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A Great Place to Go When You Need It.

My wife - [Removed] - has been a rehab patient in Southland 3 times in the past 2 years. Each stay was several weeks. She really enjoyed her stay at this great facility. The staff (Hallway 5) treated her wonderfully during each visit. They were always cooperative and supportive of any special requests that either my husband or I would make to them. They treated me almost like a family member. Calls for nursing assistance were promptly answered. The staff took such good care of [Removed] that I had no compunction about leaving her on her own there now and again. The facility is a little older than some, but it is clean and very well maintained. In the nearly 6 months that [Removed] was there, I rarely notice any patient odors. [Removed] was kept clean and comfortable at all times. I wouldn't hesitate to take her back there anytime in the future. I am especially happy too that it is conveniently close to our home.

Do Not Go there if you are a Medicare Patient

I was very ill and in the hospital for 5 days and not well enough to be released, a Social Worker came to my room to discuss options for leaving hospital as my daughter does not care for me. My daughter was present, but told the worker that she could not care for me. I told them just send me to Southland Nursing Home for therapy which the doctor ordered for me to regain my strength and get back to walking, etc. I was taken by ambulance to Southland, my daughter was not with me. When I was "checking in" they already knew my condition, age, etc. I was still very weak and one comment made by lady checking me in saying, "we can probably keep you for three months." I told her no, that I was coming for about ten days to two weeks. I was then told that I had to stay longer than that, that it would take ten days for me to do the paperwork and put her stuff down. I told them fine I would call a taxi to take me home. They then called my daughter and she said she would come there which she did, but not then a good while later, in the meantime I was left sitting there trying not to kill over and fall over my seat. They talked me into "trying it" which regretfully I agreed.

I found out when my daughter and her companion came that day that there were pictures of me all over the front of the nursing home and through as they came through to the back hall to my room. They ask someone why and that said I posed a "flight risk". Public humiliation, I am sixty years old and was there of my own free will or so I thought. I actually became frightened, it was like a nightmare, the way was treated, unfortunately for them I know my rights, and actually worked in the Medicaid Commissoner's Office for ten years, but what about the older, frailer, senile residents? What about my privacy? That's announcing to the world, one that I am a patient and if asked being told I am a flight risk.

I was then taken to a double room, where my bed was a worn out vinyl black cot type bed. It was badly dipped in the middle, the side you got in was almost as low as the dip in the middle and on the other side all the foam was way higher than the rest of the cot. I have cadaver compound replacing three discs, almost my whole spine has disc bulging, curvature of the spine, etc., all of which is documented on my medical records, and the hospital supplied me with a gel mattress.

A woman working my room, large frame black woman, was like a drill sergeant. She talked in a hateful tone of voice. And then it got worse, a woman I know came up there, and I guess because my hair needed washing, told the nurse that me and my roommate hadn't been bathed at the hospital. The black woman came and said she was going to bathe us, I told her the hospital gave me their wash pads and I would use those, she said no, actually yanked the covers off of me and marched me across the hall, I was almost too weak to walk across the hall, put me on a potty chair in the middle of the shower room, wet me down, about scrubbed the skin off of me, then wet my head somewhat, slapped soap on it and says, "Oh, you have thick hair.", I replied, "Yes, I do. " Whereas she states, "There's not a dryer here". So they let all these elderly patients, sit around with wet/damp head. No hairdryer, unreal! People were coming in and out from the hall door exposing me to the hall and other employees. One personal came in and saw me apologized and turned to leave the large black nurse told her no come on in. I know that if a patient says "NO", they are to stop, the patient has that right.

I did not have, physical therapy, as it was Friday. So I spent the next two days dragging myself by hanging onto the rail to enable me to get my strength back and get out of there. No one from the staff offered to walk with me.
The food looked all right, but when you lifted the lid, there was a foul smell, that I believe was coming from the warmer covers that the plated was in. It smelled like dirty dishwater. Each time I lifted the tops that smell was awful and I wasn't able to eat. I believe the warmers have nasty water or are just nasty to have such an odor.

On, Monday night a friend of mine drove over an hour to visit me. Just before she arrived in the room a white nurse came in to check my sugar level, which had been done about twenty minutes before and I was given a full 60 mg of insulin, I was telling her no I had just had it and she clamped down on my forearm and shot it in there anyway. As my friend walked into the room, the large framed black woman told me "You're not going anywhere until I check your bottom for bedsores. I said, "I'm just here from the hospital and I don't have any", but she made me roll over and bare my butt before I was allowed to leave the room, with my friend.

Almost exactly an hour later, my blood sugar dropped too low, I sweated, burned, and became delirious and then unconscious. My friend called the nurse, and according to my friend, they were scared to death, gave me a shot, then I vaguely remember drinking tea full of sugar, a glass of orange juice, and then began put the whipped sugar into my mouth to where it was running out and all over my face, before I started coming back around. Then I went to sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. This can cause brain damage, or death, and takes a toll on your body when I was already so sick.

The next morning I told the nurse that, I wanted to check that I was leaving, she told me "You can't leave." I told her that I would sign a LEAVING AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE form that I was leaving. She replied, "I will send the doctor to you." Entering my room, the doctor whom I had not seen until that point called me into her office. We had a short discussion, and went over my meds, I told her what happened with insulin the evening before, and that I wanted to leave, she had me check out and approved to leave, and also stated that I was pleasant, etc., oriented, knowledge of my medications, etc.

This episode has terrorized me into going into a nursing home and I will be spending a good deal of my SSDI on obtaining Long Term Care insurance instead of paying for life insurance. I felt as if I was in jail, having a nightmare, it was surreal, being given orders, told I couldn't leave and wanting to keep me for three months. I believe that would be Medicare fraud as it was not necessary at all for me to be there for three months.

My daughter picked me up and I was left at my house, still unable to take care of myself and too sick to answer the phone which was actually laying on my bed. Just too weak.
I plan on reporting them to the state licensure board, and want to file a personal lawsuit based on the above facts.