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Great Place

My mother came to the Atrium after suffering a stroke for rehab. The staff have been wonderful to her. The nursing staff feels as though they have become a part of our extended family. The rehab department has worked with mom and she is doing better than doctors from the hospital had anticipated. Overall the experience has been great. My sincere appreciation for the care received is immeasurable.

I would not recommend this place to anyone! I felt like the staff would tell me one thing and do another. I went to see my mother, and they were training her on a wheelchair, which I had specifically told them not to and they did anyway. When I requested to take her out, they dragged their feet in the process.

Minimal care facility

Lackluster care,frequently missed medication,sometimes not even available.nurses occasionally ignored patients,especially at night.a thousand dollar hearing aid went missing,got just a shrug and thousand mile stare when reported,another stare when it asked about insurance.after we took mom out,we found she had an infection they knew nothing about.the therapists at least seemed to try.not what you expect for what you are paying.

How To be a better Provider

Atrium of Bellmead provides several levels of care, this opinion is about the skilled care. There are good and bad qualities. The nursing team can be rated at 3.5 stars. ADN could create a routine schedule training program and have stiffer guideline that matches with state requirements.(needed 100%)
ADN could personally address all family concerns about patients care and provide a follow up strategy plan that outlines best used practices in resolving issues. Communication is poor.(needed 100%)
CNA staff are very caring for the patients but training is needed on how to care for specialty patients, skills training could be a big benefit,(explaining to a patient what you are doing when it involves the patient . (It creates trust and positive environment 90% of the time.
DON is very knowledgeable and empathetic toward patients and what staff thinks, great problem solver.
( not sure how much actually gets to the floor were it is needed.
LVN's on the floor needs more help to address and deal with crisis and to assist the CNA more. (staffing issues)
Medication Aids could show a little empathy if the patient can not swallow the big pills without making them feel guilty. (To much psychological pressure put on the patient, creates more confusion. ) Aids could be willing to tell them what med's they are taking daily..(A missed opportunity for positive interaction.)
House Keeping; complaints about cleaning from patients and staff especially in patients rooms.(could be improved)
Weekly rounds/ Nurse Practitioner needing an assistant would be helpful/ Lacking in the area of prevention measures, concerns on letting a situation escalate instead of setting up protocol measures (based on experience on 6 occurrence/4 missed)
Treatment Nurse; Communicate to patients level of care provided and compassionate toward patient ,follows up with messages timely.
Transportation: Supportive and attentive to patient care.
Summarize: You must be visible and actively involved in care 65% of the time. This gives everyone a break and a better understanding of how you want your love one to be taken care of as they approach this life change and the end of stage.
Financial department: helps you resolve issues and is good at structuring plans that work for the family financially.
Waco Nursing homes overall ranking you decide.

The People Aren't Nice

It was brighter than the place where he was (which was pretty dark) but he still didn’t like it. They just weren’t nice people to be honest. They weren’t really friendly people. Dad was there almost two months and he was ready to move and I didn’t like them either so we moved him.

From the Community

A “person” centered nursing and rehabilitation center that offers a beautiful and ideal environment to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. From the moment you step foot in our atrium you will notice the culture change and feel you have arrived at your destination. You may only need a short stay to recover from a hospitalization and return home. If this is the case, you will find more than you need to recover and actually enjoy your stay at the same time. Or, you may be looking for a place to call home that will allow you to live life to the fullest, get quality nursing care, and continue with the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to.