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Customer Reviews

Worst place ever.

Nurses wouldn't come and help, bring medicine or water . Worse place ever. Never bring a loved one here.

Please read this!!!!

Please do not take your loved one to this facility! They are always short-staffed and the patients are not properly cared for. My loved one went for weeks without a shower and when I begged for her to get one, they would take her to the shower room and she would ironically incur an injury. Also, I noticed several bruises on her body throughout her stay, and when I approached administration concerning her injuries, they could not tell me the cause. If my family had not visited twice a day to feed her, she would not have been fed. I constantly fought for her throughout her stay just to get the basic care she was due. The final incident occurred less than two full days after her death. I was on my way to the funeral home and a family member called me stating that my grandmother's personal items had been placed in the hallway of the nursing home and another resident had moved into her bed. When I say personal items, I mean her clothes (including undergarments), her wallet, her jewelry, etc. were placed in an area where other residents and visitors were passing through. Her belongings stayed in the hallway all day! It was an inhumane act! I called the administrator and his reply to me was "my staff and I signed the guest book from the funeral home". I never quite understood what he meant, but I plan to take this to a higher office. I miss my grandmother so much, but God answered my prayer when He took her home to Heaven. I could not post this throughout her stay (in fear for her safety), but now that she is gone, I hope my review will prevent others from residing at this facility and facing the same struggles.

Terrible Place

This place is understaffed. They have 2 tech's most nights to take care of 3 halls of around 60 people. I have seen residents sitting and waiting on a tech to come for an hour at a time. Residents are ignored and not given the 2 showers a week that they are supposed to be getting. Food trays are taken into the rooms and if the resident isn't there (some wander around the building)too bad the trays are taken up anyway. I have heard residents begging for someone to come into their room so they can use the bathroom and been told they don't have any tech's to help them they just have to wait. Toilets frequently overflow, food is left out on the tables at night in the dining area. If you do not plan on being there on a daily basis do not put anyone you care about in this place.

Great place, don't judge the appearance.

This wasn't my first choice, and at first they were doing some remodeling. It's an old building and from the outside it looks nothing like some of the nicer more upscale communities. It is clean though, and the looks, I have learned, aren't that important. The people are very nice, and they were very responsive, and just called me right back. They also have physical therapy there, and even though we didn't have doctor's orders for it, but they thought it would be a good idea and gives him something to do.