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Customer Reviews

felt welcomed when we arrived however we felt rushed right into the tour without many questions regarding our loved one. Facility was nice but we didn't get the "warm fuzzies" we had at other facilities. Was a little surprised the monthly fee changes based upon how much money you put down. Totally wrong to do this.

possibility of bigger rooms. Wife doesn't seem to care for it but I love it.

Living at The Brennity

My wife and I moved to the BRENNITY,Melbourne Fl in May of 2018. When we moved into our cottage it was very nice, - people were friendly, employees were friendly and helpful, and the food was delicious.
Around the last of November or the first of December everything changed for the worse. Decisions by local managers as well as people from corporate changed our transportation arrangements, we had to wait three weeks to go shopping (at Christmastime!), we could only get free transportation to doctors on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and extreme costs were charged for other trips. The food became noticeably worse and folks began to move out.
After a short period of time a group of home office employees came in and had a meeting with all concerned residents.
All of the local managers subsequently disappeared, and some of the home office people were assigned to get things in better shape.
One of those folks was assigned to the kitchen and dining room and the food returned to very good with a good, experienced person left to manage until a new, permanent, manager could be found.
The temporary Brennity manager, [name removed], has made a wonderful difference. We will hate to see her leave us.
Thanks for the opportunity to leave these remarks.
[Name removed]

Great place and seems very secure. Administrator/sales team and nurses/aids extremely helpful and kind. I would recommend!

Mom really liked The Brennity. So many activities for the residents and she specially liked the 2 swimming pools - she would be able to swim year round! Very clean and she said that everyone was very pleasant and friendly.

This was the best! The residents, as well as those that worked at Brennity I came across seemed extremely happy. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful with many options of activities for the residents to take part in.

Aunt Not Happy

My auntie tells us she is not treated well. We really don't know where to put here, but we wish we had not put her there. For the money, she is not well served.

Brennity-----The Actual Happenings

The Brennity is very emotionally demeaning for the residents, from the management on down. Residents seem to live in fear of telling the management their true feelings about the Brennity

. I am seeing things from the outside as a friend to a resident. I feel very sad at the poor food, which seems to be thrown at them like slop. They seem to accept it like dogs who have no choice. I hate to be so blunt but people do need to see beyond the pretty exterior.

I am not giving my name so my friend do not get into trouble. I could cry at how the management treats the poor, elderly and defenseless grandmas and grandpas.

The Brennity seems to know that once they get you, you can't go anywhere else. Hence, you can be treated poorly and have no recourse.


There are many unhappy people who had to move. They were told for the price that this place was excellent. In reality, this place isn't even average, and they charge 5 star hotel prices.

Also, if you notice the reviews, the good ones are from people who never lived here. The people who have lived here, by in large, write bad reviews like I did.

What you see is not what you get

My relative is begging me to get her out. She went in because she was sold a bill of goods about the food and other benefits. What a joke. Now, I have to try to find her a place that treats her well. She wanted people to know that what you see is not what you get.

Although the location was great we just didn’t feel like this was the right place for mom. On the day we visited there was some type of outing and there was hardly any residents there to see or talk to so it felt kind of empty. It seemed clean enough but not particularly friendly but again, we really didn’t see many people, staff or residents. It just isn’t the right fit for her.

Please don't come here by believing the hype they try to sell you

We are moving. It is extremely depressing. Your feeling as a resident is that you have no value. Almost at every step,
you are told, in so many words, that your care and well being is something that annoys them.

The food is like a low quality restaurant. It is a few steps above school cafeteria.

For example, one of my friends ordered fried food and it was black because the oil was not changed.

The food is, often, cold and the service is slow.

If you complain, they act like you are bothering them.

The maintenance tries to tell you broken things are not broken until they die.

Our refrigerator flooded three times while they kept assuring it was ordered. After two weeks they said that it hadn't been ordered after assuring us it was ordered every time we complained it flooded. It took it completely dying and losing food twice for them to react. That is one of the many many and I do mean many examples we have gone through with maintenance.

Forget going to management they don't care one bit. They act as if they couldn't be any more annoyed. The rent also goes up every year hundreds of dollars. We are getting close to 7000 for two people. With that kind of money you would think it would be more of a 4 or 5 star hotel experience not motel 6. Do not let them sell hype. We listened thinking we wouldn't have to move again, and now we have to move out.

The only good service here are the cleaning ladies! We love them

The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living community was very beautiful. The staff was very friendly and they gave a nice tour. They were very informative about the property. This community reminded me more of a condo community and we were looking for something smaller for my dad with a more homey, intimate setting. 

Better communication and less spicy food preferred

My father is a resident here. They could have better communication among the aides but they are attentive to his needs. They offer activities but he chooses not to participate. The food could improve by added less spices. So far we have no other complaints about The Brennity.

Very nice but a little expensive for our goals. Would be great if we were just looking for independent living. Assisted living quarters seemed too small compared to others

Thank you Brennity Memory Care

Briitney, Julie, Steven, Patti, Kelly and Robert...thank you so much for giving me the peace of mind that my mom is well taken care of every day when she is in your care. It is not easy being so far away from her. Thank you again!

Grateful for Assistance

Both my parents have lived at The Brennity in Assisted Living (AL) for almost a year, which is not their first AL facility to reside in. What I have learned in all my experiences with facilities (even in 2 different states) is that virtually all of them have handicaps to deal with, mostly thanks to state and federal law requirements out of their control. But I have to say that The Brennity tries to make things as good as they can be for their residents. If it’s who I think it is, I am acquainted with the “unruly resident in the dining room” who was noted by another responder, and know that his unruliness is the result of a stroke (strokes have handicapped many a person in such facilities and affected them in similar or other ways). This “unruly” resident is harmless and the noises he makes are outside of his control and only on occasion--much of of the time he is quiet with distractions like reading or eating. I think it is a bit unreasonable to judge an AL facility by these kinds of harmless behaviors, as many residents in AL facilities have their own issues too. They have seen their better days, and I would say most family members understand this and don’t expect the residents to always act as they did in their younger years. Compassion, and some amount of tolerance and acceptance are necessary in AL facilities. After all, we never know when we ourselves may be in their shoes and may require some extra patience. I’ve learned there’s a thin line between taking good care of those who require more patience, and keeping happy or satisfied others whose patience is lacking. In all, I give kudos to The Brennity and its staff for trying to do what is impossible to be done perfectly—who understand the diversity of the aged and do all within their ability to make life tolerable and comfortable for their residents, each of whom are in different places both mentally and physically.

Thought this was a great place however over the past 6 months care and other issues have increased. Management makes promises that are not kept-- just lip service and nothing has improved. Odors in the residents' areas. Beds go unmade, trash not picked up, food is not too good and there is a noisy, unruly resident in the dining room that disrupts the meal times daily. Paying for care that is not being provided while staff levels seem to have decreased. Looking elsewhere.

Jennifer Malloy

Local Representative

Thank you for your open and candid feedback in regards to The Brennity at Melbourne. We would like to schedule a meeting to review your concerns in detail. Our community strives not only to provide a clean environment to call home but also to provide outstanding care and service. Your review is not how our community strives to operate within our resident first culture.

Please email Amy Stephenson, The District Operations Director at [removed] or call her at [removed] to schedule a meeting. Thank you.

very upset

We heard all kinds of great things about The Brennity at Melbourne. My mothers sister was there for a while and it was really great. However, after we moved our mom in there, there was an organizational change. All the contacts that were there before had turned over. We did not have good experience with their care for my mom at all. We are currently looking to move her elsewhere. They made promised that they have not delivered on. They are charging us the highest level of care for my mother and they are not taking care of her at all. They are charging us for items that they didn't provide. [removed] I am very upset with the care and service we and mom have received and would not recommend them.

Jennifer Malloy

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had a negative response at The Brennity at Melbourne. We would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss your concerns. Please contact Amy Stephenson the District Director of Operations at [removed] to schedule your meeting. Again thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.

Everyone seems really nice and friendly. It has a feel like home atmosphere. Had a lot of my questions asked and seemed everyone was happy. I think it would be a great fit for sure. It also is a reasonable price for what your getting.

The Independent living side was very nice

The Independent living side was very nice, the people were very happy there, the rooms were big, and they have lots of staff. However the Assisted Living portion, I was unimpressed. They were actually having an open house, and I just ended up there. The person giving the tour wasn't very familiar with the assisted living side, so they couldn't answer all of my questions. They are a huge community. I wasn't impressed with the rooms, they were on the smaller side, and some of them doubled up. I saw a person out front kinda slumped over in a wheel chair. I would have thought that since they were having an open house that it would be at its very best. They have had some struggles. And are going through a transition, with an owner change. I would have to say the smell was the worst part, I couldn't say if someone just had an accident or if it smelled that way all the time, but it seemed to be throughout the entire wing. I don't feel this would be a good fit for my mom.

I really liked it, and wanted to have mom here.

We toured here when we were looking into options. I really liked it, and wanted to have mom here. However there were no openings when we needed it. It's obviously a very nice place, since they have no room.

Seemed like a nice place!

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. I really liked that the medications were kept in the patients room. Really clean atmosphere. I really felt like Sue, the director, was more concerned about my parents getting into the right place than getting into her community. The rooms were a little small, though.

Very nice place, overall!

Overall things we're pleased with how things are going with The Brennity at Melbourne! It's a very nice looking community, and they do a great job keeping everything looking clean and well kept. For the most part the staff have all been very friendly, professional, and caring. Some of the newer and younger caregivers are still have some learning to do, but the service overall has been good. They also do a great job with the care, although they could be better about listening to the desires of the family regarding their loved ones care. I've felt like the doctors have pushed a bit too hard for the types of care they want, as opposed to what the family wants. They also do a good job with the activities. They're a fairly new facility but they are obviously putting a lot of effort into building a great activities program.
One thing we've been a bit disappointed in is the food, however. They really sold the food during the sales phase, but from what we've experienced so far it can be very hit or miss. Sometimes it is great, but there have been some outright bad meals as well.
But overall we are pleased with The Brennity. We know it is a newer community, and there are a lot of things they are still working on.

This is a nice community, h...

This is a nice community, however the levels of care provided won't accommodate my mother's needs. She needs help remembering to take her meds in the morning. The accommodations offered for assisted living feel like a nursing home and residents are segregated between the two buildings of assisted living and independent living. The assisted living facility had a faint smell of urine when we toured the resident's areas. If they offered something other than small studio rooms for assisted living, it might be an option for my mom.

Brennity - once great, now mediocre for assisted living

Brennity's quality and services were amazing when I first looked into it. When I moved my parent into the facility, the care was excellent. I was contacted with every fall or medical concern. Over the last few months, the quality has gone downhill. My parent's blood pressure has gone from normal to high and we have not been contacted, has been left in a room so unbearably hot it felt like a sauna when I walked in. The request has been made for assistance with exercise and it has not been honored after repeated requests. The big selling point was the "excellent food" that could be made to order in the dining room. Today we were told that it's no longer made to order and that residents would need pre-order their "made to order" meals. What? When a parent is in assisted living, are they really able to plan what they want to eat for lunch when they are eating breakfast? It appears to us that Brennity is having some issues and for the cost, the level of service is extremely poor. They have been shuffling management and employees around and the ratio of employees to residents has gone down. I will be pulling my parent out of their assisted living facility. I could pay less for the level of care my parent is receiving.

Jennifer Malloy

Local Representative

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience at The Brennity at Melbourne. We strive to provide the best care and lifestyle we can for our residents. I would like to take the opportunity to speak with you personally in order to address your concerns and also to find ways to improve our services. Please call me at [removed].
Marguerite Kraska
Regional Director of Operations

stay away from the Brennity at Melbourne

This property was an excellent choice when chosen. However, there has been a change in ownership as well as five executive directors in five months. Most of the nursing staff are no longer employees, but acquired through a temporary agency. The quality of care has gone down tremendously. The situation became so bad, my loved one and I decided to move to a different facility.

A Place For Mom should no longer endorse the Brennity at Melbourne.

Jennifer Malloy

Local Representative

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience at The Brennity at Melbourne. We strive to provide the best care and lifestyle we can for our residents. I would like to take the opportunity to speak with you personally in order to address your concerns and also to find ways to improve our services. Please call me at [removed].
Marguerite Kraska
Regional Director of Operations

From the Community

Located in the upscale area of Melbourne, The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living is the clear choice for today's perceptive retirees and their families. Medical services, shopping, restaurants and hospitals are all close by. Convenience is built right in.

The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living modernizes and redefines the retirement experience. From spacious cottages to independent and assisted living apartments to a memory care community, every need is addressed with style and compassion in our beautiful gated community.

The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living provides the warmth of home and the customized levels of service and care necessary to maintain your vitality. You'll experience a lavish array of features and amenities that you won't find elsewhere.

At The Brennity at Melbourne Senior Living, your comfort and experience is everything!

Restaurant dining with chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping with linen service, extensive lifestyle programs, community outings, social events and education classes, Health & Wellness programs, Fitness center with aquatics program, scheduled transportation, spa and salon services, heated indoor saltwater pool full time coverage by licensed nursing, medication management, legendary Pathways memory Care program.