa Fe has fallen short of their promises.

Very disappointed that we chose the Legacy at Santa Fe for our loved one.

We have experienced challenging communication barriers with management/Corporate Office and have found it difficult to get even the simplest requests completed.

There have been three Maintenance men fired so far and needed repairs go undone. Staff turn over remains a problem and more than once my Mom has been told by an evening staff member that they were the only one working that night.

Transportation is limited to 2 days a week, activities here are not what we were promised, cleanliness in the Laundry room is poor and our Mother's medications have not been managed well.

She has experienced several medication errors and thank goodness that she is aware enough to have known that her medications were not correctly given.

We were told there would be anytime dining but Mom has yet to have that. Often Mom has complained that although Chicken and Salmon are supposed to be available alternatives for lunch and dinner, she has often been told they were out of one or another.

We were promised that activities at the Legacy would include outings yet there has not been outings for weeks.

After our Mom had been living at the Legacy for months, unexpectedly her monthly bill was increased several hundred dollars a month for some kind of tax. The Legacy later changed the way they calculated the tax but the experience left us confused and angry with management for not telling us up front about the sudden changes in Mom's rent.

There will be a new Assisted living facility opened in Santa Fe in a few months and we will move Mom.