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Proverbial Care Review

This was the best facility that my cousin (who is currently living at Proverbial Care) could afford. Of all the facilities I reviewed I think this one fits her best, although she would prefer to be back in her apartment. Tayray, the owner, is very cordial and caring and requires her staff to be the same. I took my granddaughter, who is a nurse and worked in a nursing home for 5 years, with me to tour this facility. She was impressed and felt the staff would meet our expectations. Four months later and our opinion hasn’t changed.

This is a 5 star Assisted Living Facility. The safety and core values of my loved one is never a concern!

Proverbial Care felt like home

Proverbial care is privately owned and not a corporate entity. The owner, a nursing PhD, is on site almost daily. She along with her staff are caring and excellent in the jobs. The facility is small (16 beds) and feels like a home and not a facility. It smells like potpourri and not like the other ends of the spectrum some facilities smell like. It's clean, with nice comfortable furnishings. The staff is quick to respond to needs. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to put a loved one there. They took excellent care of my Mom.

Feels like home and staff is nice

I chose this facility for my friend because she would be close to me. The community feels like a home instead of being a clinical nursing home. The building is well maintained and not once has it ever have an odor. The staff is very nice and courteous. The only issue I’ve ever had is when my friend had her broken arm; the staff showered here and never put her sling back on. When I brought it to the management’s attention, it was fixed immediately. I would recommend this facility to other families.