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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
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  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available

Customer Reviews

My First Impression

I just visited the place a few days ago on [Date removed] with my good friend [Name removed]. I saw a few residents and also the front person. I used the restroom and just look around a little bit. I found the place to be very clean and the restroom was very clean and kept dry with good exhaust system. I approve the place to anyone who is interested in a personal care home.

Horrible! No brochures, No correspondence on leaks, medication. abandon vehicle sits beside inoperable community van. lots of vacant, none painted or cleaned. Didn’t see a lot of staff onsite

Filthy community!

I did not like this community at all. The walls were filthy and the carpets were dirty and nasty. The community was dark and the residents were just sitting in front of a t.v. We really did not see any staff around. They did not have any activities for the residents to do.

I like the facility and the personnel. It seemed to have a personal home care feel with some of the larger facilities extras. [Removed] was very informative and to the point during the tour.

Rising Star Excellent!! 5 Star!

My Aunt was at this facility and I had a great experience. I would visit her on weekdays and weekends. She has been there since 2013. I recommend anyone who is looking for a personal care home. The administration is excellent, the staff is great, and the food is extremely good. This is a place that is very trusted and highly professional. This place is not bad at all. Some of the previous comments are false. Every time I visit my Aunt, I always had a great experience and she loves it. Some of the people speaking badly on this personal care home not have visited for themselves. I think everyone should visit this place for themselves and be the judge. Do not judge based off of these reviews.

Satisfied For The Most Part

My experience here at this care home was an okay one. The staff during the week was good, they were very caring and helpful. The weekend staff was [Removed] and not pleasant. They do a good job with keeping the home well maintained. Everything is nice and clean. The meals are good for the most part. Overall I'am satisfied for the most part.

Administration needs better organization !!

I had scheduled a visit to tour this community and there was a lot of confusion with the date and time I was supposed to be there. The lady that was helping me was very awkward and almost seemed annoyed. I did not think they where very professional and did not end up moving my mother into that community.

Champaign taste with Pepsi Cola service.

This place is going under fast. My neighbor recently moved his mother out of the Home because of the poor food and lackadaisical treatment from the staff. There seems to be no end stemming from complaints about the overall conditions of this establishment.

It might be wise if the State would take a closer look into this place and especially it's management .

A five star place for your loved one(s).

Rising Star Personal Care Home is spotless, as this can be noticed when entering the facility. Cleanliness and cordiality appear to be the motto of this establishment.

The staff is friendly and appear to take a personal interest in all of the residents there. Medication is given to each resident and the facility has a Physician and a Dentist which can be available to all of the residents.

The Executive Director seems to run a "tight ship" here and seems to be striving to keep this a five star facility. She is on site each and every day in order to see that only the best of treatment is given to the residents.

I am a resident of this facility and certainly enjoy the wonderful meals and five star treatment that I receive here.
Anyone considering placing a loved one should consider Rising Star Personal Care Home first.

Wonderful Atmosphere

This facility is about 2 years new. It is VERY clean and marvelous to look at. From my point of view they let the residents do what they want, which I like. The staff is good and the owner is very friendly, her english isn't that good but I can tell she cares about her residents and business. Had my mother here for 2 months which she greatly enjoyed.

This is a facility that has potential but lacks training and organization

This is a facility that boast of being a five star establishment. On the surface in terms of how it looks, it could be. My experience there has proven vastly different. The staff is woefully untrained and lacks the people skills needed for working with elderly sick and terminal residents. Observations, in visiting a relative there, showed that such major things as administering medication to the residents could cause major problems. On one occasion, I observed one of the persons distributing medication to a female resident dropping a pill on the floor and picking it up, putting it into the mouth of the lady. I was astounded by this unsanitary act. All staff members seems to be dispensers of medication and give the residents medication directly from their hands. No medication cups were witnessed. I cannot let my review go on without mentioning the person that appears to be the Head Cook. This person appears to have an attitude problem. She appears to approach the residents with an attitude of I'll get to you when I'm ready. This person appears to seriously lack people skills and needs attitude adjustment classes. With training, organization and definite education in attitude adjustment, this facility could indeed be a five star organization. I believe that this is a new facility and it has problems. Those problems could be solved by the things that I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph. I am hoping that the facility take the proper steps needed that I observed. It possibly could live up to the title of Five Star Rating. I will continue to visit my loved one and continue my observations. If things continue as they are now, I will bring it to the attention to the top management. The way that some of the staff treated residents with such disdain should be reported to someone. I assume that th e management staff are unaware of these incidents. There is no way of telling what position staff members hold because most of them dispense medication, prepare and serve plates to the residents, rush them to meals and immediately have them to go back to their rooms. Activities there are none existent. My loved one told me that they sometimes play bingo when a certain female works. At other times, they either look at television on or are in their rooms asleep. Most of the residents are herded to bed around eight o clock. It appears that this staff needs in-service training and regular meetings. The Executive Director appears clueless as to how to run this organization. One bright spot about the facility it the person, I think who has the title of Manager. The lady's name is Kimberly. In my observations of her, she appears to always be multi-tasking and over-worked.

It would be a shame for what appears to be a promising facility to fold due to lack of activities for residents and lackadaisical attitudes from the staff.

The facility is spotless, especially the dining area. That is about the only thing that is good about Rising Star.

The staff for the most part are unorganized and lacks needed training in dealing with sick elderly people. At one point I witnessed one of the nursing assistants pick medication off the floor that a resident had dropped and put in into the resident's mouth. As for having medication cups for residents, none were seen by me. Medications are given out by any staff member, even the Cook. And speaking of cooking serving and preparing meals, this seems to be done by any available staff person.

Some of the staff are downright rude and show favoritism. This is especially true of the Head Cook "[removed[". She can conveniently not hear a service request from a resident when she is in one of her moods, which appears to be often, she won't respond. She needs to be replaced.

It seems that all of residents are put to bed at eight or nine o'clock so that staff that are there can have leisure time for the rest of their shift. The staff are limited because of the long hours that they have to sometimes work alone.

This is a new facility purporting to be a five star organization but deserve two stars at best.

The one bright spot about the staff is the Manager, [removed]. She works hard and is overworked. The owner does little if any work at all as far as it was noticed.

I would say that the place has potential with training, attitude adjustment and people skills. Either the owner has to get organized and do some in-service training, or more people are going to begin to notice their limitations and begin to remove their relative from this facility.

The first thing that Rising Star should do is to get a real Dietitian on staff and remove the Cook that they have there now. The next thing is to have Staff Meetings on a regular basis so that opinions can be expressed and problems worked out.

It would be a shame for what appears to be a promising facility to fold due to lack of activities for residents and lackadaisical attitudes from the staff.

Nice place, things a little rocky after a recent director change

Overall we are satisfied with the care and services provided at Rising Star Personal Care Home. It is a nice looking place, and for the most part the staff are friendly and helpful. They recently went through a change of directors and things have been a little rocky, but I am hopeful things will get back to normal shortly.

From the Community

Rising Star Personal Care Home is a new beautifully renovated personal care home located in Stone Mountain GA. The Rising Star team had a vision to develop a NEW personal care home, in which the values, ethics and healthy living conditions of the population in which we serve are constantly enforced. The name Rising star was brought into light when we felt that every resident of ours is a STAR!. As a star we would dedicate ourselves in making sure they are taken care of and re-introduced into a loving home in which they can be themselves and RISE in happiness than the day before. We offer finer, cleaner and a healthier atmosphere for our residents. We pride ourselves to have an environment where our residents can feel at home and important.
Luxury living in a Five Star Atmosphere is not only our motto but taken extremely serious at Rising Star. We strive to exceed in the care we provide to our residents and their overall happiness. At Rising Star, we believe if a resident can truly enjoy their golden years as if they were young, then we have achieved our goal. We like and encourage our residents to have fun and introduce them to a wide selection of activities that can stimulate their mind and body.