Brookdale Santa Fe - Santa Fe, NM

Brookdale Santa Fe - Santa Fe, NM has yet not published prices.

  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call

Customer Reviews

Facilities are in need of a refresh which appears to be underway on the exterior. The interior and rooms are in good shape for a 30+ year building. The staff and residents are all in good spirits and seem very active. The menu is rather mediocre.


I went to Brookdale to visit my dear friend and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the environment and the friendliness of the staff.

Dad is happy

They seem to be real personable with my dad at this community. They know how to communicate with him very well, he responds to them. The staff is very nice and exceptional. He loves the food and having 3 meals a day. He gets involved with the daily activities like the movies and the field trips, they even have a dance party he likes to go to. It is clean in here and they clean his room 1x a week. It has a beautiful courtyard area. I would recommend this community.

This place is very depressing

I toured here when looking for a place for my mom and it was a lot more depressing, in our minds. The halls were covered, kind of like a hotel, and the rooms weren’t that nice. There was also a smell. It was overall a bit darker and dingier. The price was cheaper which makes sense. They do have a very pretty garden, though. The woman that showed us around was really nice and was able to answer questions. They sent us home with a pie, but it wasn’t great.

The facility is kind of TOO big

I really liked [Removed], she was so friendly and helpful and accommodating. She spent an hour or so with me just touring around. I liked the facility a lot but the room that my dad would’ve used was very far down the hall and away from most of the activities that were going on. The kitchen in the apartment was not very accommodating for moving around in a wheelchair and the counters were really high. The room was kind of dark and lonely, I just didn’t like it. The common areas and the dining room was wonderful, the facility itself was just big and sprawling.


I have been an Independent Living resident of Brookdale Santa Fe for eight years. As an artist and author, I have an active life outside of the residence in the Santa Fe community at large. I, therefore, do not interact on a regular basis with other residents, though I know faces and some names with which to exchange smiles, greetings, and small conversation. And I do not participate in the activities offered by the residence. Nor do I eat in the dining room; I pick up my meals to eat in my apartment at my own hours. My true friends here are the staff. They are purely wonderful--warm, personable, helpful. I would particularly like to comment on the food. Dining room/kitchen directors [Removed] go to great efforts to present not only healthful but interesting cuisine to their diners, working continuously to improve existing recipes and create new ones--not only standard "American" and New Mexican fare, but selections from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It is not easy to come up with a lunch including entrée, salad, side, soup, and dessert, and a dinner including two entrees, two sides, two desserts for 150 persons 365 days a year. But [Removed] do it on a level that could compete with many commercial restaurants.

Worst place in Santa Fe

The management, nurses, and assited living aides at this facility are the worst people to have ever have a job. A lot of the nursing staff and aides do not speak very good English for a facility with not many Spanish speakers in general my mother in law speaks Spanish she is one of the few. Have a hard time understanding them. the "nurses" don't care about the people that live here. Leaving assisted living people in their own feces for days are rough with them during showers, and also cannot communicate because of their English is so bad, the nurse,in charge of these others girls can't even,communicate in English either. Management the office manager [Removed] will talk about your parents behind their back and to other families which I think is a violation of hippa. I know she has done this to my mother in law a few times. Other management for instance kitchen and leasing are fake you can tell by the way they greet and talk to you. The kitchen [Removed] is lazy and makes his employees do all the work while he cooks for other staff members. Food is horrible at times. They need a new head chef because he can't even make a decent burger at times. [Removed] the leasing lady will remember you when you are about to sign a lease then a week later will not even know my name or parents name and won't even acknowledge me. The other employees that are seen around are very friendly and helpful and can speak English. Do not send your loved one here due to management and nursing staff. We are putting in my mother in laws notice to move out.

Mom has improved

The entire staff are friendly and helpful. I have eaten there numerous times and the food is good. They offer a nice brunch on Sundays. Mom enjoys the dance class, art class and watching movies once in awhile. The community is clean and well taken care of. This is a cool community and I would recommend it.

Very nice community and great location in Santa Fe. An older property but well kept and safe. Would be an almost perfect fit for my Dad. Still looking at other options as price is a consideration.

Many complaints...

I am not completely satisfied with my impression of this Brookdale location. My main concern is that the independent residents are housed with residents that require more care, so the independent residents have to deal with feces in the halls and and moaning and groaning from these residents. The food is also mediocre at this facility. Though the layout of the facility was nice, I see too many problems to move my loved one here.

Beautiful courtyard and apartments!!

My mother has been overly pleased with her housekeeper that helps her take care of her apartment, her name is Julia. She said she absolutely amazing and could not have asked for a better housekeeper. They have a beautiful courtyard with lots of great scenery outside for the residents to enjoy. The food needs to have some improvement, they use too much salt and not enough seasoning. They also over do it when they use tomato sauce in some of there dishes. The biggest problem I have had so far with this facility is the fact that they still allow one lady to still smoke in her apartment down stairs because she has been grandfathered in. Its very disturbing and makes the entire downstairs smell like smoke.

Mother in laws care

This is a nice clean community. We do feel it might need to be updated due to being a older community. They are very supportive and able to provide ransportation when needed. They offer alot of great activities that she is enjoying. The food is very good and we like that the chief has offered her to come into the kitchen because she loves to cook. We are happy with the care and value here. Families would appericate the excellent care here.

Amazing and wonderful chefs table

We were invited to the chefs table last week. Our private room was beautifully decorated and the four course lunch was exceptional wonderful plates and the service was the best. The host Shawn and his staff were terrific.

No Problems Here

I feel that this community is one of the best in Santa Fe. The staff are caring, helpful, and prompt. The facility is clean and great. I have tried the food and my dad and I think it taste good. Dad has participated in one or two activities, hoping for more involvement. I would recommend this place.

Best In Santa Fe

All Senior Living facilities are ridiculously expensive, but Brookdale Santa Fe was easily the best choice that we found in Santa Fe. I am sure they all check each other's prices because they were all about the same despite the fact that some were newer (but incredibly poorly laid out) and some were older and not as well maintained. Brookdale is in a pleasant location with park, shopping, restaurants, and indoor swimming pool within walkable distances.

Review of Brookdale Santa Fe - Santa Fe, NM

Nice and a great location near downtown across from a nice pool and a stones throw from my daughters place of work. Nice apts. food service great but ends kind of early for a night owl like me.

I didn't go with Brookdale

They didn't have any independent living available at the time I toured the facility so I did not place my mom here. There was nothing appealing to me about this place and the price was too much.

the staff in general is fantastic

At Brookdale Santa Fe one thing they can improve is the smell in the hallways. They smell like urine. I know they do try their best to keep everything clean. Everything is great though other than that. The staff in general is fantastic. They are very happy and helpful.

We are very happy so far

When we walked in, the first thing we noticed was that everyone seemed so happy. The staff, the residents, even the maintenance crew went out of their way to speak to us. We are very happy so far.

Wish they would have stayed

My family looked and decided they wanted to stay home but everything was very nice. They just wanted to stay at home. The people we enteracted with were very friendly and the food was excelent.

apparently changing management

Formerly Ponce de Leon is now Brookdale. They are apparently changing management here. With this dad has seen the meals change dramatically in a negative way. I also have not been able to get a bill that makes any sense. They are gradually getting that changed out and resolved though. The activities are great the staff are really friendly at this facility. They are always willing to talk to you. Overall things are going well other than those that I mentioned.

Mom loves it!

Mom felt right at home. It's a beautiful facility and courtyard with helpful and friendly staff. Restaurant is excellent and plenty of services for anything Mom wants or needs. They've helped her with settling in and finding whatever she needs.

A great place for Mom!

Mom felt at home right away and is enjoying the friendly residents and staff. It is a beautiful building and gorgeous courtyard without being overwhelming. Mom especially enjoys the restaurant-style dining, great meals and wait staff in the dining room. We are glad the nursing staff is able to help us by filling mom's electronic pill minder each week. Everyone has been so helpful! It is a relief that she is in a safe place with more activities and attention than we could provide. After being there a week, she looks happier and healthier than ever.

The staff is friendly, but they need ...

The staff is friendly, but they need to work on their paperwork aspects. Their backroom stuff is not very good. They lost paperwork, there was confusion about my Mom's medication.

The location is great; it is near where I live.

My mother is pretty happy with it. She likes the people. She doesn't like the activity level. It seems like it's a pretty similar routine, where they have some games, like bingo, and an art class once a week, but there isn't a whole lot else. There have been two outings.

The facility seemed best of the ones that I toured, and I thought it would be best for my Mom.

It's pretty nice, and kept very clean.

It's pretty nice, and kept very clean. The staff seems to be very friendly. They do have a lot of activities, but they don't go and get the residents or see if they want to go. It would be nice to see them go and let the residents know that an activity is starting and see if they want to go. If they don't have enough staff to do that maybe get some volunteers to do it. We have no complaints with the food. I chose them because I liked the staff, the facilities, and the fact that I felt comfortable with it.

It’s really a good community.

It’s really a good community. The only thing I’d say is that you really need to sit down and define the cost. The cost changes a lot. The food is good. There are no complaints about the laundry. The parking is very crowded. They have a very nice setting and courtyard. They work very hard to make sure that people don’t feel like they are in a facility.

The staff is really helpful!

The staff is really helpful! They are kind and I think that they really reach out to the residents. My mom is happy there. Given the amenities and services they are reasonably priced.

There could be better landscaping.

My mother lives independently, but every time she has needed something they have a very fast response time.
There are activities every week and luncheons . There is Happy Hour on Friday.

Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon is a good facility. The staff members are pleasant and there are a great many activities that can be participated in. The people there are mostly friendly and enjoyable and the apartments are roomy and very nice.

It tends to be noisy. There is no effort made in the halls to be quiet. The meals are reasonably good but boring.

On the whole, a nice place.

Friendly, Warm Atmophere

My mom was at Ponce de Leon for not quite three months. It's a very friendly and warm atmosphere. She really needed more one on one care than they could give her. It's a big place and I would not really recommend it for some one who needs a lot of care.

An Early Estimation

My father has only "lived" in this facility for a couple of weeks so I reserve my complete review until he has settled in longer. Without exception, however, our experience with the staff (from maintenance to finance to marketing) has been very positive. If/when my dad develops relationships with other residents I believe both his and my attitude will be very positive.

Good fit at the time

We had been scouting around for a community then Ponce de Leon was recommended by A Place for Mom. When we visited the community it seemed like a good fit for our situation at the time. There were a lot of changes with the level of care we needed but it was a good community for the level of care they offer.

Wonderful Community

Ponce de Leon is just a wonderful community. We love it and our father loves it. He did fight it before moving but he is now very content. The food is good and the people have been fabulous. We couldn't have picked a better place. The location is convenient and the community is very well done. The staff is just wonderful. We are very pleased with them and I would recommend them to anyone.

We started looking two years ago and ...

We started looking two years ago and Ponce de Leon recently called us when they had a special on a few rooms and it just happened to be the right time and the right price. Our A Place For Mom representative was very helpful in this long process. It is hard for me to rate the "value" of Ponce de Leon, it is really expensive, but I don't know how much it costs to run a place like this. I haven't been to any activities yet so it is not fair for me to rate them.

Very Good and a definate possibility.

Very Good and a definate possibility.