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Customer Reviews

We had an extended tour of the home and were very impressed with the leadership in the community. The staff appears engaged and knowledgeable. The apartments and facilities appear clean and well maintained.

Where is my refund?

The facility is great. My mother in law was treated with care and dignity.

Just pray when your family member passes away they don't own you a refund. It has been over 2 1/2 months since she passed and they still have not refunded our money. When I call I am told it has been processed. Yet, no check has arrived. They promise to call back and no calls are made. This has left a sour taste in my mouth for the facility. It shouldn't take that long to return our money.

If you refer someone there, your referral bonus is not a check to you, like is implied. It can only be applied to active resident's account. This happened with the person who referred me there.

Horrible experience

My wife was here and they never checked on her. They are very understaffed here. Everything started out good here then just went downhill. They would charge me things I never used. I had a lot of issues with the rehabilitation that they contracted. The only good thing here is it was a little bit less expensive, and they had a Dr or a nurse come 1x a week. I would not recommend this community. When I was moving her out the door was open a good 45 min with a buzzer going and nobody even came to see if it was a resident

Janet Davis

Local Representative

Thank you for your honest feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve and help give every resident a great life. Please feel free to reach out at [removed] to let us know more about your experience.

No complaints

The community does offer daily activities. The staff get to know the residents and their families. The caregivers are outgoing and great at interacting with the residents. I have good communication with the staff. The food is good and they offer healthy choices. The community is clean and the grounds are well maintained. I would recommend this community.

Bright & Open

This is a great community with a lot of amenities for their residents. the staff was friendly and they did a very good job showing us around and answering our questions. We just did not think that it was as secure as my brother-in-law would need. I would recommend a tour here.

Not The Right Fit for Us, But Overall A Nice Facility

Unfortunately my mother in law was only in this community for a few weeks before she broke her hip. She is currently in rehab, and we do not know if she will be returning to this community. However this is a nice facility. The staff was kind, and was responsive when she fell. They were good too her overall. The community is well maintained, they do a good job with the cleanliness. It wasn't the right for my mother in law, and her needs. However it is a nice community, and I would recommend it.

Mom's Care

I like this community for the care for my mom. The staff is caring and attentive to her needs. The staff needs to keep up with the cleaning of her room more ofter. The menu needs some small improvements. They offer activities for her to participate. I like knowing that she is happy at this community. We would recommend this community for good care.

It's Not About Money...It is about Dignity

Please do not take someone you love to this place. I give this place No Stars...The rooms do not get cleaned and roaches, The bathrooms should be cleaned daily, due to urine on the floor and feces on the toilet and grab bars.They make up the beds leaving the soiled sheets. Items go missing..vanish in thin air, as for CARE...there isn't any. Caregivers are not certified., nor are they compassionate. Memory care residents get corraled near the TV, where you may find 1 caregiver. The elderly need naps, but that would mean having to check on them individually... The most caregivers seen on the floor at any given time, other than during dinner, is 1-2. Don't bother to ask for help....they will ignore you or tell you they will find someone. During your initial tour, they tell you that there is a nurse Always on the premises...Not true. NO ACTIVITIES...unless corralling is an activity. Only bathing is done with a wet rag on their face. The sign says Assistant Memory Care...there is No Assistance. Your Love one is better Off alone in their Home. When you hear your love one tell a staff member that She is sorry and she will never do it again...That's a Red Flag!!! The Elderly with dementia who can't hear, are placed in Memory Care with Alztheimer patients, who are very lost. Therefore there is No stimulation for the resident who has dementia. They live in a world of silence and can't understand why they are being mistreated. Mental [Removed] and I would be concern about physical as well. There are No Cameras....no way of knowing which staff members are going in or out of the room. When you discover bruises and swelling....no one knows what happened. Of course, the fact that they are in Memory Care, your love one can't tell you what happened...they don't know. Do You believe the staff??? As for the time when you see More staff....breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take note...the extra staff is kitchen staff and sometimes 1-2 caregivers from the other side of the locked doors. How often are the residents taken to the toilet....0-1 How often are they changed 1 time per shift change. Each shift waits for the next to take care of it. No shift knows what happened on the shift before., and no one knows the reason why some patients can't walk or how to handle them when lifting. So....What can I tell you that will make your decision easy. Find another place.

Tour and options for care

We toured this community for care. The community did not have the feeling that we looking for. I wanted a more home feeling community for my dad. We did like the staff who did answer this questions we had. We would recommend that family members tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Very Nice Tour

I had a nice tour of this community. Everyone was very kind, and friendly. The community was very nice looking. Everything was clean, and well maintained. The staff was informative, and my questions were answered. It was a good experience, but I found other community that suited our needs better.

We liked the community. Everyone was very friendly. The residents seemed to be happy. This may be the place for MOM.

Worst Tour I've Ever Been On

I had the worst experience during my tour of this community. I wouldn't even send my dog here. Everything about this community needs improvement. From the staff to the up keep of the community, major improvement is needed.

awful place

Boy went there with my wife saw a room it was not even clean roaches crawling every where what a lie .....looks nice when you walk in but the rooms nasty .........and the lady her name was [Removed] was not very sincere she is not professional at all .....she spoke about victory lakes and how it would closer to are home .....we are looking there not league city ......so unprofessional. .......

awful place

Don't go here not a good place at all management awful they never have time to speak to the residents. ..and rude horrible they are always short staffed people are always quitting here this company it poorly handled from the top down .....we see faces for a week then they are gone if I knew before I moved here how it was going to be I would have never came here ....moved here in Aug then got a letter in December my rent was going up .......what is that ............I am moving somewhere else next month thank god ........so please beware of this place not what you see is always good ....

Beware of this place trust me staff never comes to your room when you call ...they change eds like I change my clothes .....every one is nice but one ....[Removed] memory care don't go to that side she is rude says she will help you lies ......just to get you in there plus all the hidden fees you don't see until mom moves in then they hit you with the actual price .........every year they go up 6 to 8 percent on your rent ........it's nothing but a bad place .........


Be very careful when dealing with these people regarding fees. We were quoted a specific price for my father in memory care. They honored that rate for one month and then raised it $320 the following month. They were told what his income would allow. We are looking for another facility.

We are not happy. Beware!

Pet Friendly!!

My loved one and i took a tour of the Orchard Park of Southfork and we really liked it. The staff was very nice and attentive during our tour. The community was clean and well organized. Activities were offered on site and offsite. There was resident parking and transportation available as well. The last thing that we liked was the meal plans available.

The building is kept clean and looks like new!!!

We met a resident that had just moved into the community and they were commenting on how friendly they are. I do agree with this and that the staff are also very caring. I tried the food it is alright and mom has not complained about it. I have not been able to see any of the activities offered. I would recommend this community.

We Found Home!!

Staff is very friendly. Community is clean and affordable. When we walked through the door we knew we found home. They have different levels of activities for those with memory care. I had a lunch tour and the food was phenomenal. I wish they provided more food options for those with food restrictions.


I feel very blessed that A Place For Mom, Midi [removd] helped me find such a wonderful place for my mom. My son and I went to three facilities and all were very nice, we picked two and my mom made the final choice of Orchard Park. We are very happy with both the facility and the staff, they are friendly, caring individuals. My mom tells me daily of how happy she is at Orchard Park.
Thank you to both A Place For Mom and Orchard Park for my mom feeling safe and cared for.

Not a good place

When we first visit the place we though it was a perfect place for my father-in-law he was 90, well the place is nice but the staff is not so nice. My father in law had a fall and fracture his hip he was given a wheel chair with no foot pads on it so every time they pushed him he had to lift his legs and he would drop his legs and it would jam his hip because it would cause a sudden stop. Well they would yell at him to lift his legs and it really hurt him. Then he had to go to the hospital for sevear pain and they said they could take him back in memory care section well when he got back there they tried to move him from his bed to a wheel chair after we said do not move him he still in pain and he fell again and well he did not recover from that fall and passed away.
Well guess what they will not give us the accident report because its company policy not to release it. So we will never really know what happened to him and how he fell. The director never once called to say how sorry we are he passed away. Just goes to show you all they are interested in is money.

My experience at Orchard Park Elderly Facility

A place for mom helped me to place my mom at Orchard Park. The times I visited their, I really felt comfortable qith moms care. I hope with me being back in my hoe town that her care will continue to be the best and not uncomfortable reports. I like interacting with some of the employees on a one on one basic. So far they have all been very helpful with questions I ask being answered. Please keep up the good work and continue to give all the elderly the excellent care they need and deserve. Thank you

It's been going pretty good for the first month.

It's been going pretty good for the first month. The staff has been friendly, and good about getting back to me about any questions that might come up. I think they have done a good job so far, and I would give them a four.

have had some incidents

At Orchard Park Of Southfork we have had someincidents. I have had to check on medications. They got a new activitiesdirector and that area is improving. Some time the aids they need to slow downand remember these are patients with dementia and Alzheimer's. It isa very clean and nicely decorated facility. The staff polite and well manneredhere. Over all we are very pleased because they well work with you.

We are very pleased.

We are very pleased. I would rate them very highly at this point. I would give them a five out of five. It's working out really well.

Pretty ok

My is living there; he's able to enjoy the food and the staff does a good job.

Be aware

Recommend that you stay and watch what kind of activities they offer. We have been less than satisfied with her care and the quality of the activities in the memory care area. Also laundry gets lost often and we get others things. Snacks are given but consist of cake or cookies. Care givers are less than helpful and often rude. Would recommend a nanny cam also.

Liked and will probably proceed with them b

The food looks good and not to bad of portions. The staff seem really nice and caring. It is a nice and clean facility. I am not to sure on the activities yet I haven't went and seen her yet but I am sure they are good.

Sorry about complaints. This was meant FOR A DIFFERENT HOME

I was a resident for two months in January and February. My only complaint was the Physical Therpy Contracted group. Some did not seem to realize that most of the persons were elderly. They said they had guidelines they must follow. Seemed like the guidelines included younger than 40 years instead of an 82 year old with injured knees and a torn rotator cup. Nursing care and aides were great except for weekends. Food service did not follow a person needs who was diabetic or mechanical soft diet.

Honestly Happy

My Mother is totally happy! Her life has improved tremendously since we moved her in. Therapy is effective, staff is friendly, food quality is great and the facility is clean. From a nursing home to Orchard Park is like night and day difference. We get a lot of bang for the buck!

She calls it home.

We love them, we are very happy with them. She calls it home. It's clean, and the staff is friendly. She hasn't complained about the food at all. We don't have any concerns at all.

Friendly Staff But...

Very clean friendly staff just don't feel the level of care and the level care paying for not getting the level. Found hearing aid under the bed and patient broke glass in room and staff not picked up glass, patient stepped on.

It was a nice place.

This is one of the places I looked at when I was searching for an option. It was a nice place.

I think they are doing a pretty good job so far.

I think they are doing a pretty good job so far. The activities aren't as varied as I would hope. I don't really have any issues with how clean it is so far, and everyone seems to be friendly. It is still new so things could always change.

love the staff

Every time I have been there they have had a lot of good activities going on, and the residents are engaged and having a good time.

I really do like the staff. Everyone I have encountered has had smiles on their faces and been very helpful. They are really quick to help out.

The surface areas are all incredibly clean, but on some times when I have been in there I have noticed a mild unpleasant smell.

The one area I can think of where they could improve would be to return items to the room quicker. For example, my mom right now is waiting on some sheets and towels that need to be returned to her room.

Overall though I have been really pleased with Orchard Park of Southfork.

Buyer Beware

If you are looking for a lot of bells and whistles, you will get them at this facility. However, the quality of care is less than satisfactory. I highly recommend a Dropcam (nanny cam) being placed in the room if your loved one does not have the mental capacity to tell you what happens while you are away.

We are fairly happy with it.

We are fairly happy with it. There have been a few little bumps along the way, because it's a new facility. I am fairly pleased with the staff. The food is good, the communication has been very good. There have been quite a few improvements over the last month. Not having a memory center director was a hindrance, but they have remedied that. It's still a little early to determine how that is going to go.

Great place for mom!!!

Professional staff!! They interact well with residence and my Mom loves it there!!

They are doing a great job.

They are doing a great job. The staff is friendly, and they keep it clean. The price is a great value for memory care. They are attentive and responsive, and they have a good amount of appropriate activities. I haven't tried it but the food seems to be okay for her. We chose them over others because I liked that they were affordable and brand new.

Beautiful, well-decorated,...

Beautiful, well-decorated, brand new facility. The receptionist could have been more attentive to new guests, but the rest of the staff were very friendly and attentive to residents. #2 on my lust.

From the Community

At Orchard Park, revolutionary care combines state-of-the-art support services and wellness programs, superior amenities and a gracious family atmosphere for unparalleled peace of mind. Situated at the corner of Highway 288 and Southfork Drive and located ½ mile south of Pearland Town Center on Southpark Parkway.

Orchard Park serves residents in both assisted living and memory care (Alzheimer’s) in spacious private apartments and suites; plus residents have access to a wide variety of first-class services and amenities. Orchard Park also offers companion living suites at the lowest monthly rate offered in Manvel and Pearland.

Orchard Park features three interior landscaped courtyards, private dining amenities, special events venue, fitness and wellness areas, therapy rooms and a spa/salon. Additional services include transportation, wellness programs, weekly linen and housekeeping services and assistance with activities of daily living.

Assisted Living provides a little extra help with daily activities and includes respite, or short-term stay, accommodations.

Memory Support is available for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia in a secured setting and offers a beautifully landscaped interior courtyard.