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To whomever posted the review: Do Your Research - THANK YOU. That review saved my father's life. He had been at Hacienda on the River for nearly a week when I came across this review which mirrored my father's experience. He was a fall risk, 88, frail and having memory issues. His first night they told me the exact same thing - that it was his "right" to fall and they couldn't stop him. I was terrified to leave him and literally prayed he'd be alive in the morning. When I returned he had fallen and his arm was literally black and he had a terrible cut above his elbow. He had a head injury and so he could not explain to us what had happened. The nurses downplayed the incident. It took a month for that injury to heal.

The entire week my father was at Hacienda on the River the doctor ordered NO labs for him - something I learned AFTER we left and the other facility requested that we get them. My father had been living independently until he got there and he was so disoriented and weak that we had been
asking them to test for a urinary tract infection and to make sure his heart issues were being monitored. They lied and told us that was being done - it was NOT.

The doctor at the new facility recognized shortly after meeting my father and reviewing his chart/records that he was bleeding internally. They transferred him immediately to the ER - I believe if I hadn't moved my father he literally would have bled to death at Hacienda on the River.

Everything there is outsourced - from the nurses to the P/T (I have no complaints with the P/T and nurses - they did a heroic job although they are woefully understaffed).

If you have any serious injury DO NOT come here. It's AWFUL. Don't be fooled by the beautiful surroundings. The people running this place only care about their bottom line - $$$$.


Don't let the beautiful package fool you!!! Unfortunately, we transferred my Dad out within 1 week because he was not safe there. Even though it was crystal clear by his past medical history & diagnoses that he came in with, they said they did not know that he was a fall risk. That in itself was very concerning to us right off the bat. If they had been aware of it, what would they have done differently? Turned him away? We think not. They had many empty beds in the Skilled Nursing Facility while we were there. We quickly knew we had to staff family at the bedside 24 hours a day for his safety, as they didn't have bed alarms & really no side rails (only a small vertical side rail towards the head). Not only had my father been a significant fall risk for the last 5 1/2 months after brain surgery & radiation, but he was confused, had recent onset of seizures & medication added to prevent them, which also makes him more sedated. Whatsmore, he intermittently became agitated & was often trying to get out of bed even though he wasn't even strong enough to stand because he had just come from a hospital where he didn't get out of bed for 8 days due to the seizures (but he was walking with a walker & caring for himself independently before this hospital stay)! His first full day, when I explained to the oncoming nurse my concerns for his safety, she said to me "If he wants to fall then he has a right to fall"!!! That's when it was clear we were in trouble. From there I reached out to the Liason of the Skilled Facility. I was encouraged when she initially seemed empathetic to our safety concerns & what the nurse had SO inappropriately said to me. She assured me that she would get with the Director of Nursing & that someone would get back to me to see what they could do to make this work. No call EVER came. 4 days later I called her back & shockingly she seemed to wonder why. I informed her no one had ever reached out to me, she said the Director of Nursing was supposed to & then proceeded to say, "But I was told you were right there at the bedside when the nurse informed you that we don't use bed alarms or have side rails, so you have already been made aware of this". It was then that I knew we had to make other arrangements ASAP. Before we had him transferred to Health South RIT, he did end up getting out of bed & onto the floor once, thank God he wasn't injured. The following night I basically insisted that his bed be taken out of the room & his mattress placed on the floor, which they did agree to after getting permission from the DON. It would have made a big difference had management acted even slightly concerned about my Father & the safety concern at hand. Even telling us that this may not be the best place for him in light of the fact that they said "They didn't get an accurate report on him from the transferring facility, therefore the didn't know he was a fall risk"... then initiate a smooth transition out would have been great. We had to initiate the evaluation from [Name removed] at Health South RIT & she was incredible & made the rest easy. What is even more ironic. The new facility told us that they got in the report from Hacienda at the River that "He had not required close supervision in the last 48 hours"!!! Wow, how crazy that they forgot to mention that it was because his family never left the bedside & his mattress was on the floor! I can't stress enough that there was some incredible staff there (Naya's: [Name removed] , [Name removed] . Nurses: [Name removed] , [Name removed] , [Name removed] . Therapists: [Name removed] , [Name removed] , [Name removed] ) and there are more that we can't remember which makes me sad we can't shout them out.... But, this very much felt like a management problem. The bottom line, I have been a nurse for many years & my husband and I have a business where we specialize in Medicare & Long Term Care Insurance. We were looking forward to spreading the great news to our clients about this beautiful facility, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

They have a Beautiful Vision

We are so pleased with this community and the care that my mother-in-law is receiving. Her room in the memory care is very nice, spacious and there are currently 10 residents but they are set up for 20. This is a new community so there are kinks they are working out, but management is open about issues, they welcome resident and family feedback and I can see they are making great changes. I like that they keep my mother-in-law busy, she has an outside caregiver with her at all times and the staff work right alongside her. They are developing new activities and special events like horse therapy. The staff here respect and care about their residents and they interact with them very well. The grounds here are beautiful and the food amazing I would definitely recommend coming for a tour.