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The biggest mistake we made was staying too long, My mom was in the memory care, But the problem was there was a lack of untrained staff And lack of staff, a lot of times there was one person on night shift, One person can not care for all those patients, My Mother's bathroom always smelled like pee it never smelled clean. There are a few I just loved but there were ones I care never see again. My mother had 12 UTI wasn't getting her briefs changed regularly, Wasnt getting showers, We had four meetings with administration and The director But every question has been dodge, We fought with answers over the billing, We went 5,000 to 6,[removed], over 7000, and no read out what or why your bill is so High and they have this so-called point system going on that they will claim your loved one is 3 level or level four which is crap It would be alright if you actually were getting the care But she got less care and paid more money we had enough, Please think before you make the decision to move your Love ones in this place, Money is their game, Place might seem like nice building But what goes on in there isn't good at all, I can say what a lift of stress off my back when we left the keys there, I can't even give this place 1 star,But I had to in order to post my review I wrote this review to try to help ones looking to care for your loved one. Do not bring them here.

Do not send your loved one here

Do not send your loved one to this facilitly. After identifying my mother as a fall risk, my mother was left unattended with no provisions made for falls. She was found on the floor between the bathroom and room, no one knew what happened to her or how long she had been there. They called an ambulance to take her to ER to cover themselves even though there was no evidence of trama or injury. WE were of course billed for the ambulance run and when I disputed the bill and asked Lakes of Monclova to at least split the bill they refused. They took no responsibilty for the fall, nor did they offer any explanation. The staff was uncaring, apathetic and evasive when I questioned the incident. Immediately following the incident, my calls to administration went unanswered. To make matters worse, When I chose not to send my mother back there, I went to gather her personal items which had been discarded. A horrible place for elderly. My overall rating is -1

Please Think before put Love one here

I can say are walk there the nursing home seem clean and friendly staff, Until my Mother was placed in the Memory care , I have spoken to the Director over my issue with my Mom not getting her showers, I was gone on Business for five days,Husband and I went to see mom and she smelled her hair had not been washed since I washed it, which was almost week.MOM ended up getting crandle crap in her hair I had go every day just about and wash her hair, Then the other issue was late that evening after I got my Moms hair and shower, I put the covers down on her bed the sheets were soaked and the blankets were fifthy, I was appalled I went to the front desk, Same nurse is always rude never on the floor she spends most of her time outside smoking, and off floor,When aid came back to room, I ask why her bed wet and dirty, and her excuse was they short aid so my Mother would have slept in that all night if it had not been for me, We don't get any government help we pay big bucks for this awful nursing home, I am looking to move my mother out that place, I have talk to main Director until I'm blue and nothing gets done, There is one Nurse that works on that floor does good job But all lazy ones hurt there job need clean house get aid that want to work, There suppose be working there [Removed] nurses desk during nothing and either do they volunteer to help,

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Local Representative

Thanks for your review. Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

A great tour!

I had a good experience while touring The Lakes Monclova. The people there were very friendly and the tour guide was knowable. Thre facility was very clean and organized. I would recommend it to anyone looking, it was just not the best for my loved one's needs.

Wonderful Place!

A beautiful building with caring staff.

Outstanding community.

This is a great community. The staff is very nice and caring and meals are above average. They do offer many activities throughout the day. This is a good place for our mom to get great care. We would highly recommend this community for anyone currently looking.

Think twice

My mother was in a place like Monclova in another state, the place is now bulldozed to the ground [removed]. I am appalled that a family member of mine was in this facility and instead of the aides caring for the patient they are to busy talking on their cell phones ( why is there not a no cell phone policy in place while on the clock)?
2nd) how can an aid forget to bring the patient their dinner tray?
3rd) Why are the nurses not checking the Vitials every so many hours?
This facility does not have the professional/ caring staff they are their only for a pay check only! It's a disgrace the way the elderly is treated. I can see in time this place will be bulldozed to the ground and someone will be held accountable!!

Very understaffed and under trained. My mother was recently at this facility and though I had repeated discussions with the staff and director the following were issues that were repeated over and over again, she was unable to reach call button (several times it was under her bed), alarm was frequently not attached to her, room smelled of urine (was told by a staff member that they use poor quality catheter bags) she feel out of bed and no one knows how long she was on the floor. A very expensive facility with terrible care.

Wonderful facility all the way around!

Excellent Place!!!

My father had excellent care at this facility! Excellent food, caring staff would recommend this place!

Don't go there!

Don't go there! I was there for 30 day Stroke rehab and dealt with everything from medication mistakes several times per week, very bad housekeeping, cold food, no food or small portions. I got athlete foot fungus while there, Millipede insects all over the place, in my slippers etc., staff all pass blame on each other and Executive Director does next to nothing when confronted about any problems . Facility not kept locked at night. My stay was in the Fall of 2014 and now the Ohio State Health Department is handling my complaints. Looks are very deceiving, beware.

Substandard care

Very incompetent staff and poor care received. My Father was sent there after a hospital stay for a 20 day rehab. He was never given an orientation of where anything was. He fell within the first 30 minutes he was there with no one around to help. After very specific instructions provided on testing and administering insulin for his diabetes they ignored them and my father went into a diabetic coma or near it on 4 different occasions. One time he was admitted to the ER from dialysis and LoM did not even know he was gone or missing from their facility.