AccentCare of Concord, CA

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Customer Reviews

They do not help with pets. My mom has a kitty that needs to be feed.


In general, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are probably okay with Accent Care. They're starting out with just a house cleaner once a month. I think they are happy more or less but a little stressed out so they might be a little bit over critical. They only have them coming in to clean once a month and that's really not enough but convincing them to do anything more is difficult. Mom is very very stubborn. She was concerned because the person they first spoke with told them she would come out with the first caregiver that came. The caregiver came but the overseer didn't and that upset her. Mom said Accent Care didn't tell them when they would come and they were really upset because one day when they came home from a doctor's appointment the cleaning person was just starting to knock on the door and didn't have a clue that she was coming that day. I think this may be mom's fault but either way communications with them haven't been concrete. They were happy with the gals that went in and cleaned though.