Preferred Care at Home of Nashville South - Franklin, TN

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Customer Reviews

Great care!

My mother really likes the caregiver that goes to her home. She is on time and helps with what is necessary. The problems we have had is that for one, the caregiver leaves doors unlocked when she leaves and that is very concerning. Also, we have yet ton receive a bill from them and we have been using them for almost 2 months.

Lack of comunication

This company is hard to communicate with.

Making new friends!

This community that my love one goes to for activities is great. They have so much going and my loved one really loves it there. This is a place where my loved one can make friends and still have things to do just like before. My loved one is super happy here and I really like it as well.

Wonderful Helpful Director

This is a lovely community, but unfortunately they were not able to provide my mother the type of care she needed. Everybody was very kind and friendly. The community is very well maintained, her room was nice and clean when I visit. There are activities offered for the residents. The food could use some improvements. The director was very helpful and kind, she was great to work with. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

Things seem to be working out pretty well.

Things seem to be working out pretty well. They have been reliable and helpful. I would be happy to give them a positive score.

Great Job! Thank You!

This Company has provided EXCELLENT 24-HR CARE for my Mom for over a year. I eespecially appreciate how Caring and Knowledgeable Barbara and her staff members are in caring for Dementia patients. So many companies don't specialize in this area. Their Special Understanding has been proven time and again while assisting my Mom during her intermittent periods of confusion. They even interact in ways I am convinced help Mom maintain her feelings of Self Worth and Contentment. When I visit, I always find my Mom clean and comfortable. Everything always appears well taken care of. I would highly recommend Preferred Preferred Care at Home to my Friends and Family.

Personality Conflict

Working with this agency has been a blessing and a curse. The staff have been great and done really great with my mother although the services were short lived because of an incident that took place. During the night we needed the caregiver to take my mother to the restroom and we asked that we had a caregiver that didn't smoke. My mom was a smoker or 40 years and didn't need to be exposed. Well the caregiver ended up being a smoker and abandoning her duties in the evening (taking mom to the restroom). That really irritated my brother which resulted in the caregiver having to leave. We have since asked for a replacement and still waiting to hear back. Today is Friday and I really need a caregiver by Monday! I'm hoping Barbara will call!

Would not recommend

We did not have a good experience with this Preferred Care, I wouldn't recommend them.

Help in pairing you with someone who can care for you in your private home

Preferred Care at Home of Nashville South, work well to assist you in your needs and help in pairing you with someone who can care for you properly. They come into our home and assist with my mom, the primary care person is great.

Excellent service

We are very pleased by how things have gone with Preferred Care at Home. The service is excellent, and I would give them top marks across the board.

Great sitters

The sitters are great. Paper work is a little slow at times.

Working out very well so far!

Things have gone very well so far with Preferred Care at Home. The service has been reliable, and the caregivers have been friendly and professional.

Barbara was a very nice lady.

We used them a few times. Barbara was a very nice lady, but the people she sent to me just weren't good fits. They didn't seem to be strong enough for the job we had. They were nice though.

Excellent home care experience

Things have gone very well with Preferred Care at Home of Nashville! We love the caretaker they sent, and the woman who runs the agency has been very helpful and is always available for questions. I would recommend the service to others in the area!

Great caregivers

We had a very good experience with Preferred Care at home of Nashville. Barbara Brewer was very pleasant to interact with, and all of the caregivers she sent us were phenomenal.

Not Happy

I'm not too thrilled with them. I've not been happy in the last couple of months. They never send me any bills. I have to keep up with that myself. I was using two girls that would rotate. One quit and they replaced her with one and I found out - I'm not sure if they knew this or not - that the girl was leaving at night and coming back the next morning and she was supposed to be there overnight. Here we are paying for 24 hours a day. I also found out she brough her dog with her to work and I leave money for them to buy groceries and she was left with some of it in her pocket.

Overall would rate Preferred Care 5 stars

It is difficult to rate specifics as we live out of state, but Preferred Care offered the services and care our loved one needs. We have been happy with their service, they've been on time and so far we have no complaints. We would recommend Preferred Care at Home to others.

Talked quite a while with the Directo...

Talked quite a while with the Director who is so helpful. May be getting her and my Mom together for more discussion, but my Mom is reluctant to take any steps at this point.