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Customer Reviews

Very nice place. Clean and well appointed. It was a little to far from my aunts church. This is a great start to our search.

This was my favorite of the three we toured but much too expensive for my parents. Everything about it seems wonderful. [Name removed] was very informative.

My loved one lives here

Our mother has been living in The independent living at Somerby PTC for almost 2 years. We have been pleased with all aspects of this facility. The building is beautiful and the apartment our mom is in is wonderful. One thing our mom loves to share with others is how beautiful the dining room is with its white table cloths and fresh flowers, as well as the good food!
The staff has always been very kind and helpful whenever we had any questions or even if there was a problem. There was always a timely response. I would highly recommend this senior living community to anyone looking for a place for themselves or a family member.

Decidedly upscale facilities in every aspect. All support requirements for the residents are available on site or transportation is provided as required for doctor appointments, etc. Hospice patients can remain at the facility until the end. No move to a nursing home.

The rates are reasonable for the quality of the environment and facilities provided. Value received for the dollar spent is the best of all the facilities I visited. The physical location of the assisted living facility is secure and removed from busy traffic. At the time of my visit, there were only 2 units available out of the many choices of floor plan. I would have preferred to have a few more options but I believe the unit selected is fine.

They spent alot of time with me showing me the facility and answering my questions. We are trying to make this a seamless transition for our mother.

Review of Somerby of Peachtree City - Peachtree City, GA

[Removed] – Director of sales and marketing – provided excellent customer service on tour of this community. Residents and staff were friendly and place was warm and welcoming. Very special community but with a feel like home. Very impressed that community has assisted living option on site and many amenities.

Somerby is outstanding !!

Somerby a happy friendly place

Somerby has been the right decision for our mom. The residents are so friendly, encouraging and warm. It has meant so much for them to welcome Mom with open arms. She is getting more involved every day. She is making new friends and having new experiences. We, as her family, feel welcome anytime we visit as well.
It was a bit slow at first but that can be expected when one goes to an unfamiliar place. The staff have been available to assist in any way in Mom's transition, making her feel at ease and comfortable. They are open to comments and suggestions. If you don't know something as a resident or loved one, you must ask.
Her apartment is very nice and spacious. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned how affordably she could live at Somerby, and all that they offered.

My mother-in-law is still settling in

The staff at here are very friendly, caring and so welcoming. They have been working with my mother-in-law encouraging her to take part in the activities. She does like going to the dining are for her meals but would like to see some changes in what they serve for lunch instead of the same thing over and over. Hamburgers get old fast. I would recommend this community because the staff was so welcoming to us.

Don't move your parents to this poorly managed place.

Very clean and nice, healthcare is good, food is good, very few activities, and executive director has no clue what she is doing and does not return phone calls.

Very good meals!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and although there could be some improvements things have been going okay. The meals
I have to say are some of the best that I have tried. They always have a great meal selection with lots of great selection. The staff could use some improvement on there organization and quality of care is the complaint I would say I have.

Hidden Fees

Although the facility is beautiful, the day to day goings on appear to be very unsettling. I am very involved with my Mom's care, so I admit I can be a bit "pressing". The nursing staff overall is great, however, I've noticed that staffing always seems to be an issue and it is nearly impossible to get return calls from management. It is very expensive, and continues to gradually increase in price because of what they call "service tiers" meaning that the more care your Mom or Dad requires, the more expensive it is to stay there. My Mom has recently declined, and among dealing with those changes, I was hit with an added charge through MAIL. I'm becoming very disappointed with the overall experience and I am looking into other options for my Mom.

Great option but not the ideal location.

The facility was beautiful and brand new. We did not see hardly any people there when we toured. The main reason we did not choose Somerby is it's 45 minutes from our house. It's a beautiful place and I would move in!

Somerby Peachtree City

The staff are excellent, committed to their residents and available to family.
The apartments are spacious with a large private bathroom. Family is able to furnish the apartment with furniture of your choice & hanging pictures on the walls is permitted.
My family member is safe, cared for, respected & happy at Somerby.

My husband and I really love Somerby Of Peachtree City. It is absolutely gorgeous. The staff is wonderful and the food is great. I knew when we arrived on the parking lot we were in for a treat. They even have an Orthopedic Specialist on the property. Awesome!!! This one will always be high on our list. Everyone was so nice to us.

Beware of sales pitch !

Let me say our family looked at 10 other Asst. Living before choosing what we thought was the "Best" of what we had in our area. Both of our Parents moved into a nice 2BR Apt. We were told Mom qualified for Memory Care area, but Dad just needed help with Med schedules, Meals etc. Within 3 weeks we got a call that Dad had eloped from the facility. They had them both over in Memory Care and we would need to come move their bed and clothes immediately b/c they could no longer stay in Asst. Living area. They gave us another 24 hours to remove all the other belongings from the apartment that would not or could not go into Memory Care Room. Dad quickly declined and passed within 4 months ! Since Dad was helping Mom with many of her day to day needs. (2 months later) Mom now required more care, we were urged to look into a sitter. When Mom fell in their common area & was sent to ER. I received a call saying she could not come back without a 24 hour sitter. So we stayed the night with her, within 2 days they were handing us a Care Level Increase of $997. So apparently they charge for your loved one needing more hands on care plus make you provide that care with a private sitter in addition to their Monthly charges.. of over $6000. .Once we told them we were looking to move Mom they backed off 24 hour sitters and said 12 hr would work. We moved our Mom to another facility. I will also state that Mom had some wonderful Caregivers at this facility. They do hire good caregivers. Just be aware if you think your loved one will be allowed to "Age Out" in they kept telling us during the sales tour. We found they would have to be on Hospice Care or have a Private sitter. FYI: Sitters are $16 -$18 per hour.
So now our still grieving , Alz/Dementia Mom is having to adjust to a new Facility. Breaks our hearts things worked out like this.

Change is not always good!

We really liked here when my mother in law was here. They did a good job and she seemed to like it here. They did change the owners and things started to change in the community. Some things we did not like.

Take a doggy bag!

The staff has been good. I really like the activities that they offer the residents. My in laws have been enjoying there dining and the food and also getting to know the people. I just wish that they were able to take there leftovers to there room.

Somersby Comments

We toured Somersby with my friend. He fell in love with it from day one. He said that it was like being on a Cruise everyday for the rest of your life. My friend is moving in and is really going to love it there.....

A Good Move For Me

This is a lovely community, and I really like it here. Everybody is very kind and welcoming. The staff is excellent, they are very helpful and accommodating. There are many activities to choose from, I've tried a few of them. The food is excellent, I enjoy the meals. Everything has worked out very well for me here. I would highly recommend it, it is a good place.

They're Getting Better

They could improve on their services. They promised a lot and we moved in and they did not even notice my parents for like two weeks. But we've sat down with them and they've improved in the last three weeks though.

We were looking for independent living.

We toured here when we were looking for options. They only had assisted living, the independent side wasn't open yet. We were looking for independent living. The assisted living was much more expensive.

Seem to be short handed on staff. The staff didn't seem to know we moved in. Missed laundry, making the beds, baths and dinner table assignment the first week.


My mother was at Somerby in Peachtree City for a year and a half. It is a beautiful facility with the potential to be a wonderful assisted living facility. My mother was cared for well but the lack of communication from the facility and the difficulty communicating with people in charge there was a huge issue. We had to BEG for care plan meetings to discuss my mothers care and even after meeting, nothing changed. It is impossible to call someone to speak to about any problems. For the amount of money spent on care at Somerby, I would expect top notch service and response to emails and/or phone calls. Emails and phone calls go unanswered and follow-up is slow to non-existent.

Many assisted living features in the all inclusive pricing however the facility seemed like a dressed up hospital. Very sterile and predictable.

Very nice place, overall

I think they do a great job overall at Somerby of Peachtree City! The accommodations are fantastic, the food is great, and the staff are all very friendly and helpful! Really my only complaint is that sometimes there are crossed wires when it comes to communication, in providing medical updates both to the families as well as medical professionals they are working with.

Nice place overall, a little rocky at the start

We had a bit of a rocky start here, but now that my loved one is settling in and I am getting used to how they operate I think things are going to go very well. The facility itself is beautiful, and the aide staff take wonderful day-to-day care of Mom. She says she really likes the food here, as well! They have a lot of different types of visiting doctors, which is very convenient. However, I do feel a little out of the loop when it comes to their in-house doctors. When we started using them they prescribed a medication, and I didn't even know she was taking it until much later, I would have liked to have been told. When we first moved her in there was a mix-up with her medication as well, so that is something to double-check if you decide on this place for your loved one. But overall it seems very nice, and I think Mom will do well here!

Communication between families and the staff is a problem. We are an involved family and it was very difficult to get call backs regarding our loved one. Getting food properly prepared, monitoring fluids, picking up on changes in health were all problems that took multiple visits and phone calls to correct. The "Best Friend Program has not been implemented in Assisted Living. We were told that when we moved our loved one in, we would be met by Best friends, escorted up to the apartment, etc. none of this was done. We were also told that residents supplied their own toilet tissue when in the leasing documents clearly state otherwise.

We chose Somerby based on the Best Friend Program and their affiliation with Piedmont Hospital doctors. However, due to the Health Information Privacy Act, we were unaware that he would not have access to her medical information from another Piedmont physician. Staffing at Somerby when we were there seemed to be inadequate. We could never find a nurse/cna unless we tracked them down at the other nurses' station at the other end of the hall.

I'm sure that Somerby is working to correct these issues, but in the meantime, we hope this review will assist others and help them be aware of potential issues. At the end of the day, you must be your loved one's best advocate.

Friendly and accommodating staff

They've done an excellent job so far at Somerby of Peachtree City, I'd give them top marks across the board! It's a very nice looking place, and the staff have been very friendly and accommodating. Anything I've needed, or any requests I've made, have been handled without any issues. I'd recommend this place to anyone looking into assisted care for a loved one!