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  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Assistance with all aspects of daily living
  • 3 Balanced Meals and Snacks Per Day
  • Laundry services
  • Activities Onsite

Customer Reviews

Would never recommend Taylor Farms for several reasons. Mainly because the owner -[name removed] is a liar. He has been more interested in selling this property for the last 10 years and never interested in making this facility better or more efficient. Do not put your loved one here. They don't care and the staff are way under educated!

Amazing caregivers

Taylor Farm helped me with my Dad. He’d been on his own for several months before we realized how far he had declined, not able to take care of himself. The very first day the amazing caregivers at a Taylor Farm got him showered, shaved, hair and fingernails cut. He loves the home cooked meals and is getting stronger with physical therapy that comes right to the home.

Affordable Alzheimer’s/dementia care

If you’re looking for affordable Alzheimer’s/dementia care with great caregivers, in a beautiful home, Taylor Farm Assisted Living is the answer.
Residents will enjoy moving around their house with access
to outside spaces.
Everything is included in the low monthly price, even laundry and incontinent wear!
And there is no increase for advanced dementia needs, even end-of-life care.
Taylor Farm qualifies for Veteran’s benefits and long term care insurance.

Look no further! You found the place!

This is the place!! Look no further.

All the boxes for high quality, loving care check yes! I looked at 8 different assisted living facilities from Baltimore to Annapolis Maryland prior to this one and hands down, this one stood above all the rest. it is and continues to be a "0" deficiency center based on Maryland state mandatory regulations for quality care. The owners have lovingly built, managed and maintained the unique housing here at Taylor Farms. They love what they are doing and it shows from the well thought out floor plans of each house to the outdoor secured fenced property that residents are free to walk out and enjoy. The houses are bright, clean, and beautiful. Not one area of this center looks anywhere close to the world facility or institution and yet they are able to provide top notch state mandated requirements for an Assisted Living Facility. It feels like a bed and breakfast! The staff are very friendly, attentive and know each resident personally due to the smaller group size in each house. I am so grateful for the staff and owners for the focused, personal care they provided to my mom and to our family. It's tough to let go of a loved one to the care of others, but this team, this "facility", this new home, for my mom was a huge blessing to her and to her family. Thank you [Removed] Words just can't express my heart of gratitude. I hope others looking for a safe, clean, caring place for their loved one will take the time to visit Taylor Farms. It will be worth it.

Perfect place for an old farm boy!

My dad was brought up on a farm and has always talked fondly of his years spent working with his dad on the family's farm. So when dad was diagnosed with dementia I was excited to hear all the good things about Taylor Farm. I couldn't believe such a great place really existed so I went to see for myself. It's even better than I heard. The house was clean, really smelled nice! The residents were freshly showered, clean clothes, guys shaved, gathered around the table and happily munching homemade cookies. The grounds were perfectly kept, horses right outside in the field, the rooster crowing in the back yard. amazing! Dad is well cared for and happy.

Made my life easier

After almost a full year of having an agency come into my moms home to care for her after her stroke, I finally found a much easier, cost effective solution! With the agency's in home care I was paying $20.00/ hour and still had to do all the running for groceries, prescriptions, incontinent wear and pay the rest of the bills! All this and try to keep my job!
The Caregivers at the farm said I wouldn't have to worry anymore about all that stuff and they were right. For a little over $8.00/ hour everything is taken care of.
My mom is getting great care by the sweetest Caregivers. And I can go to work, take care of my kids knowing mom is perfectly taken care of and happy. Now I just go visit mom at the farm-for a lot less money.

Kathy Taylor

Local Representative

It's a pleasure to care for your mom.

Happy parents

I brought my mom to Taylor Farm. I was worried because my dad wasn't sure he liked the idea of mom being in a home. But with her advanced dementia she really needed to be taken care of around the clock. After several days mom settled in and we could tell she was going to be just fine. After several weeks dad also became comfortable, knowing his wife is beautifully cared for by the kindly caregivers at the farm!
We are so glad we found Taylor Farm Assisted Living!

Kathy Taylor

Local Representative

Dad visits often and mom is doing great!

Revolutionary Dementia Care

Taylor Farm offers revolutionary dementia care.
If you shop for assisted living homes or nursing homes you will have seen the industry status quo...Folks with Alzheimer's heavily medicated, locked in, no windows, poor hygiene. Over priced.
The list goes on.
This place is SO different. Bright, cheerful, pets, family atmosphere, residents interacting with staff, farm animals to visit, open doors to a huge back yard! And the residents can help with things they are familiar with like setting the table, folding their laundry, making cookies with the Caregivers.
The price is much better than the nursing home. Almost half!
I love The Farm.

Kathy Taylor

Local Representative

Taylor Farm is truly unique in the industry. Our residents thrive with home cooked meals, fresh air and sunshine.

What a difference!

My mom has had Alzheimer's for 7 years. She has been in several different assisted living homes and in a nursing home, on 'Memory Lane'. About a year ago I found Taylor Farm Assisted Living Home. Wow! What a fantastic difference! After the pleasant surprise of having the owners present daily, overseeing the residents care, I was amazed at the great care each resident received. They were all freshly showered, had their hair done, rooms clean and the home smelled nice. I found there are no more than 8 residents to each house so the Caregivers can manage their responsibilities.
All the residents were comfortably situated in the great room, between the open kitchen and Florida Room. They were participating in the crafts, helping fold clothes and some were walking the fenced in yards, picking apples from the trees! What a difference from the lock down facility.

Wonderful place

I've been working at Taylor Farm for 10 years. The people that own the farm live there and go through the homes almost every day. The Taylor's talk with us all the time and are always open to our suggestions for the homes and residents.
As a caregiver I make sure the residents are showered daily, get their teeth brushed, have clean fresh clothes and linens and plenty of good food and snacks. I also enjoy looking at pictures of their families and grand kids with them. It's fun to hear all about places they've been and seen.
The farm is a wonderful place with great Caregivers, like me! Who truly care for our residents.

Kathy Taylor

Local Representative

This is one of the our best caregivers. Our residents and their loved ones are always confident when she is on duty.

Worst experience

I worked there for only three days and they were very mean with their patience they pushed they around snatched things out of their hands and yell at them. their staff likes too call out a lot so if you parent or grand parent was there they probably were left without anyone there. Some of the nurses smoke behind the houses without anyone watching the residence. I wouldn't put my mother who I care so much about in the assisted living place like that.

Best care, best deal!

So glad we found Taylor Farm for our mom. Everything is included in the price. Even incontinent wear! We figure it comes to about $7.78/hour. She has a beautifully furnished private room with TV, daily shower, oral hygiene 2x a day, a mini salon, delivered prescriptions and a visiting medical group. Best of all she is very happy and says the staff is not only helpful but very kind to everyone. We love the farm!

Make the change to Taylor Farm Assisted Living

I want to express my gratitude for the loving care my mom is receiving at Ztaylor a Farm. Taylor Farmis an exemplary assisted living environment for those who require assistance. I refrain from calling Taylor Farm a facility because it is nothing like a "facility."
Since my mom was diagnosed with dementia in Nov, and my brother and I were told she would no longer be able to care for herself, our worlds have been filled with worry,regret and confusion. We were told by her doctor that we should find an assisted living facility with dementia care and only move her once.

We moved her into a facility in Annapolis and were amazed at the lack of care, [removed] and uncaring personnel within the facility after only a few short weeks. I wrote letters to the owners and management, made numerous phone calls and visited frequently. Amazingly, nothing changed for the better and her condition was deteriorating quickly. She was very depressed and scared to ask anyone for help. She felt like a nuisance and when she did ask for help she rarely received it. She requires 24 hour assistance especially for her urostomy, which needs to be emptied and replaced as needed. In the Annapolis facility she was drenched with urine, unattended, and with no assistance more times than I can count.

Now on a much brighter note. Since the first day at Taylor Farm, the sincere care and assistance provided to my mom is truly amazing to me. For the first time since her diagnosis, I have progressed to the point of not worrying every day.she has never been wet with urine and her mental state has improved noticeably. Every time I talk with her, either by phone or a visit, she remarks how nice all the staff are and how much she likes living there.

So again I thank you for providing a safe, healthy, happy environment for my mom as well as all other residents at Taylor a Farm. I highly recommend Taylor a Farm Assisted a Living home to ANYONE thinking about moving their loved one/ones into an assisted living environment.

Best possible care, not available anywhere, at any price!

My wife and Iwant you to know how impressed we have been with your assisted living capabilities at Taylor Farm. We were delighted when we found you, to discover such a very pleasing environment and such exceptional care giving in one very special source. It was our pleasure to have selected your facility to provide the needed assisted living care for my mother.

It was obvious from the start that the care offered by Taylor Farm simply could not be equaled by other locations...
Not only do you provide much better care, but you somehow have managed to do so even at a more reasonable cost. It is your extra caring and personal involvement that makes the difference between Taylor Farm and other facilities. This provides the basis for THE BEST POSSIBLE CARE, WHICH I BELIEVE IS SIMPLY NOT OBTAINABLE ELSEWHERE, AT ANY PRICE! Too many of your competitors have simply become visitors with their eyes on " the bottom line" and have seemingly forgotten that their "business" should be the caring for their patients or occupants. Hence, Taylor a Farm has offered a " breath of fresh air" both literally and figuratively in providing such AN OUTSTANDING CARE FACILITY.

So God Bless you both, and thank you again for the wonderful care that you provide. It is comforting to know that Taylor Farm exists, and that you are continuing in your outstanding contributions in providing such exceptional care.

Keep Up the Good Work

I want to take this time to thank you for everything you did for our family. The times were very trying and we had no idea of what to do. Your staff was wonderful to deal with, and made us at home always... We recommend Tatlor a Farm to anyone who asks, even if they don't askI still say how much we liked your home away from home. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you for the wonderful work you do.

Peaceful home

Knowing that Dad is there with loving, caring people in a peaceful home is a blessing for which I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude...

Taylor Farm is a wonderful place for folks with dementia

The farm is a great place. Sweet staff, very clean, visiting PA. Great price everything included. A must see.

Taylor Farms Not the safest assisted living

Adding to my earlier review on April 10, 2014 of my father's stroke not being recognized by care aides until he was hospitalized 3 days later. I had mentioned my mother developed a cough during her stay at Taylor. Subsequently, she was diagnosed with a respiratory infection! Taylor had previous problems with their air unit and had to move residents to another building until they claimed it was repaired. After my father passed away, I removed my mother immediately! Since, she breathes a lot better and her respiratory infection has cleared.

Taylor Farms high priced assisted living with no nurse 24/7

My parents were admitted to Taylor Farms because they needed a comfortable and safe place to live. The owner talked a good talk and made it appear as though their were activities for my parents during the day. The residences were surrounded by acres of farmland and it appeared like my parents would enjoy watching the animals and the quiet country settings. My father suffered a stroke and for Three days no caretakers called or reported it to me and no medicare care was called. When caretakers called, they complained that they couldn't move my father and they weren't paying attention or had no knowledge of symptoms of stroke. When my daughter visited and saw my Dad, she knew something was seriously wrong -my dad couldn't speak clearly, his right side of his face and eye was shut, and he could only move his arms up. When my daughter suggested to a care aid, who was on duty, that he had a stroke, she denied it! My daughter called me immediately. I spoke to the nurse who owns the facility and she wasn't there. This nurse was too busy making her rounds to other facilities. For three days my father went with no medical attention. When an ambulance was called after 3 days, it was too late, he died on Thanksgiving 2013 at 97 yrs. Several things come to mind thinking back on this terrible experience, the cleanliness of their furniture was dusty on the tops; and my mother has allergies, she developed a cough during her stay. They would just sit at dining room table with a bunch of other women residents who didn't converse with each other. They were seated at this table to eat and then sit and there was no communication between them. The only communication would be between caretakers, when they would ask or say something and they were friendly. The value is high priced and for not having activities or a nurse present 24/7 to check residents, which surprised me. For the price I paid, I would've expected more. They didn't even do any physical activities or have a light physical activity regimen for my parents. The care services were terrible because I wasn't made aware of my fathers condition until my daughter visited and alerted me. I feel angry and hurt still because of their negligence. When my fathers medications were returned, after his death, some vials were empty -as though they ran out of medicine, some of which would prevent stroke, and they never brought that to my attention!

Farm setting, very very nice. Appx $...

Farm setting, very very nice. Appx $5,000 month.

This facility was absolutely wonderfu...

This facility was absolutely wonderful! The young lady who served as our tour guide was personable, open, and very polite. She answered every question we posed. The residents seemed well cared for and as happy as they can be. Our only regret is the facility does not offer financial assistance; still, we hope our grandmother will be able to reside here! This is such a nicer place than the nursing home where our grandmother is receiving rehabilitation. Actually, after seeing the nursing home facility, tears welled up in my eyes knowing our grandmother has to stay there every day.

From the Community

Revolutionary care for Alzheimer's, dementia and disabled adults at a LOW monthly price of $5900./ month. Price is locked in until 2020.
There is a special place where folks with dementia can still live in a bright cheerful home, be free to walk outside, enjoy farm pets and have great personal attention from trained caregivers.
At the Farm you'll find a large, beautiful home with a central great room, kitchen and dining area. There are doors leading right outback to horses, donkeys, peacocks and other farm critters. You may find residents petting or brushing a pony, filling bird feeders, or just free to walk the grounds.

Everything is included:
Private, furnished room
Incontinent wear
Daily shower and oral hygiene
Meals and snacks
Monthly assessments by our RN
Creative activities

Other services that may have a co-pay:
Visiting Nurse Practitioner
Visiting Podiatrist
Prescriptions delivered in daily dose packaging

Finding an exceptional home with a program tailored to accommodate the individual's preferences and needs can mean the difference between a warehoused existence or a fulfilling, loving environment.

You'll be pleased to find a quick, easy entry process with no intrusive financial investigation.

Let Taylor Farm show you the revolutionary plan of care for your loved one's journey through Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, stroke or any debilitating illness.