The Heritage of Cedar Rock - Mocksville, NC

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Customer Reviews

This place was so sad
The staff seemed overwhelmed
The residents all over the place
Smelled bad

They Are The Right Fit For Me

I really do enjoy the community I picked out and the people are very nice. I enjoy living here. The staff are really nice to me and the residents. I like that the community is in a small town and I liked the area it is in. My apartment is just right for me.

not a place I would recomend

The add on this sight says there is a pool. There is no pool, I did not particularly like the resident room set up. To small, and they were crammed with residents personal items. The staff is responsible for putting away laundry, the laundry is crammed into closets and drawers in the rooms they appear to have never been ironed they are so crammed. The overall facility was clean and smelled fresh and clean. The dinning area is advertised as Restaurant style meals looks like a small break room for employees. The kitchen is supposed to be available for snacks and drinks this does not happen on scheduled times. The staff were very nice and polite, however didn't look professional, wearing jeans t-shirts and baseball caps. I did not see any library and my mother loves to read one thing in particular we were looking for. Also the exercise room does not exist the beauty parlor also was very cramped with things that does not have anything to do with beauty. Some of the staff are friendly others are questionable. They don't seem to care as I would expect for my loved ones. Meals are provided however there was no menu to let you know what your choices are for the day. There were people that could not feed themselves and the staff at lunch did nothing to help these people, never saw any activities at all happening with anyone. so in my decision for my mother this was not what my choice would be, I don't feel the home life feeling I would expect to feel when visiting my mother and I wouldn't want her in any other atmosphere.

Friendly, welcoming people

I think they do a great job overall at The Heritage of Cedar Rock. The facility itself is very warm and inviting, and the staff and residents are so friendly and open! They really did a great job welcoming my loved one to the community!