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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Facility but Understaffed!

My mother has been at stonebridge for a year. The people are wonderful and caring. But they are short staffed. The dementia unit is for women only which we love. Mom is clean fed and her meds are given regularly. We go visit EVERYDAY and understand we are lucky that we are able to stay in top of things. When we’ve raised issues the staff and admin addresses it. We don’t know what we would do without that facility.

9 month nightmare

My mother and dad were placed here for rehab after both were hospitalized. We decided to keep them there after rehab in the long term care. During their stay in the rehab they both recd decent care. When moved to the long term care things went downhill quickly. We found our mom without oxygen on several occasions, medications were not given in a timely manor, staff did not respond to residents need for help in a timely manor sometimes taking 30 to 45 minutes to respond, staff would argue with family requests, and administrators would make excuses to no avail. The director “[name removed]” was the worst....he continually said he would do things to fix a problem but would never follow through. In addition, he refused to write up complaints as the state requires. To this day I am still waiting on the complaint forms that we were suppose to sign. The food was not great by any means and often several residents would request additional helpings of something and were told they were out. Weekends were scary...very limited staff and at times could not even find anyone to help. No one answered the phones and no one in the front office to monitor residents or others coming and going. After 9 months of trying to make this facility work we gave up and have moved our mother. Please do not consider this place for your loved one.

not good

Again I am writing about Stonebridge. I visit several nursing homes, and this is the one I deplore going to the most. Why? One of the men I visit there has a bathroom he shares with his roommate. I don't believe the bathroom has ever been cleaned. It reeks every time I go in. But today, I went to visit three people, and that one gentleman was in the bed. He asked to have the doctor call, and the nursing staff was saying the doctor had not called back. It turns out he had had diareah for two days. His bottom was so raw that the feces and urine were causing extreme burning. He was in bed on a diaper. I waited with him when he punched the button to be changed. I went to visit another patient and returned to him. Over an hour later, they finally came to change him. He was lying there in that filth for over an hour.

I am a Catholic sister, and I have several people I see who are part of the Stonebridge community. I have two that are in the process of moving, and I know another man who is just waiting for medicaid to kick in prior to his desire to move. Hopefully, his family will listen to his wishes.

In going to Stonebridge to visit, I see things that many people don't see. Rehab seems to be good, but the long-term care is not. I watched yesterday as one of the women I visit lost something, and it magically appeared again. How did that happen? We had been through the drawers. The employee who found it was almost to the point of [Removed] about how the patient was just forgetful. Well, she may be forgetful, but she remembered enough to know her crucifix was missing.

Also I see bathrooms not cleaned, and then there are the beds not made. In one of the men's rooms I visit, his shared bathroom reeks. Oddly enough, I know his family fussed at him about keeping the bathroom at home clean, but they don't say anything to Stonebridge about this situation.

One of my women has been wearing the same dress for three days now. One of the men has had several of his clothes lost, so perhaps she is good to keep her dress.

In ratings, one cannot tell.

Nurses are fantastic. They are caring and concerned. However, there are not enough of them to go around.

Most of the people who are there as non-professional workers are[Removed]. Nothing wrong with that, but they speak Spanish to themselves amid the patients. Speak where you can be understood. Many of the patients (my friends included) are not [Removed] and would rather you speak where they can understand.

I want to add to this review.

Tanner Humm

Local Representative

Dear Sister Kathy,

Thank you for the review, we apologize for not addressing your concerns sooner. I will promptly follow up with our our caregivers to address your concerns over the bathroom cleanliness and care. While we understand your frustration with the language barrier, we will not limit our employees to only speaking English during casual conversations. At your earliest convenience, please reach out directly to our facility so that we may further understand your experience.


Tanner Humm
Senior Care Centers Corporate Communications Team

Angels Work There.

We visited this facility on a whim while researching long term care options for my elderly mother. She suffers from dementia with Lewy Bodies. The administrative and floor staff are wonderful. They are attentive, receptive and treat my mother with dignity and respect as she progresses thru this catastrophic disease. She felt at ease the first day. Some days are harder than others but with each passing day they make me so grateful that we found them. They are truly angels in my eyes.

Tanner Humm

Local Representative

Thank you for the amazing review, we are thrilled that you chose Stonebridge SN Healthcare Center for your loved one's care. Your mother's care remains our number one priority, so we are very happy to hear that our caregiver team has been "attentive" and you "feel at ease" knowing she is in our care. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do to make her stay more comfortable!


Tanner Humm
Senior Care Centers Corporate Communications Team

The worst place ever!

My mom lived in this facility for a year. It was not at all a good experience. Her clothes were constanly missing, she never had a bra on when I went in. I repeatedly asked for her to participate in activities and she was not taken. She had a big goose egg on the back of her head and no one knew anything about it. She also had a bruise on her neck and no one knew about that either. When I would call sometimes no one would answer the phone. When I would leave messages for people to call about concerns no one would call me back. My moms been out of there for 3 months and the nursing home still has not sent her money in her account. and they have recieved 2 of her Medicare checks and have not sent them to me and I have no way to pay the new nursing home. I still have no resolution.

Country Atmosphere, Good Care

I felt very well cared for. The nursing and attendant staff was very knowledgeable, accommodating and pleasant. I was recovering from hip replacement surgery and the PT department staff members were excellent and full of cheerful, encouraging attitudes. I ate in my room & the food was fine. Cleanliness was excellent. During afternoons, I sat in the living room toward the end of my stay to enjoy a more homelike atmosphere. I had no room-mate so I was able to enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere - my room looked out on grass & trees. I would recommend this place.

The majority of the staff was very, v...

The majority of the staff was very, very good. The management was very good as well. I did have a few issues on an attendant to attendant basis and the management did take care of those. The attendants speak Spanish amongst themselves and there were times when she would think they were speaking to her but they were speaking to each other in another language. It was confusing for her.

Very impressed

I toured Stonebridge. Met some of the residents and staff that worked there. The nursing facility is set in a nice country atmosphere. The room that was available overlooked a nice grassy area with trees and birds. It was nice to be able to see nature from the resident rooms. There were about 7 residents in the dining area in between lunch and dinner. They were listening to another resident play the piano and talking with each other. They were very friendly and engaging. It was good to see happy, socializing residents. A couple staff members came in and interacted with the residents - one even came around with cookies which brightened everyone up. The facility also had a room dedicated to hairstyling and another for residents to pay games and cards together.

I haven't been to many nursing homes before, and I was really impressed at how nice Stonebridge was. I expected it to be very sterile or sanitized to a point where the place was cold (much like a hospital), but I found it to be a lot warmer and the residents a lot happier than I anticipated. If you need a skilled nursing facility in the area for a loved one, you should really check this one out.

Redefined My Opinion of a Nursing Home

I toured Stonebridge last week and was really impressed. Roberto, the director, showed me around and answered my questions. He was extremely friendly and obviously had strong rapport with the residents and staff. The facility was bright, with lots of windows looking out to trees and a lush lawn. The staff was very friendly, especially the physical therapists who took time to show us around their spacious work area. The building is sparkling clean and laid out so that people seeking respite care can be in a separate wing from residents, if desired. While I was on my tour, the activities director was organizing a game with some residents in the dining hall. In the same room, a vivacious resident asked for requests and played me a song on the piano. As I continued the tour, I could hear her playing "The Eyes of Texas" and other residents singing along! Stonebridge had a vibrancy that greatly exceeded my expectations.

I was hesitant to visit a nursing home, because my mental image of this type of facility came from 25-year old memories of my grandmother's home in Wisconsin. Stonebridge completely turned around my perception!

Bright, Cheerful, Welcoming, Wonderful!

Wow! My heart was soaring after leaving this facility. The tour was a very uplifting experience. From the moment I walked in, I saw interactions that made me smile. Some of these included... a staff member giggling over a YouTube video with an older male resident on an iPad, a group of female residents meeting for afternoon drinks while they teased the activities director and one of them entertained us with a piano piece, and a staff member exuberantly greeting a woman in a wheelchair with a hug and kiss on the cheek. The director gave us a tour and had something kind to say to every resident we encountered. Everyone, staff and residents alike, seemed genuinely happy to interact with each other and with us.

I was also blown away by how bright and non-clinical the facility felt. The entire building is surrounded with large windows, and every resident room has a sunny view to the large grassy fields outside. The view helps the rooms feel more expansive and less closed off/depressing than I've experienced at other nursing homes. Other elements that really helped the rooms feel more like a home rather than a hospital were the newly painted, richly colored walls, newer TVs, and furniture.

Two other amenities I especially enjoyed: the beauty room, where residents can come every morning for makeup, hair, manis/pedis, etc., and the bookshelves enclosing the fish tank in the lobby.