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Customer Reviews

The place is great. I'm thankful for it every day.

My mother has been a resident at Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park since December of 2017. She is 91, is wheelchair-bound and suffers from dementia.

At Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park they make a significant effort to ensure that all residents participate to the extent of their ability and desire in Social life and activities. My mother eats lunch and dinner in the dining hall with her own social cohort, women who care for her. The facility is open, bright and clean. They have an RN on staff each shift and the CNAs are professional, courteous and considerate of the specific mental and physical challenges to each resident.

The full-time activity Director puts tremendous thought into planning activities for the residents with resident feedback and with consideration of their specific personalities and needs. Live music is routine at Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park with local soloists and bands making appearances. Music also appears to be the connection for some of the families with members there and Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park has hosted several open air concerts and barbecues in the last year, with at least one in the half year since my mother moved in. They have a beauty salon with multiple chairs (an important social setting for many elderly women like my mother) and a stylist who visits on Tuesdays and Fridays.

There are shopping excursions and special outings on a regular basis so that residents have an opportunity to go out into the world and experience a greater sense of independence and a broader sense of and connection to place. They possess a wheelchair accessible van with several rows of seats and a number of the staff are trained in transport.

Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park also takes full responsibility for ensuring that residents are taken to all medical appointments and they oversee the scheduling and follow-ups as well. Doctors Making House Calls has a Physicians Assistant who makes weekly rounds to Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park if you establish your family member as a patient and you can schedule, message, receive updates and have access to all of the clinical notes via their database interface. There is also a doctor who specializes in dementia and Alzheimers who visits monthly if you care to contract with him. There are also monthly visits by a local audiologist and hearing aid supplier who you can contract with who will service residents' hearing aids. Pardee Hospital is also a 4 minute drive and a 2 minute ambulance ride away, something that I am particularly grateful for. Carolina Reserve's intensive memory care facility is also right across the street, so the changing needs of your family member can be accommodated for within their system locally.

My experience with the delivery of medications and adherence to doctor's orders by staff at Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park is excellent. I have experienced no lag between submission of a doctor's order and it's enactment, except where availability of a new prescription is concerned. This may take half a day to implement. The nursing and CNA staff are also highly observant and will report their concerns about changes in residents' conditions and their reactions to new medications. They deliver highly personalized care.

If I were to fault them for anything it would be for what is the perennial subject of complaint in all institutions world-wide, and that is that the food on the plate doesn't necessarily match what's advertised. Like any institutional cafeteria there are stringent budgets to work with while managing lots of perishable goods and a set number of diners with a limited choice of alternatives, all having to be adjusted for the medical idiosyncrasies of the venue. Due to this a reliance on frozen and canned products is high while the utilization of fresh produce, though accommodated, is minimal. I view this as a budgetary matter as management has put attention and effort into improving the overall kitchen staff and facilities.

Having worked in the produce industry locally I know that other facilities have managed to incorporate fresh and seasonal produce into the planned menus of their nutritionists. It does take a high degree of coordination and planning. It would help if the facility utilized a trusted local produce dealer with regular runs to Charlotte and Atlanta markets whose market intelligence their nutritionist could use to better plan menus around on the tight budgets they have. This would go a long way to making Carolina Reserve at Laurel Park's actual menus match the advertised dining experience.

That's it. The place is great. I'm thankful for it every day.

Dad is happy here

They are fulfilling all of the promises that were given to us they check on him often. The attentiveness is great. They interact with dad well. They have engaged him to join the daily activities. He get 3 good meals a day. They have a shuttle if he has an appointment or shopping. It is nice and clean there's no clutter around. I would recommend this to other families.

My friend seems to be adjusting to living at this community

The staff have been helpful and I have good communication with them. He has started participating in some of the daily activities they offer. He seems to enjoy the meals. They have recently hired a new person to head up the kitchen. They keep his apartment and the community clean. They have resident meetings to help with any changes the residents feel need to be made. I would recommend taking a look into this community.

Care for a friend

This is a nice community. We like staff who are attentive and respectful. The community is clean. and a nice atmosphere. We liked knowing that she is now getting involved with the other residents in the activities. We were happy to know that they were able to meet her special diet needs. This location is close to us so that we can visit more often. We would recommend this community for the care of a loved one for the good care and the nice value.