The Baptist Manor - Farmington Hills, MI

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  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Nurse on Call
  • Dentist Available
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Doctor on Call
  • Respite Available
  • Hospice Available
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Activities Offsite
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Aging in Place
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents

Customer Reviews

Understand what you are getting into

2 year current resident: Snow removal is poor, I had to buy a snow shovel so I can get out and I have been stuck in drive many times regardless of number of hours since snow fall accumulation. Interior common areas are ok but not kept very clean; Alpha building apartments vent into hallways so offensive cigarette and mixed food smells; apartment interiors have indoor/outdoor carpet no padding and worn out tile floors, fixtures, and doors. No lease required but, rent for studio increased 21.8% in less than two years. Meals available but safe food handling is suspect and food quality is often poor. Great that cable and utilities are included (hope that is not going to be another cost hike). Walls are thin so can clearly hear neighbors conversations, coughs, TVs, and people in hallways so, I wear headphones most of the time.

Any place has its challenges. I have addressed concerns to the staff and they have listened and worked to resolve them. Overall, I've been pleased with the place and it is very clean.

Not Good For Seniors

I lived at Baptist Manor Drake Building for a couple of years. I was not at all pleased with the way management handled the situation there. This is NOT in reference to management in the building itself but rather by those who were in charge of the entire system on 13 Mile Road.

To start, they moved me into an apartment next door to a man who chose to turn his music up very loud. I tried to deal with him first but he just kept on playing his loud music. I then made several complaints to management to which they called him in to talk to him several times and even that didn't stop him. I don't blame the in house management because I am sure that they were following the rules of 13 Mile.

Secondly, they advertise themselves as a senior apartment complex. That is not entirely true. In the Drake building, towards the end of my stay there, 13 Mile allowed two substantially younger women to move it. Yes, they were handicapped but still, their advertising says nothing about allowing younger people into the buildings. These younger people were 36 and 26 years old. They don't belong with seniors over the age of 62.

The building I am in now has many activities happening for the seniors on a daily basis. Drake had next to nothing. Once in a great while they might come up with something but not on a regular basis.

My current building also allows for vending machines outside the community room. A friend and I tried to get permission to allow to sell snacks to the residents of the building but were not given such permission. Once upon a time there was a pop machine in Drake but that was taken away also.

They have no handicap accessible doors to accommodate those with wheel chairs and/or walkers.

Finally, the carpet in the hallway on the second floor to my knowledge was never cleaned. They did break down and clean the downstairs but they never went upstairs.

Overall, the building is tolerable only because of the fine residents who live there. The management within the building seems to do a fair job of running the building but are restricted by management on 13 mile road. I would never recommend this building nor any other building in this group for a senior.

Not Impressed with My Tour of the Community

I was not impressed with my tour of this community. Just from my tour I could tell there were many improvements that this community needs to make. When I first entered the community I noticed a bad lingering urine smell. The appearance of the community could had been better. Overall I would not had felt comfortable moving my mother to this community.

Visited Them A Few Times

When I had the tour I was looking for something comparable to a community we used for our loved one. I visited the community 3 times and saw a few resident my mom could have talked with but I felt this was not the right place for her.

My daughter's home.

I am happy with the care my daughter is getting here. I like that this community is very clean and the staff are outstanding to all of our needs. She is happy with the meals and the good variety. The activities are good for her participation with others. I highly recommend the over call care and value with this community and recommend other families to this community.

The best place around!

I am super pleased with the community and the staff. They have been super with my loved one and making the transition great. The maintenance is really good about keeping the community clean. The food is outstanding. The staff keeps me informed about what is going with my loved one.

Review of The Baptist Manor - Farmington Hills, MI

Just OK. Too long of a wait for help after turning on light. I think they are just short-handed. Most of the care givers seem kind. Management seem to try to fulfill special requests.

Not what I was hoping for!

this community has a number of different properties on site. the staff was nice and helpful and good at communicating. The community felt like it was a facility rather than a community. It felt like a place for old people to go and die. I would not recommend any family or friends there.

Wonderful staff!

We're very pleased with how things have turned out at The Baptist Manor! The staff here are absolutely fantastic, they've done such a great job looking out for my loved one! My only real concern is that many of the residents are alzheimer's and dementia patietns, which makes socializing a little hard for my Dad. But the caring, friendly staff more than make up for any shortcomings this facility might have!

Loving Care

My mom is always taken care of and well fed and clean. The care givers are also very good. We have been pleased with the staff and helpfulness They have been doing a great job. They have been very attentive She is really happy there.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Very glad to hear that your loved one is really happy at Haworth.
Thank you for your great review!

Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator

Review of The Baptist Manor in Farmington Hills, MI

Very happy with care my mom receives. Whole staff very caring. Glad I took the time to tour and find out for myself. Can't beat the care and price!

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for such a wonderful review!
Great care doesn't have to come with a BIG price, nor should it....
Thanks again!
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator

Review of The Haworth Center - Farmington Hills, MI

My mothers health care has never been better. The staff and management are exceptional in personalization and care with my mother. Jeannie Voet, admissions director, is fantastic, she goes above and beyond her duties and helps keep our family informed.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!
Resident Care and 'Customer Service' is our priority!

Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator

Loved one at the Haworth Center for 7 months now. Activities are up and running, always clean, friendly staff. They accept the medicaid waiver-few facilities do-so mom will be able to stay when her finances call for it.

Review of Baptist Manor - Farrington Hills, MI

Exceptional support, comfort in handling my mother's care, very close type family atmosphere, has taken much stress and worry from family! I would like to stress/provide kudos to;

Jeanne Voet - admissions coordinator
Kendra - Afternoon Aide
Joy - Afternoon Aide

All are good but these people stand out.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for a great review! Your mom has been a wonderful addition to our 'family'!
Door is always open when you need anything!
Thanks again!

Miss leading how person will be cared for. Rash on body from not being wiped dry.
Poor food.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

It is unfortunate that your experience at the Haworth Center was unsatisfying. I hope you have brought any issues to light with the nurse and/or the directors. Their doors are always open and your complete satisfaction is very important. About the food being poor, I can not address at this time with out knowing specifics. It is the first complaint I have heard... Jeanne Voet Admissions Coordinator

Would NOT recommend

I would not recommend this place, we did not have a good experience here. There were quite a few issues that contributed to our decision to move her out. When we moved her in she had just gotten out of rehab and was able to move around on her own with a walker, but they put her in a wheelchair anyway. They also charged us for services that she did not need, things she was able to do on her own. Whenever I would visit they just seemed to have all the residents lined up in the hallways in their chairs, I never saw them doing any of the activities they had scheduled.
When we decided to move her out the assistant director became very confrontational and unpleasant to work with. Overall it just was not a good experience I would not recommend it to anyone.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Families must realize that when they are looking for placement into assisted living facilities there are obvious reasons...and are sometimes the last to accept the amount of assistance that is truely needed for their loved one to be cared for in a safe, respectful manner.
We put our residents' safety at the top of our list.
Before move-ins happen, we assess the individual. If this person was transported to the assessment in a wheelchair and only walked short distances with PT assisstance, then it only makes sense to continue using the wheelchair until PT gives us the 'OK' that this individual can walk unassisted with or without a walker.
The Haworth Center's primary objective is to provide the individualized support necessary to maintain our resident's health and dignity throught the later years of their lives.
Note: on being charged for services she/he did not need? All services are included in our pricing and a 30-day assessment may have changed the level of care, had the resident been here long enough for us to observe.
Best of wishes.
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator

Loving Care Here for sure

My mother-in-law has been at this facility for 2 years now. She has severe dementia. At first I wasn't thrilled with her sharing a room but to be honest mom has not even noticed she has a room mate. I come and go at all hours, and am always very satisfied with the care I observe. Mom recently had a fall and broke her hip, we felt she should return here to be in familiar surroundings, she is getting PT and OT right here in the home. I am very happy with how the staff adapted her care to meet her needs, we know she is in good hands. She may not know where she is but she is happy and content and SAFE! and it is much more affordable then any other dementia facility out there.


It’s a small, nice small group, not very large – they don’t have that many residents. That makes it more homey. Parking is limited – okay – but you’re parking in an apartment complex. Great, friendly staff.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for your review!
I agree parking could use some work....
our residents and their families become our extended families, so yes very 'Homey'!
Thanks again!
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator


Our experience with The Baptist Manor has been awesome! It's a clean, well kept, nice looking facility, and the staff have all been very friendly! They do a great job engaging with the residents. They are patient, calm, and caring!

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for your 'awesome' review!
We wouldn't have it any other way...
Thanks again!
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator

Nice looking place

We toured this option when we were looking into care options for a loved one. This was a nice looking community, the staff were all very friendly and it had a pleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately the level of care was below what my loved one was needing at the time, so they weren't an option we could consider.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for your lovely review! We are disapointed you felt the level of care was not enough for your loved one and would love the opportunity to meet again, as we are a continuum care facility.
Best of Wishes!
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator
Haworth Center

Great Fit

My mother is a resident of the Haworth Center, which is the memory care facility of The Baptist Manor. She is in the advanced stages of dementia. I very happy with the care that she receives. The staff is very friendly and always willing to assist. It is a great fit for my mother at this point in her life. This is her second memory care facility. We had to make the move for financial reasons. The Haworth Center provides the same level of care as the previous facility, but at half the cost. I gives me great peace of mind that she is in good hands.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

Thank you for your wonder review! Your mother always has a smile to share :)
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator
The Haworth Center

Waiting list more than 1.5 ...

Waiting list more than 1.5 years. This wasn't the environment we were looking for.

Jeanne Voet

Local Representative

So sorry for your disappointment. I can only question the waiting list--it must have been for the senior apartments on campus-as the Baptist Manor/Haworth Assisted Living Center does not have a a waiting list. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with in the future.
Jeanne Voet
Admissions Coordinator
The Haworth Center

Didn't like this facility. ...

Didn't like this facility. Pretty expensive for a private room. Residents were high needs.

Found out we didn't need rehab

We had previously been told by another rehab/hospital that he needed rehab and a wheelchair because he couldn't walk. So imagine my surprise when I brought my dad here and they said he walked out. When I came the nurse said he had been walking since he got there. Going from place to place is trying, it's trying to get through to people and I understand that to some people it's a job but you really have to know who you're dealing with and what they're going through.

They overmedicate but we're working on it

It's a small facility, which is better for him, but he doesn't know where he is. I've had a discussion with management there saying I do not want medicaitions changed out without talking to me and I know doctors know everything but I know my dad and we need to work together. Things are going better, I was getting calls that my dad was falling although he didn't actually fall, he jsut laid down to go to sleep because he was lost and didn't know where he was at and he's confused. Their response to things is more medication and I don't like that, I actually walked up on one of the workers yelling at my dad and when i approached I asked what the problems was and she said he wouldn't take his medication, she had mashed it up in applesauce and when I said to him "oh you love applesauce" he took it right away. I addressed this with the administration and he said if there were anymore complaints she would be gone. You have to know about Alzheimers to know how to deal with it, you have to approach things from a different way.

A possibility. Very nice st...

A possibility. Very nice staff - seems very caring. They work with family - sliding scale.

Nice, but common areas are ...

Nice, but common areas are very small as well as the private suite. Chris said it sounded as if dad would fit into at least level 3 rate. With different levels it would range from $3720 to 3960 a month. Deluxe suite $4110 - 4350 which is still smaller than other places private suites. No meal choices although if dad didn't like something they would make something else for him. It also took me about 1/2 hour from my home. I'm marking this off the list as a potential. Just didn't hit me right.

My mom's final home

The staff here was very caring, and the director, Ryan, was super. On my mom's last day, during her last few hours of life, the wonderful staff members came by her room and cried with me, telling me how much they loved my mom, and I could see they were sincere. If you can't be there to do it yourself, it's great to know the people caring for your parent love them, too.

Director was very helpful and the fac...

Director was very helpful and the facility is clean and nicely decorated. It still has the overall feeling of a nursing home, though, and the rooms--while spacious enough if you get the deluxe--seem institutional.

Very nice

Very nice

No memory care ; Have some shared roo...

No memory care ; Have some shared rooms -- Mom won't like she likes her privacy.

Very impressed. I think this will be...

Very impressed. I think this will be my choice when the time comes, which I believe will be fairly soon.

From the Community

Located on our beautiful retirement campus, we provide a smaller, home-like
atmosphere. Our caring, Professional staff treat residents with dignity and
respect. Choices include a shared room, single or suite and residents may
furnish their own rooms. We provide 24 hour supervision and care, all
meals, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, bathing and dressing
assistance, social programs, beauty shop, and chaplin. Physican,
podiatrist, x-ray, laboratory, and all therapies available on site. We are
a state licensed, not-for-profit caring community. Call for information or
to schedule a visit.