Savanna House - Gilbert, AZ

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Customer Reviews

The staff was informative and friendly. The facility was a bit smaller and older than what we were looking for, but sorry to miss out on a great staff.

Savanna house is the best ! Smiling and caring faces ! Strive to make are residents and family happy and comfortable in there surroundings . It is always clean

Some improvement needed with keeping schedules

My loved one lives here currently. We’ve been hopeful for the community to get better and have been looking for a routine or a schedule to be followed. It seemed to be getting better at first, but now my loved one has gone a week without a shower and hasn’t had her laundry picked up or her bed sheets changed. I’m hoping it’s just because of the holidays but I think there’s a level of detail the community is missing. They’re supposed to be working together as a team but it seems like they have no system. Everything is done through spreadsheets and books. Her room aside, the cleanliness of the rest of the facility is good and housekeeping seems to be on top of their game. They’re always visibly cleaning and I think their routine is spot on. When it comes to the food, it’s really hit or miss. We’ve asked to be contacted about the different dietary needs that she has and they haven’t reached out to confirm them. We’re not expecting them to change the menu for her, but we’d like to at least know how she can go about ordering the foods that she can eat. Overall, it hasn’t been a horrible experience but it hasn’t been great either.

Sandy Pennington

Local Representative

Thank you for providing us with this valuable feedback. We would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion so that we can better understand and address the concerns. Please feel free to contact us by calling our direct line at [removed] and requesting Courtney Howard, Executive Director. Your feedback is important so that we can meet and exceed expectations.

Not Enough Care

We had visited this community and mostly was concern if they could care for my wife. We seen a lot of places and some were less expensive. I had a tour with them and learned that they could not handle my wife.

It Was A Good Tour

I had a tour with this community and got to see how they operate. I felt this was not the best fit for my parent because there were a lot of residents and I felt there would not be enough eyes to keep on my parent.

New Community!!

My loved one has recently made the move to into this community and so far I am happy with how things are going for him. The property is brand new and was completely spotless during out tour. I liked the open floor plan as well as other great amenities they had for the residents. I like that they have register nurses available at all time because they do not have that at a lot of the other places I had looked at. He has a great apartment that has a patio that has access to the courtyard. It is has overall been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Still Hoping Things Will Improve

This community is new and they are still adjusting to things and I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt but things are not improving the way they should be. The community itself is beautiful. However, the management staff is inexperienced and tend to be on the younger side. I feel they don't have the necessary skills to deal with the elderly people. Things are tending not to get done correctly. The food is not good. I just feel if they could get the right combination of staff and management in their things would improve greatly. I would not place your loved one here if they are level 3 care until they improve the experience of the staffing.

A Newer Community

Our experience is going as agreed upon with the community. I like how they pay great attention and take good care of my mom. There are new residents her and
they are socializing, being friendly, and supporting each other. We picked them because they had a availability for a room that meet the size we wanted and in a location near the kitchen and game room.

A brand new community

The staff have been very accommodating and flexible. They are staffing the community as they grow. I think the food needs a little help, however dad seems to like it. They do offer some indoor activities at this time. They are looking forward to offering more activities once they have more residents. They put a lot of thought into how this community was laid out. I have already recommended this community.

We toured this community for good care. We liked the kind staff who showed care and concern for the residents. This community is clean and has a positive feeling. We liked the menu and the list of the nice activities that are offered. We would recommend this community for the care and the value of a loved one needing good care.