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Customer Reviews

A big help!

It is going pretty good since my mother has been receiving care from Preferred Care at Home. We have had a total of 4 different caregivers come to her home. One was very bad, 2 were okay, and one was very good. My mother speaks Chinese so she needs someone who can accommodate to her language and needs. We are happy to have found the one that is very good with her. They are professional and helpful.

Happy and helpful caregivers!!

I am happy with the care that has been provided to my loved one from this company. They have been helpful and professional every time a caregiver comes to visit for our appointment. They have been on time and very organized which is a huge positive in my eyes. I would defiantly recommend there services to anyone looking into a home health care company.

They Were Helpful For The Time Used

My mom is not using the agency's help any longer. She had several, different caretakers over the weeks she had them. Out of the 5 caretakers, she liked 2 or 3. They others lacked the effort. She was feeling better and didn't need their help. I would recommend them but one would have to be very vocal and call the agency immediately if they do not like the person they send.

Courteous and friendly caregivers.

My brother is recovering since having their caregivers come into the home. The care providers are courteous and easy to communicate with. They also have reasonable prices for their services.

I would recommend Preferred Care at Home!!!!

The caregivers that come out to the house are always on time. They are friendly and help take care of my wife's needs. They also offer companionship. The process of setting up the care was made easy by the office staff. They explained everything to us.

The Best in Town

Everyone at this agency is dedicated to helping my sister achieve her goal of living independently. From the owners to the caregiver we have chosen, they go above and beyond. In the beginning of the process, we had a little glitch to overcome, but it was done easily and professionally. Our caregiver is wonderful and meshes well with my sister. We have nothing but great things to say about this agency!!We should highly recommend them to anyone- they communicate and work WITH us.

Wonderful Home Care

It has truly been a wonderful experience for us with this home care agency. My mom really loves Sandra the care giver. She does an amazing job of caring for my mother and her needs. It has really taken a lot of stress of me knowing she is in good hands. My mother really enjoys her company. A place for mom was great with all the help they provided.

In-home Care of 92 Year Old

From the very first phone conversation to the in-home interview to develop a care plan, Preferred Care has been very caring and professional. They also frequently check-in to make certain everything is okay. Thank God, we haven't had any emergency situations so we haven't tested them in that type of situation.

I would recommend them to others.

Most honest review I could write.

So far, the only thing I could say is that I wish wholeheartedly that we had contacted this company sooner than we did!

I found Preferred Care At Home, through the website, A Place For Mom.

My mother, a four year Alzheimer's patient, living at home with her equally aged 80 year old beloved husband--he was doing everything! He literally wore himself it taking care of her.

Then she fell, breaking 5 ribs. The day she was being transferred to the Rehab Crenter, my adored father had a massive heart attack at THE FRONT DOOR OF THE HOSPITAL. Three surgeries and 6 days on life support, there was nothing more they could do, and he passed. Unbelieveable agony.

After leaving my husband at home alone, I took care of my mother for three months. I am disabled physically and it was extraordinarily difficult.
Home Health Nurses visiting, Home Health Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, all came to the house, and her meds, doctors appointments and EVERY other thing, I did.

It almost killed me.

Before finding this company, I had my own business to attend , contacted another "care" company, only for the "caregiver" say "Oh, so this is who I'm BABYSITTING TODAY!" Directly to my mothers face !! Really?!?

Dennis [removed], part owner of a family owned company, Preferred Care at Home, contacted me, spoke with me on the phone and showed that he knew his stuff.

When he came to do the evaluation on Mom's situation and house, I felt embarrassed that we kept him there for so long, but that gave him the time to really understand, my mother, her situation and used that info gleaned to select the best, nicest, trustworthy people to take care of my mom, and the anxiety level of my Mother had been the telling of how comfortable, pleased and accepting she was of the caliber of his employees!

I wish, if I could, show you the before and after photos of Mom, but this not being a commercial, I'll keep those to myself. You would understand.

If I could suggest anything at all for people in the same situation as we, get some in home help BEFORE rather than LATER! It doesn't have to be 24 hours like we had, but help now and then takes so much srtress off them! Don't wait too long getting tangled in your own problems and finally deal with parents adamant to stay in their own home!!!

These people aren't cheap, but they take care of your parent like you wish you could, 24/7. And I salute them.

I would happily suggest this company to anyone looking for help for parents wanting to stay in their own home!!

For now, and for privacy's sake, I'll sign this,


Review of Preferred Care at Home - Walnut Creek, CA

Danny [Removed] takes a personal interest in clients and really cares about providing the best care possible. Any issues that have come up have been quickly resolved.

One of the best in care.

The owner, Danny has worked with us in our most unusually situation. He has worked around our schedules and always there when we needed him. Staff of caregivers are very respectfully and willing to work on any situation that we have or that has come up. I recommend Preferred Care At Home to anyone who is looking for someone to care for their love one.

Very nice work

Things have gone well with Preferred Care at Home. Their care givers are friendly, professional and efficient. The administrative staff is also very nice and they do a great job with placement. Very nice work.

It was great for the time being

I only utilized services with this agency once and it was great. The caregiver they sent was awesome and I really like Danny! If I need to utilize services again I will definitely give them a call!

Extremely happy!

We have been extremely happy with Danny.

very pleased

We have been very pleased with Preferred Care at Home. This is the second agency that we have had experience with. They have been very professional, courteous, and compassionate. We have no complaints and would highly recommend them.

The Preferred Care at Home is a great In-Home company. they do what their suppose to do and are great taking care of my loved one. He is in really great hands and couldnt be happier when they come out and take care of him.

Preferred Care at Home is the best

When I got the news that my mother was being placed in hospice care, I was shocked and despondent. Preferred Care at Home was the second call I made and I felt so relieved when I talked to Danny and he reassured me that my mom would be well cared for and the cost was affordable! He came out to meet my mom personally before making a caregiver match and the caregivers were skilled, respectful of my mother (when she was alert and after she was no longer responsive), gentle, and kind. They handled all scheduling issues and kept me informed. Losing a loved one is difficult and you really need caregivers that you can rely upon to make it just a little easier and enable you to take a breather and care for your children, family, and work. They called the hospice agency when my mom needed extra attention. I couldn't have asked for more. Strongly recommend this service.

very good

The first initial consultation was very good. Dan, the guy we met with, really knew a lot about the field that he's working with and was really good talking with my parents. They had really great communication all throughout. It;'s been a really good experience.

Going well so far

Things have gone very well with Preferred Care at Home so far. They've been able to handle everything we needed them for, and we have no complaints.