Stella Maris - Lutherville-Timonium, MD

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Customer Reviews

If you care about your loved one find another facility

If you care about your loved one please find another hospice this is not a great place at all the people will make you fill as though they care but don't and the care is awful. As of today my mom is a patient but as of Tuesday will not be because the staff has a lack of compassion for others. My mom has been in the care of Stella Maris for 2 1/2 weeks for home care hospice we only seen a nurse 1 time and the time we said see her she looked in the room at my mom told me my mom was dying and I should start making calls. My mom is still here with little to no medication though. We have been calling all day still no medication spare yourself and your loved one the trouble of dealing with this staff because they claim to care but don't.

Wonder staff and beautiful place

After my 93 year old mom fell and broke her hip, she needed a hip replacement. Her recovery at Stella Maris was excellent. After her ninety day stay, she came home much healthier than before....the nurses weaned her off of the sleeping pills, laxatives, and blood pressure meds she had been taking. Now a year later she is still reading two books a week and moving at a steady pace. What a wonderful place and what a wonderful staff.

My mother was a resident of Stella Maris for 2.5 years

I have been to Stella Maris many times to visit my mother. The outside is beautifully landscaped which is nice for the residents. Every time I went, my mother was always clean and well treated. I have been to other communities in the area where this wasn't this case, so this is very important to me. They had special things the residents could do and events and games they could participate in, if they were able. Again, I will say that this is the best community I have been to, for nursing/hospice care and I would definitely return.