Precious Home Companion - Fairfield, CA

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Customer Reviews

Friendly and caring, but a few issues have come up

The girls we've worked with through this service have been very good overall. They're friendly, great care providers, and they're very good about communication. They always let us know via phone or text if any issues come up with their schedules, or care updates. Up until recently I would have rated them 5s across the board.

Recently, however, we've been having an issue with Mom and one of the caregivers having conflicts. Since I am not there I can only take my Mom's word for it, but she's said the caregiver has been getting angry, and shouting sometimes. This may be an issue of their personalities not meshing well, or some personal troubles that the caregiver has been having, but we've been having issues getting these conflicts resolved. We tried to get a replacement to give her some time off to work things out on her own, but she did not want to do that.
Things have escalated to a point where both caregivers are saying they would like to quit, but when I mentioned that I would start looking into other caregivers they said I shouldn't do that until they find new jobs, which is an awkward situation for me to be in.
Overall we've been happy with the care provided, but communication with the parent company has been difficult and the issues we're having aren't getting resolved as quickly or professionally as I believe they should be.