Ranchwood Mobile Home Park - Tucson, AZ

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A real review

I have read the other review about this park and I take offense to what was posted. The managers are good here and take care of issues immediately. I have been here 7 months and I have not seen any such gang members. The outer neighborhoods may have issues but inside the park it is safe. All my neighbors are older and look out for each other. The manager comes thru everyday and looks for trash and makes sure there are no hazards. It is convenient to shopping and schools for us and everybody owns their units so they try to take care of them and their yards. There are no drugs here and are not tolerated. I gave the park 3 stars because it is lacking amenities and activities but other than that it's great living here.


You do NOT want your Senior Parent, Grandparent etc. living here! It is in the heart of gang territory and there are no facilities what so ever. It is not even safe going to the mailboxes alone. I have first hand experience there and was not a good experience at all. I had to get my CWP just to feel safe. The place should be condemned. And forget the managers being nice or friendly at all.