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Customer Reviews


Great staff and care. I had my mother at another facility and transferred her here.
They were on top of her care needs.


This place is nasty always smells, can you imagine you ask them for a wash clothes they don’t even have it, I give them a 0 star

Go Visit and check Scepter out for yourself!

If your relative is high functioning and can talk, the staff is great! They really care!...From the Healthcare Providers on down to the Housekeeping, Laundry staff and the Maintenance staff. They kid around with each other and are really happy. They all stop and pause to chat and to say hello to residents. The walls are not perfect and the place is older looking, but the staff is very caring and positive and upbeat. There are fun activities planned too. They really care about the residents. There is laughter in the halls. My brother loves living at Scepter. He has lived there almost a year. They have done a wonderful job placing him with really nice roommates. If you notice a problem, tell them and they will fix it. They accept Medicare and Medicaid. If you want a place that doesn't sweat the small stuff and focuses on the people...come visit! They even have a huge Aviarium with little finches that had babies! It is right next to Briscoe Park in Snellville, so if you wanted to take your relative for a walk or stroll outdoors you can! Just visit and feel the good vibes at Scepter. They serve a variety of good food! I am sure they will update the walls someday... they spent their money on hiring a wonderful loving staff!

Every time we call to check on our mother. They never answer the phone. When they do answer they hang up. They should be treating my mother well and they don’t. This is a terrible facility. My mother can’t stand it. As soon as we can get another place we’re moving her out. Plz feel free to call me for a reference. [removed]. They need to completely restaff. Everyone that works there acts like they hate their job and hate being there. They need to get workers that care about their patients.

Go Visit and check Scepter out for yourself!

Go by visit to see this loving place for yourself. The Rehabilitation Hall E is wonderful! The case worker is taking care to place my brother in a room in the long term care side that will be best for his personality. Amazingly, the residents/patients there like living at Scepter...I asked. The Business office is every efficient. The Admissions process was pain free. [Removed] is part counselor, because he was great at answering all of my concerns and listening to my emotions of having to admit my brother to nursing home level care. The medical staff takes great care of the families too. [Removed] has offered to try different things to help my brother adjust to his new home.

Take note of the nice and CHEERFUL Staff that works there. The RN's, CNA's , LPN's and even the Housekeeping staff spread cheery words to the patients as they enter the rooms to do their job. Realize that elderly people in pain are sometimes grumpy, but Scepter's staff does their best to spread joy. They hug, smile and say hello to the patients. My brother is getting 3 types of therapy and has nothing but great things to say about the staff. The ER doctor at Eastside Medical even commented that Scepter was one of the better facilities in the area. They have good food too. My brother has gained weight on his pureed diet. The Medical Director, [Removed] has a gracious bedside manner. It is located right next to Briscoe Park, so if you wanted to take your relative out to hear children's laughter or get sunshine it is very convenient. The library is right next to the park. More importantly, it is 3.5 miles from Eastside Medical in case there is an emergency. The activities coordinators are joyful and plan fun activities for the residents. It was important that I had a place close to my home, so I could visit often. It is also close to his other doctor's offices. Scepter is a great home for my brother.

Worst Nursing Home

I agree with all the previous reviews it is a DUMP the rehab was great it is a "bait and switch" they act like they are great until you get to the Long Term care. At the rehab you always have someone cleaning, at the long term care you have to beg for the rooms to be cleaned. Always filthy, when you confront the nurses they act so alarm as if they just see that the rooms are dirty. They just put the food down it does not matter if you can help your self, know one even bother to raise the bed up so the patient can eat.

Not a good choice

This place is awfull please do not send your loved one there they are unorganized and do not give anyone the care they deserve . They didn't change my father's undergarment s for 21 hours they forgot to feed him supper they also would not hook up his c pap breathing machine and also forgot to schedule his dialisis oppointment witch lead us to having to take him back to the hospital. Would love to give this place zero Starz


I wrote 2 pages of negative things that I could post about this place but don't want to be sued. All that I will say is that I agree with the previous 2 post 100%. I won't even drive down the street that it's on ever again. I had a nightmare experience with this place. If I could rate less than 1 star I would.

They [Removed] patients

My loved one was there for only a couple of weeks and now [Removed]!! She LITERALLY DIED WHILE A NURSE YELLED AT HER FOR PEEING HER BED BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO COME HELP HER!! She asked the nurse to lift her head she couldn't breath and then nurse yelled at her no she had to wait till "she cleaned up her mess she made" she died while they were "cleaning her bed up" all while her daughter was on the phone listening to the entire thing 😡😡😡 DISGUSTING THEY WILL [Removed] YOUR LOVED ONE

Don't leave your loved one here

The salesman was amazing and while I knew he was doing a job and selling the place, I was severely disappointed in the facility AFTER my mom was placed here. My mom has required supplemental oxygen 24/7 for the last 4 years. Fifteen minutes after arriving at the facility, she needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't get there because of the short length of the oxygen tubing. So, we called for a nurse. She came in and said "just disconnect it and go to the bathroom"...My mom ended up being wheeled out of there alive, but I should have paid attention to the first red flag. The second day she was there, she was taken to physical therapy, where she was having significant breathing troubles, was dizzy, short of breath, etc. After FIVE minutes, it was realized that the therapist didn't turn her oxygen back on after disconnecting her from the portable oxygen. Incidents like this happened repeatedly. I could go on and on...but, I think you get the not be fooled by an amazing sales staff (who I'm sure have absolutely no idea what happens on the unit floor). Thankfully my mom was coherent while she was there, as she was given incorrect dosages of her meds on numerous occasions, which she refused because she knew what she was supposed to take. I am extremely grateful that they were able to keep my mom alive...but I would definitely NOT recommend this place to anyone and would NOT let my mom return there.


This facility is void of life. My sister-in law was recently there for three weeks. We live out of state. They have no phones for the patient, no pictures on the wall, no visual stimulation and social isolation. We have photos of her when a visitor came and took them. Her glasses were thrown on her face not even on her eyes. Then whenever you call her, they say another patient is using the one wireless phone they have and ask you to call back.the story is repeated each time you call. For starters this is a rehab where patients need encouragement and to know they are loved and being thought about. Secondly, it is unsanitary.while they claim they disinfect phones, I can tell you as a nurse alcohol wipes cannot eradicate C-DIFF for one germ. You must have soap and water. So don't let anyone tell you differently. In three weeks my sister in law has multiple bedsores, venous ulcers, urinary tract infection and fluid in both lungs. My nephew and other sister in law insisted that she be transferred to the hospital and they were angry and treated them poorly. They did thankfully have to transfer to the hospital where she had a bedsore debrided and a procedure to remove the water from her lungs. She is diabetic as well and nobody fed her. They put food but kept her so sedated then she didn't eat. That could have killed her but thankfully did not. This is not a place I would send anyone too. And I will pray for the poor souls who are still there. DISGRACEFUL !!! I've been a nurse thirty years and I have heard and seen a lot of thngs but this is the worst!

Worst experience ever

The staff seemed very friendly and mom initially seemed to be getting very good care. After a few weeks her cloths started coming up missing and we noticed that she wasn't being changed near as often as she should and she wasn't being cleaned properly [removed] Good thing we visit her often. [removed]. The food is terrible and don't expect prompt care of your loved one unless you are there taking a picture of the Ombudsman poster in front of the staff. [removed]. Don't take your loved ones there if you really care about them.

Really terrible place!!!!!!! Never seen such bad and careless workers before in my life. My grandmother was there for a while and she was mistreated the entire time she was there. Everyone was very rude and did not check on u or even bother to say hello when u are there. They made no effort to engage u in conversation. I ended up moving my grandmother to a place that is 45 minutes away but it was definately worth the inconvenience to get her away from this place. Would never recommend this place to anyone!!!!!!

Please Don't

I did not like this place. They had my Mom dripping wet in a cold room shivering and she caught a really bad cold. The coughing took over a month for her to get over. Of course they denied it, but my Mom is still in her right mind at 90. Also they take forever to come when you push the buzzer. They put me on hold for more than 20 minutes when I called to speak with the Dr. I never did get through. Terrible place.

Awful place.

Awful awful place. It was dirty and smelled awful. The people were so unprofessional and didn't give a crap. We were there for an hour visiting and no one came in to check on us. My grandpa went in there with a uti and they left the catheter in for 8 day and now is being put back in the hospital with bruses and now a blather infection. If you care about your family member do not bring them here.

They do a great job!!

My mother was at Scepter for almost 2 years. It's a nice, clean facility and the care for my mother was excellent. The CNA's work hard and do a great job. The more involved you are with your family member and the better you get to know the staff, the more positive the experience will be. My mother passed away while there and the staff could not have been more compassionate. It's not a new, fancy facility, but it is clean and patients are well cared for. I would definitely recommend Scepter.

Over in the Hope Wing where the the p...

Over in the Hope Wing where the the patients have Dementia and Alzheimer's it might not be ever day but I'm not sure, but they talk too them like a dog, would you want them talking too your parent like that? Things need to shape up or I will personally call whoever and get the place investigated or even better the news people. You already have a bad review or do you not care? Need to shape up or close down! Others I know see the same so whoever is over this place needs to shape it up and get new people that don't treat patients like dogs but human beings!

Great Place!

Great Place!

I know it's not rated the best but th...

I know it's not rated the best but they were very kind to him and they did a good job. He liked them because he could have his regular physician but we ran out of days. It's a depressing place, but he really did seem to be okay there and he seemed to really like everybody, in fact, he cried when we elft there. He said they were a little slow but there were a couple of them that would bend over backwards to help him.
Everything was really old and antiquated, but as far as cleanliness, there was always somebody in the morning cleaning up and they never failed to clean daddy up and help him with his clothes. For the most part they were pretty good. There was one nurse that I had a problem with: when I first moved daddy in there, he started exhibiting sympotoms of hypoxia, he could not function and I kept telling them there was somethign wrong and they wouldn't do anything but come in and say hi. The doctor from Emory came over and the nurse, if looks could kill, I would have dropped dead on the spot.

Older facility. Nice. Reasonably pr...

Older facility. Nice. Reasonably priced.