Sardis Oaks Nursing Home - Charlotte, NC

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Customer Reviews

ST rehab

Would not recommend this facility for short term rehab

Long term care

My relative stayed in the long term care section of Sardis oaks For a little under a year. I would NOT recommend the long term care section for those residents who are unable to get up and move around. She was also unable to eat food on her own without assistance. They would repeatedly walk in and leave trays of food on a table and leave. It was brought to their attention numerous times however she continued to have food left in her room on a tray. The wait time after pushing the help or call button is between 30 minutes to 45 minutes before someone will come into your room.

Too much going on after her stroke

She came her right after her second stroke, she was there for about 30 days. It was pretty good, it's just that she was not happy there because she wasn't at home and there was a lot mroe activity, a lot more noise. She was confused enough and I think that was adding to the confusion. Once she got to a private room that helped but there's so much going on in places like that it was too much for her.