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Customer Reviews

Nice Community

Benton House was a very nice community. It is a newer facility. The staff was friendly and they gave a nice tour. We chose another community based on our budget and we wanted one closer to our home.

Jessica Miller

Local Representative

Our Benton House of Grayson team would like to thank you for your time and tour of our community! Please know our team of senior care professionals will be available to you a as senior resource. Also, our team can provide you additional information on financing options including VA benefits. Please let our team know if you have any questions and you are always invited to one of our community’s special events! Thank you again for your feedback. - Benton House

Definitely Recommend!

I can't say enough about the Benton House! My husband has been home for about a week now he is doing so much better. So much healthier and able to walk with his walker. The people there were absolutely wonderful. The staff took such a special interest in my husband's needs. They would make him milkshakes and were so concerned about his well-being. It is a beautiful and clean well-kept community. I would highly recommend Benton House. If for any reason my husband needs more assistance in the future we would gladly return. I also can't say enough about Allison from A Place For Mom, she was wonderful in helping us find the right place and sometimes her just listening to me was exactly what I needed.

Good Community Overall

My father will be making the move out of this community pretty soon, but it isn't because this isn't a good facility. This is a nice community. The only issue my father has been the food. There is room for improvement with the meals. Other than the community is well-kept. The staff is kind, and there are activities available for the residents. It is a good facility overall.

I like this community for care for my brother. The staff needs a little more communication on updates on his care. The variety of the menu is outstanding. He is not active with the nice activates at this time. We like this community for being clean.

Almost too new...

When I toured the Benton House, I noticed that it was extremely new! While I was touring, some of the residents told me that things were still coming together there, and they needed more organization since its's so new.

A brand new community!

We took a tour of this community before it was opened and it was beautiful. The person we met during the tour was nice. It was a little to expensive and mom would not have been able to stay there with her condition.

My Mother Loves It at this Community

This is really a great community. I'am very pleased with my mother move here. My mother loves it, and everything has worked out very well. The staff is very caring and accommodating. They are providing her with excellent consistent care. The prices are reasonable for our budget. The meals are excellent. She has become more social, and that is very nice. It is a brand new facility, so everything looks great.

Need to know more!

I was able to take a tour of the community and thought that the staff was helpful and seemed caring. I just feel that I would need more than that to make my decision whether to send my loved one here. I would like to know how they treat the residents.

Jessica Miller

Local Representative

Our Benton House Team is so happy you were able to tour our new senior community and it’s wonderful to hear you found us to be helpful and caring! We invite you to join us for lunch or for one of our exciting monthly events! It will be a great opportunity for you to meet other Benton House families and we would love for you to see how much fun our community life is at Benton House of Grayson! Please call us and we are happy to schedule your next visit! Thank you for your time & feedback! – Benton House of Grayson

This is more of an assisted living community!

This is a beautiful community and the staff were very friendly. This community works with residents in the early stages of Alzheimers. The residents need to be able to walk a certain amount of steps and if they fell the family was responsible for getting them to the hospital if needed.

Jessica Miller

Local Representative

Our Benton House of Grayson team would like to thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are always available if you have any questions regarding the community and thank you for being part of the Benton House family. – Benton House

A top notch community!!

My mom was at this community for a short time before going into the hospital due to health issues. She liked the food at this community. The staff and administration were pleasant and engaged. We did have one issue with a staff member telling us we needed to move my mom to another community. They keep the community clean and if her health improves I would like to move her back into this community.

Wonderful option!

Benton House of Grayson was worth the time to take the tour. It is a beautiful community and is kept very clean. We loved the staff they were very friendly and knowledgeable to answer all of our questions. They shared with us the variety of activities they offered for the residents to participate in.

The Services Are Good

My mom is doing fine, the care is good, the place is clean, they have continuous activities, and help my mom shower and get around. The only issue is with the food. I feel there is not enough to feed the community. The potions are very small, meat is over cooked, and at times no milk. I ate here for lunch and was not happy with my meal. It also takes a long time to get served or things that are needed with meals. The owners are nice people but there needs to be improvements.

Jessica Miller

Local Representative

The Benton House of Grayson team would like to thank you for your time and feedback. We are happy to hear the positive feedback regarding the care our team is providing your mom at our community. We also thank you for your comments regarding our dining services. Benton House provides our senior living residents five opportunities to dine daily and we strive to make dining an enjoyable and social opportunity for all our residents. Please contact our corporate office at [removed] so we can learn more about your experience and please know your concerns will be addressed. Thank you again for your review.

From the Community

Tucked away on a quiet street lined with mature trees, and just a stone's throw from a small pond known as Dove Lake, Benton House of Grayson is ideal for seniors looking for calm and quiet, but who also don't want to be too far from suburban Atlanta. Grayson is a comfortable bedroom community of just over 2,600 residents, many of whom are recently arrived retirees who enjoy the area's reasonably priced amenities and easy access to urban life.

- Walkability score: Grayson falls short in walkability, earning only a 14 from Walkscore, which means a car is needed for most errands.

- Age: Grayson is located entirely within ZIP code 30017, which has a median age of 38.6. Half of the community's residents are younger than 38.6, and half are over. Overall, the median age in Grayson is very close to the national average of 37.8.

- Senior Housing: Despite its slightly higher than average age, Grayson has only two or three local senior residences. Most of the town's older population owns or rents private homes on the many secluded residential streets.

- Weather: Grayson is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area, which annually sees about 117 days of rain. Temperatures in this part of Georgia are very mild, with average highs of about 70 degrees and lows of about 52.

- Veterans' Facilities: Grayson is a mostly residential community and lacks extensive veterans' facilities and clubs. Nearby Atlanta, however, boasts multiple veterans' halls and hospitals, as well as American Legion facilities.


- Buses: Metropolitan Atlanta is served by a large and well-functioning public transportation system called MARTA. These public buses regularly run through Grayson, with a few stops within walking distance of Benton House. Using this system, it's possible to connect to the rest of the area's bus routes, including one that runs straight to the airport.

- Trains: MARTA operates a limited number of rail routes. The 2.7-mile loop of the Streetcar, as it's called, runs from downtown to Sweet Auburn, but Grayson is not served by the system.

- Taxis: Grayson, like many outlying communities, lacks regular taxi service, and so residents are unlikely to be able to flag one down as it drives by, but all major taxi companies in the Atlanta region are able to make the 15-minute trip out when called.

- Ride Shares: A popular local alternative to taxis, ride sharing through Lyft, Uber and multiple other car-sharing companies are good options and operate 24-hour service.

Health and Safety

- Hospitals: Grayson does lack many of the institutions a larger city would have, such as close-by hospitals, but Eastside Medical Center, located in Snellville, is roughly 10 minutes to the west along main roads.

- Crime Rate: Grayson is a relatively high-income community with an older-than-average population, so it isn't surprising that rates for virtually all crime categories are significantly lower than the national average. The one notable exception is motor vehicle incidents, which nearly mirror the national data for driving under the influence offenses.

Sports and Leisure

- Golf Courses: Grayson has no golf courses of its own, but three major clubs do surround the community in an arc that stretches from northwest to southeast. The clubs are Northwood, Gwinnet, and Bear Creek.

- Tennis Courts: The 30017 ZIP code is notably deficient in tennis clubs. Virtually all public facilities are located at least 20 minutes west, which is much closer to the city center.

- Gyms: Cheer and Dance are taught at the Atlanta Jayhawks' facility northeast of Grayson. This facility is senior-friendly, but other fitness facilities are generally lacking in Grayson itself.

Shopping and Entertainment

- Clothes Shopping: As a mostly residential community, Grayson unsurprisingly lacks large department stores. Virtually all of the local shopping is to be found down the Grayson Parkway, along Highway 124, where all the national chains operate popular (and often crowded) locations.

- Grocery Stores: Grayson has two major grocery stores to choose from. Kroger and Publix both operate markets in the town, and more specialized stores, such as Whole Foods, are just a short drive out of the Grayson town limits.

- Restaurants: Dining in the Grayson area is almost exclusively confined to the same strip of the 124 where the town's retailers are located. Dozens of stand-up, sit-down, casual, formal, take-out, and
dine-in facilities are strung out along this road, which also houses Grayson's movie theaters and other date-night attractions.

- Libraries: Grayson has its own branch of the Gwinnet Public Library. The facility is open seven days a week, generally opening at 10 a.m. and closing at either 5 p.m. or 9 p.m., depending on the day.

- Senior-Friendly Salons: It's easy to book a hair appointment, or arrange for a mani/pedi in Grayson! Three salons: Dominican Sugar, John Francis, and Studio Z, serve the town, and all are happy to greet a local senior.

Religious Facilities

- Religious Facilities: Suburban Atlanta has many religious facilities to serve the souls of local residents. Many of these are Protestant Christian, with two Methodist and one Presbyterian church located in Grayson. Catholic, Muslim and Jewish religious centers are all conveniently located within a few miles in the direction of nearby Atlanta.