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Take your loved ones elsewhere

First impression is good. Beautiful place. Oddly presented with fake stores or ice cream shop that is only open a couple of hours a week. When you look at patient care, the facade falls apart. Too few staff, nurses not sufficiently educated or trained in patient care, terrible food. PT seemed the one bright spot. I do NOT recommend this place for any type of treatment. Many of the staff were rude. A couple were really nice but completely ineffective. Social worker on staff was rude and condescending. No one seemed to be concerned about getting my mother better.

Take your loved ones elsewhere.

Think twice about this place

Stay far away! The worst place to send your loved ones trying to get back to independent living. My dad was there for 10 days never was seen by a doctor after falling twice due to no response from night shift staff. He was sent back to hospital after telling them if they didn't call for transport to the hospital I was calling the squad.
He ended up back into hospital another week.
The physical therapy department was great.
But that is it.

RN does not know how to take a blood pressure

Awful. 36 hours after hospital discharge, and 36 hrs at the grand, Mom admitted back to hospital.

Recommend the Grand for rehab

Went to the facility for rehab after hip surgery. Facilities clean and well managed. Medical saff and assistants very professional and careing. Rehab staff outstanding. The only miner complaint was meal quality was not consistant. Grandkids loved the faciity.

The Grand lives up to its name

I waited 8 months to write this review as I wanted time to really get to know The Grand. Last July, we moved my 97 year old mother into assisted living. We are so glad we did!

When I fist walked into The Grand, I said to my wife, "I want to live here" now, 8 moths later, I still feel that way. More importantly my mother is so happy and pleased with the choice.

The facilities speak for themselves, far exceeding the other senior care facilities we looked at. However, the staff are what really make The Grand a great choice.

When the owner, his wife and whole family participate (not just attend) in the Christmas gala, you know that this is just not another corporate property of some big company.

The food (dining service) is very good, with lots of options and a staff that are willing to cater to special needs or requests.

If you are considering assisted living for a loved one, do give The Grand serious consideration. We are so happy with the staff and how they make that wonderful facility come alive for its residents.

Beautiful in Concept BUT Lacking in Practices

I just left the rehab facilities at The Grand and feel I need to share this with anyone contemplating using The Grand for the same services. Things to be made aware of, 1) IF you enter the Grand on a Friday afternoon your rehab may not begin until Monday or later, they may EVALUATE you over the weekend in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) and call it rehab but physical and occupational rehab in the real sense did not actually happen until Tuesday after I was admitted on Friday. 2) Make SURE you or your loved one is fully assessed immediately upon entering The Grand by their transitional team. By that I mean sit down with the Trasitional Care Coordinator, The Director of Nursing, and/or the Social worker. I believe after my experience they will really try to make this right and will work hard to not have your loved one fall through the cracks as I did. The number one priority being there was to receive in-patient rehabilitation services for my replaced hip making “staying ahead of my pain” my goal. Make SURE that you or your loved one is immediately placed on a pain medication schedule that ensures that will happen. Do NOT allow anyone to just say, “just tell us when you need it.” You are in no condition two days after major surgery to do that even if you think you are. There needs to be a 4-6 hour regiment that continues 24/7 that ensures that you will be prepared for your pain, treated, and then physically prepared for therapy. It does you OR the therapist zero good when you are receiving your pain meds, as I was, 10 minutes before receiving therapy. Also, while being put in the ICE room to ice down my hip after therapy feels good, I consider that not part of my therapy and would much rather my limited time with my therapist be spent strengthening my hip than me sitting alone icing it. 3) You have a call button for a reason. When you push it...time the response, if it goes beyond 5 minutes for the aide OR the nurse dial 800 (if you can reach the phone) and have them page the nurse to your room. If you STILL have a problem getting someone (like maybe a nurse that does not respond for 1 hour and 24 minutes) either leave the next day as I did OR dial 800 in the morning and ask for The Administratior who I believe absolutely wants/needs to know what is happening in the facility. 4) The food....improved once the director of foods spoke with me and found out that mine was coming stone cold causing my husband to pick up food and bring in several days in a row. 5) If your room does not get swept or trash emptied each day during their housecleaning, call 800 and request it. Then finally, while I was not there for the nursing care as much as I was for the therapeutic care, the nurses are who you see the most frequent while you are there. Beyond your pain level which they do ask, Make SURE that they check your incision EVERY day and may have to rebandage it, and that your vitals are taken a least once every day. For whatever reason I carried a low grade fever the first several days I was there and that needed to be monitored. I WILL say that one of The Grand’s most redeeming features are that many of their nurses are very caring.
I am an active 63 year old female that just wanted a head start on therapy and wanted to be close to my daughters’ homes in Dublin. While I, like everyone who has reviewed The Grand found this place to be beautiful and the concept noteworthy. The actual PRACTICES were found well below expectations. What concerns me most is I KNOW that I wasn’t the only one receiving this same care but many older people are hesitant to give a review for various reasons.

Personal Assessment from a Rehabilitation Patient

I recently returned home from a three month rehab stay at The Grand following two extensive and complicated back surgeries. I have stayed at two other rehab facilities in the past (though not for such an extended time) and consider my entire experience at The Grand to be the best. This is not to say that I did not have good experiences at the other facilities.

Absolutely everyone at The Grand is concerned for your needs and comfort. Employees go out of their way to help you even if not in their normal duties ( for instance a kitchen worker passing by my room when the call light was lit, but the nurse and aide helping those in other rooms, and stopping in to see if he/she could help or get someone who could).

Nurses and aides constantly perform their duties in a manor to lift your spirits and totally satisfy your needs. The administrators are willing to get personally involved in your convalescence as a matter of course. Even the facility and amenities included are conducive to a small community as opposed to a nursing or rehab operation (the Christmas decorations and holiday programs were "out of sight" providing all with a joyous atmosphere)

The therapists are "top notch" and, at least in my case, performed miracles in my eyes as well as my family's. Upon my arrival I questioned if I would ever stand again let alone walk extended distances with a walker as I did upon my departure. My observation was that they were having similar success with all they were helping. A great group of people.

In conclusion, I can't imagine a better staff of individuals fully dedicated to the recuperation of resident patients. Should I ever again need the personal attention and professional talents of a rehab facility I would select The Grand in a heartbeat. :-)

I scheduled my tour on line. They had no idea we were coming. They charge extra for many things. Eventually will need memory care. Was not even offered to be shown that area. It is a very pretty new building.

I am writing this review because I strongly feel it The Grands of Dublin has shown a great deal of lack of responsibility and not taking any interest of an issue that occurred while my father was a patient/resident there.
On Sunday, [Removed], I picked my father up from room 324 at The Grands and drove him to visit my mother who was a patient at another rehabilitation facility. After the visit, I drove my father back to The Grands. I made sure he was back in his room and noticed his dinner was ready and waiting on his tray/table.
On the following day [Removed], I picked my father up for an appointment at The James Cancer hospital. It was then when my father let me know his electronic dentures (talking dentures) were missing. He can’t wear them while eating and has to use his regular dentures. He explained to me that he took the talking dentures out and placed them in his case before eating and laid it on his table. He then fell asleep after eating and when he woke up later, he noticed they were missing. He told his nurse early that morning that they were missing. After returning from his appointment I looked everywhere in his room for the dentures with no luck. The only thing that we strongly feel that happened, is that the dentures with case were removed and thrown away by whoever collected his food tray.
The staff available then had searched the laundry and other parts of this facility and no luck.
I cannot say enough about how well my father was treated during his stay at The Grands. The staff was always on top of his medication and treatments, taking great care of him and making sure his stay was comfortable and clean.
I am writing this because after talking to other staff members, I had no results. On my father’s discharge date, [Removed], I talked to the director about this situation who told me that he would turn this in to corporate. Since then I have left three messages with the director and not yet heard back from him. My first message was on [Removed], and then on [Removed]. I tried calling corporate myself and all the offered prompts do not have any options to leave a voicemail, so I’m guessing you have to get lucky for someone to answer or go in person, which is hard to do while working. These dentures are very important to my father. This is his only way of communicating if he had to call 911 or talk to anyone in an emergency situation.
Whatever the outcome of this situation is, I feel my messages should be recognized and returned. Just seems strange that someone is not wanting to take responsibility for this and doing a great job avoiding whatever consequences that could follow.


the people here are fantastic! The staff is exceptional and whoever hired them is very good.

The facility is beautiful. Thank you for taking good care of my mother.

Nice Surprise

My stay at the Grand was full of nice surprises. The facility is beautiful, the staff is so kind and helpful and the therapy sessions and staff were great. I love the activities that the offer to residents. Couldn't be happier with my stay.


Clean facility with a good staff. Nurses A+, Therapy A+, Food A, Activities A. Decompression therapy A++.

Great Rehab

We picked the Grand for my mother's rehab after hip replacement surgery. Our decision was based on location and after touring the facility we knew we were making a good choice.

Parking was a nightmare until we began using the parking lot in the rear of the building. Trying to find a spot in the front of the building is difficult because nobody seems to realize there is a second larger parking lot in the rear.

The therapy staff was amazing and seemed to work miracles with mom's recovery and her confidence. The challenged her to improve and to believe in herself. Keeping her spirits up when things seemed to difficult or when she felt she wasn't progressing quickly enough.

The majority of the nurses seemed to actually care and were professional. Yes, there were one or two we didn't care for who seemed to be going though the motions, but the others were all super.

The food seemed to be as good as you can expect in a facility like this. There is only so much you can do with people on restrictive diets and low sodium requirements. Over all mom seemed to like the food because she ate well while at the Grand and looked forward to taking her meals with the other patients in the dining area.

The building was very clean and did not smell like a nursing home. Yes, its still pretty new and you would expect it to smell nice. The cleaning crew appears to work hard to keep things in order. It must be a full time job keeping the floor polished on main street.

The ice cream parlor, movie theater and pub are all a nice touch. it would be great if they used them more often. Movies played most of the day. The ice cream place was only open for a short time a couple days each week and I never saw the pub used.

Just grand

My stay at the Grand was one of the nicest and restful time of all the places I have been before. The employees were as pleasant as I have ever seen. The Grand is the place to be if you need to recuperate. This is how the aged people should be treated, honored and the best care.

great therapy department

Overall this is the best facility my family has had experience with in the NW Columbus area. Therapy was wonderful and helped my mother recover and gain her strength back. She seemed to like the food most days. Nurses were helpful and friendly. There did seem to be a different person working every time we visited and we rarely saw the same nurse or aide twice. Still, they all seemed to be top notch. She was a little disappointed with the activities but did enjoy one of the singers who came to entertain the patients. With all the good and bad, the quality, skill and professionalism of the therapy department makes this the go to place if you or a loved one need physical therapy.


The Grand has helped my mom to recover in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. The nurses, care givers and therapists are some of the most compassionate people I have met. The communications at the Grand is also a huge plus. I never had to wonder how my mom was progressing. I was able to get frequent detailed updates.

The Grand is awful!

The Grand has a beautiful facade but that is all. Terribly understaffed with those who do work there only willing to do the very, very minimum. many of these people suffer from dementia and are very vulnerable.

There are very few activities to help stimulate their mind and most are left just to sit for hours on end. The food is awful and we saw many family members bringing take out food to relatives since what was provided was inedible.

Nursing staff is all but invisible and mostly disinterested. There is no continuity with the staff and there seems to be a revolving door - hardly ever the same staff member. The aides were scarce and many times downright nasty -as were the few nurses we saw.

They tout the ice cream parlor - it is almost never open, the "deli" nothing more than an upgraded vending machine, and the pub - also hardly opened.

Most distressing of all was the lack of care- patients sitting in urine stained clothing because they simply could not wait any longer to be taken to the bathroom and missed medications.

The raves you see posted on their web site are by employees and friends. Do not be fooled!

If you are elderly, suffer from dementia or vulnerable run from The Grand!!


My stay here was as comfortable as it could be depending on the severity of my injury. Food was not bad. Nurses and aides were most professional and tired to meet my every need. I recommend this facility as the best. They have thought of everything for the patients. Physical therapy was diligent in the jobs.

above & beyond

Great nurse [Removed]. She did a lot of good for me. 2 girls in rehab, [Removed] and [Removed] both have done superior work and exceeded my expectations. [Removed], thanks you've done way more than you ever had to for me. [Removed], I have never seen a young man work so hard.

Good Rehab

I enjoyed the rehab sessions each day and could definitely experience an improvement in flexibility and strength. The rehab people, aides and nurses know their business and had my best interest at heart. I recommend them and the Grand 100%.


Great professional staff all around. Great inviting environment, very clean. Fun group activities and social events for everyone.

The Grand of Dublin is a beautiful building with wonderful caring staff. The building was recently given a 5 Star ranking by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services after the building was surveyed by the Ohio Department of Health.


For those of us blessed with the correct type of health insurance, this facility is as good as it gets. The surroundings are pleasant, the food is awesome and the physical therapy department is kind and knowledgeable. I am blessed to be here and thank the staff.

Highly Recommend

My stay here was as comfortable as it could be depending on the severity of my injury Food was not bad. Nurses and aides were most professional and tried to meet my every need. I would highly recommend this facility as the best. They have thought of everything for the patient. Physical therapy was diligent in the job.

Trust me there is nothing GRAND​ about The Grand of Dublin. It's all glitz and glamour. But the quality of service is just as substandard as any other basic nursing facility. We took our dad out of here due to too many issues to list. The social worker was one of the most inhumane we met and should have her license revoked. My Dad still has Medications that haven't been fulfilled yet. Would never recommend this facility to anyone else. Definitely filing complaints with the State and Medicare. I know of several​ families who feel the same.

Don't believe anything they tell you on the tour, the ratios are never what they claim and on many occasions we found our Dad wandering and [Removed], with green lights on for over and hour at times.

We're just glad to have him away from this place safely. If anyone would like to join me in filing complaints here are the links below.



Keep Looking, Do not send here!

After looking at several nursing facilities my father and I chose to have my mom stay here on a 5 day respite stay in the memory care unit. [Removed] took us on a tour of the facility; It appeared nice and clean, with a slight smell of urine in the memory care unit. When asked what the staffing was like on the unit she said there was one nurse and one aid, and that the nurse doubles as an aid and helps out doing aid duties due to the low acuity level of the patients and their low census of 15 patients on the unit. I asked her if they are to be taken to the bathroom every two hours and she said, "Of course, we will take great care of your mother, I know it is hard, but we will make sure she is taken care of."

My dad gave them a list of the medications she was taking prior the the beginning of the stay. Once she arrived he asked if they had the list and they said they weren't sure, it may have gotten thrown away, they can't find it. I printed off the list and went over it with the nurse and they were missing one of her blood pressure medications, and when addressed said they would add it onto her list of meds.

The second day my Dad went to visit her in the evening and she was still in her pajamas, they gave her Haldol for some aggressive behaviors and said they just didn't want to fight with her. My father asked if she had had a BM and the nurse stated that she could give her something to go. My father simply said she just needs to sit on the toilet for 10 mins and she will go. If you give her a laxative she will have an accident. I also inquired about her last BM on a visit and the nurse said, I don't know, thats something you'll have to ask the aid. When I addressed the aid, I asked about my mother by name and requested information about BM documentation. She put her hand on her chin and said, " oh, that one, that one, thaaaat one, no, i dunno, let me see as she was checking her computer. No BM was documented after 3 days. I simply took her to the bathroom and she had a BM, and I also cleaned up her shirt where there was several food stains on the front of it.

On my visit I took my mom out into the secure courtyard and sat on a bench to visit. As I was looking out the gate was flapping in the wind, not so secure I'd say and I reported it to the nurse. I wanted to check up on her around 10:30 pm that night so I decided to call. The phone rang for 13 minutes before anyone picked up. They said they would have to find the nurse, and that they would go over to the unit and find her. The nurse was never found and the phone just kept ringing.

The third day my dad found urine soaked clothes in the shower, they said she was incontinent of urine. Even her shoes were wet with urine.She has NEVER been incontinent of urine. This means THEY WERE NOT TOILETING HER EVERY TWO HOURS! Her teeth were caked with food, they were not helping her brush her teeth. My dad stayed there until 11pm and she had still not received her evening medications. My dad asked for a cup for some water for himself and my mom and the aid said she could not find any and would have to go to another unit to get some, but couldn't leave because she was the only one on the floor. My dad asked the nurse to come and give her medications. Apparently the nurse was on another floor passing medications. HOW can the nurse double as an aid if she is on another floor passing medications? When my mom finally got some water she downed a glass and a half! Have they even been giving her water? She was the first to get her medications on the unit at 11:02 pm. No one was in their pajamas and were all still up watching tv on the couch!

My Dad was wondering what kind of place is this. He said, "I can give better care to her at home, I don't need this!" He decided to take her home at once. When faced with the complaints the nurse stated, " I'm sorry you feel this way."

Think twice before sending your loved one here.The building may be nice, but thats all. I am a Registered Nurse and unfortunately they had me fooled...don't send your loved ones here.

Owned by Arlington Court- run away!

Run do not walk far far from the grand. It is beautiful but that is where it stops! Lousy service, dangerously understaffed. Like an iced turd- nice appearance but crap inside!

Very nice looking place!

We toured this community when looking into senior living options for our loved one. This place looks absolutely fantastic! The facility itself is gorgeous, and the staff all seem friendly and like they're in it for the right reasons. They really seemed to care about the people they're looking after. Based on what I saw I'd highly recommend at least taking a look at this place!