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Customer Reviews


This is the most negative, caddy community a person could pick. It is a real downer, on top of the very poor construction of the homes. The builder is a liar and a sneak and will cut corners on the construction so he makes more money. The laborers are unskilled and the product supports that.
This should be labeled an assisted living community as most people are quite old and need help. Anyone over 55 should NOT consider this place, it is a nightmare.

Run, Do Not Walk, Run Away As Fast As You Can

Southport on Cape Cod is one of the worst places you ever want your loved ones to end up. The people that live their are the WORST a bunch of phonies and tacky (understatement). They are low class, end of story, period - low class. This is a bunch of people who could not afford a country club in prior years and think that this places passes for one - not even close. These people would not be approved for any Country Club I know of or a have been a member of. I have never met a group of people, on the whole, that are so uneducated and ignorant. We could not get out and sell our place quick enough. I might add it is not easy to sell, due to the quality of the construction in this development, which appears to be well known and no secret to the outside community. Every contractor we hired had nothing good to say about this place and very sadly, as we learned, were very much correct. This place is a dump and you will never get your investment back. The developer is worse than the people that live there. I wouldn't think it possible but it is. The homes are constructed like, well... you know what. If there was a corner to cut this developer cut it and then some. Do not waste your hard earned money on this place or allow your parents to do the same.