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Customer Reviews

It’s a shame they don’t care at the facility!

My father has been in Powerback Rehab for three days. The staff don’t care about their patients. My father has a broken fibia, fractured arm and an infection in his hand. He was admitted at 5pm ish. They did not review his chart until 7 pm. He did not receive any diabetic, pain medication or medicine for the infection in his hand till after 11pm. Their excuse was “we have a process”. When I called to speak with a nurse about my concerns she was rude. My fathers needs assistances to eat, , he needs assistance with using the bathroom, they don’t assistance him. He can hit the buzzer and it will be going off for 45 minutes, NO HELP! They bring his medication and give try to give him Tylenol instead of the pain medication prescribed . My dad will ask where his medicine is and they say “ohhh you don’t want Tylenol?” One might say they are trying to keep the medication for themselves. The rooms and bathrooms are dirty run down and his room smells. If you have a choice don’t bring your loved one here. Short staffed most of the nurses are rude and don’t again they don’t care. Such a shame. One would thing that those who work at this kind of facility one would be loving, carrying and kind to someone else’s loved one who is in for care!


PT is the only reason I would give 1star. My 88 year old mother had surgery from a hip fracture with no complications whatsoever. She was discharged 2 days later to receive PT from this facility and all labs were completely normal. Having been there once before l was well aware of the lack of care and attention an elderly person receives on a daily basis. I had learned this the hard way from her last admission and it became necessary to have our caregiver there when I was not. This time around, after 6 days my mother was infected with C-diff (confirmed later) having diarrhea and a fever at which time her nurse called 911 to be transported back to the hospital. While in ICU, diagnosed with a very bad UTI and Sepsis requiring a blood transfusion before any antibiotics could be given and C-diff result was pending. When I called Powerback Lutherville a few days later about my moms personal belongings, they just simply said everything had been boxed up and put in storage without even asking how she was. I called the DON to express my opinion (and that of our caregiver) the lack of care my mother received. Our observations of leaving her in a diaper after her catheter was removed (instead of using a bedpan) days after catheter should have been removed, never seeing an aide or nurse change their gloves, and used the same washcloth during the course of a day. Trays of food left uneaten, although when I called to find out, response yes meals eaten. I called the DON if they ever sent out a stool specimen for lab testing. After having to look this information up on her computer system, said yes and that the result was received in the day before confirmed positive. I was told by a health care professional at the hospital my mom was sent to and STILL IS, now needing a feeding tube to stay alive, the guidelines for "Standard of Care" in a healthcare facility is to notify the family member AND the facility the patient was transferred to if having a positive lab result for this infectious disease ASAP.

Diabetic connect

Their Doctor is prescribing insulin along with TWO other diabetic meds which will put me into diabetic shock ?

The food (veggies) are overcooked. The order forms clearly tell them HEART HEALTHY, yet the meals have 3 carbs per meal along with more fat in 1 day then I consume in 2-3 days ?

Nursing staff is told to get sugar tests 2 hours AFTER dinner instead of right before dinner and 2 meds, yet the staff isn't smart enough to do this !

Go someplace else !

Powerback--Poor coordination of care

Mom is there. Very poor coordination of care. Doctor fails to write orders. When I ask her in the presence of the nurse where a medication is, they both look at me blankly. The doc actually says, "oh, I'm sure it will turn up" .. The nurse rustles around in a drawer and finally finds it but of course over the weekend because there's no order none of the other caregivers can give her the medication. They don't know how or are unwilling to contact the doctor. Mom's call bell doesn't work and so she has to ambulate to the bathroom alone (at 90 and a fall risk), and finally someone gives her a bedside handbell. She's about 50 feet from the nurses station, no one is going to here her. They say the will try to fix the bell maybe but you know...it's the weekend. She's a vegetarian and they keep bringing her meat for meals. Unbelievably hard to communicate with people there. They don't seem to get she still needs care over the weekend and at night.

Two months at Powerback - the worst two months of my life

I spent approximately two months at Powerback. I was released about two weeks ago. So, this is all current information.

The physical therapists are great. [Removed], were top notch. Unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say about the rest of the operation. They had me on medicines that were not part of my daily regimen, based upon my doctor's prescriptions. For example, they had me on a Statin and my cholesterol is not a problem. It would take at least 30 minutes to answer the call bell. Luckily, for me it was only for more ice water. This was not so for my roommates. Due to their injuries, they were in constant pain. The nurse would come in the room and, in a very unfriendly manner, ask "What is wrong?". Food was tasteless and served at such a low temperature that I was concerned about bacterial infection. Bins that held the pitchers for cold drinks had ONE level of ice - certainly not enough to keep them cold enough to prevent bacterial infection. Hot food was not much above room temperature. As far as scheduling, more than once both PTO and OT were scheduled within 15 minutes of each other. The admin function is a joke. Do yourself or your relative or friend a favor and stay as far away from Powerback as you can.

Excellent therapy

My friend was a patient at Powerback in Lutherville, MD. She was able to gain strength that she needed to heal and get back to her life. Her therapy was wonderful and she even went back for out patient therapy.

Not what I'd call Healthcare

I have a friend who has been in PowerBack for over 3 weeks. They didn't start rehab for 4 days because they "weren't fully staff because of the holidays". They ran out of his medication, (how does that happen), so he didn't get it for 2 days rendering him unable to function normally. The patient care leaves a lot to be desired. They leave people on the toilet and don't check on them until their legs go numb. Please read the reviews and send your loved ones elsewhere to get proper care.

Not the standard of care

I would not recommend this facility to anyone. They didn't properly care for my loved ones surgical wound. She ended up with a severe infection, for which she will be on IV antibiotics for 3 months. They waited until the infection was horrific. They also didn't treat her UTI. To top it all off when I called the day after she went to the hospital via ambulance and asked that they out her personal belongings up they didn't see her cellphone or tablet. Stealing from the elderly

Excellent care and rehabilitation center

Excellent care and rehabilitation center. They were very professional and helped my mother through a very difficult time. She fell and broke her hip. We were very concerned with her ability to return to her house, since she lives alone. She was able to return home and is doing well.

Caring staff and excellent rehabilitation!


We chose this place based on the reviews. I don't know where these people stayed but it definitely was not Power Back! We checked my mother out after 3 days for rehab following a heart attack. First, no one greeted her or explained exactly what to expect. They basically left her in a room for 15 hours before she even saw a nurse. PT and OT came in 4 hours later. During this time no one explained to her why she could not have a shower. She became so upset I had to leave work to come calm her down. Second, the food is horrible. They are supposed to have a licensed nutritionist on staff, but they must have printed their degree on line. The food is neither heart healthy or diabetic friendly. As a result, her sugar soared to over 400. They did give her some insulin, but they gave her the wrong kind and amount and almost put into a diabetic coma. Fortunately, this was the only time she rang the nurses station and some one actually showed up immediately instead of waiting for 2 or more hours. if the LPN had not showed up we would have been planning a funeral instead arraigning for home health care.
The grounds and common rooms are clean and beautiful, but housekeeping only came to room once in a 3 day period. My mother's bladder leaked a little, and she waited for over 6 hours for her bed to be changed. That was the only time her bed was changed and actually made.
I understand that Power back is a for profit, managed health care business, but they really need to spend a little more money on more staffing and guest services.
I will never recommend this place anyone!

Second Visit - Everything was great!

Wonderful Experience. I was at PowerBack for three weeks for rehab for my injured back. From the moment I arrived at the center, I knew that I would be ok. The staff were very kind and made me feel welcome once again.

I had been a patient at PowerBack two years ago and had a good experience and that is why I wanted to return. The nurses and techs were very competent and kind. The therapy was great! They sometimes pushed me "hard", but did what they were supposed to do to help me get my "power back".

The food was good and better than my first visit.

I am glad to be home but if I need rehab again, (hopefully not), there is only one place I will go - to PowerBack.

Don't waste your time

My mom was transferred there after a hip surgery. i chose this facility based on positive reviews online. We lasted all of two hours before I had her transferred to another facility. When we arrived, no one greeted us or made eye contact with us, just took her to get her weight and then wheeled her into the entrance of what I assume would be her room. And we sat there for 2 hours. After 45 minutes I looked for someone to ask if someone would be in to help get her settled etc and the staff, again not looking at me, said, yes, I need to get a nurse. We sat another 30 min with no one coming to help. The room she was wheeled into had dirty sheets on the bed and the room was not clean. There were also no leg pedals on the wheelchair that my mother had been sitting in now for almost 2 hours. I called for transport and went to the front desk and demanded her discharge summary from them and the admissions guy looked confused as to what the problem was and why I wanted to leave. I understand this place, as with most, was probably understaffed, but this was no way to greet a new patient, and the room was dirty and she was left sitting in only a gown in a wheelchair for 2 hours. If I wasn't there to advocate for her, who knows how long she would have sat there. Horrible service, care and cleanliness. I transferred her to Maryland Masonic Homes in Hunt Valley. they are amazing!!!


As with many other organizations of this type, they are understaffed, which, I am sure, creates some of their problems. However, the staff is not as stellar as their marketing leads one to believe.

To be fair, they are probably adequate with patients who have had knee or hip replacements or similar procedures, but they seem unequipped to handle anything more challenging, which was the case with my relative. I can only evaluate on the basis of our experience,

Most nurses appear to be medication distributors only - will assist with little else, even if a patient needs help with something. Lots of lip service, but little action.

The doctor assigned to my relative was an efficient robot, as was the social worker.

Those assigned to caring for my relative on a daily basis ranged from helpful and compassionate to completely clueless about a patient's situation. They badly need communication training - tend not to listen to patients and appear bored and uninterested. They say they "will be back" to help and then never return. My relative was left naked on a portable commode for almost 30 minutes one day, in pain and freezing. Handling of patients is generally rough.

The food is very good and the chef is accommodating. He visited several times and made adjustments that were helpful. Many thanks to him.

Therapists were wonderful when my relative was able to perform and then not helpful when she had setbacks that thwarted her progress and frustrated her.

Housekeeping replies quickly to needs. Cleanliness is not the worst, but leaves much to be desired. Things are left on the floor (gloves, towels, trash, etc.) I kept watch on a bedpan in my relative's bathroom that had feces remnants in it for 3 days before someone cleaned it.

Here's the sad part: this facility has better overall ratings than many others in the Baltimore area, which is why we chose it. That's downright scary.

Liked well enough to go back a year later

I'm posting my review as a friend researches facilities for her ailing mother, and read aloud the many negative reviews displayed here for Powerback Rehab. Mine is a positive review, and I'm sure there are plenty more out there that probably should be written. My father stayed at Powerback after a knee replacement in December 2012 and, because of that positive experience, chose to return there after a hip replacement in March 2014. The staff was incrediblly nice and attentive. Our first encounter was with a lovely woman named Carmen. She welcomed us with open arms and got my dad situated in short order. We were happy to see Carmen again when he returned 15 months later. During both of his stays, his nurses and the PT/OT staff were professional and pleasant. My dad was a good patient, and is naturally kind towards strangers, so perhaps that helped. He also followed instructions and did his exercises faithfully. The goal, after all, was to get well enough to return home. As for me, I was confident in the level of care he received. I took off one star for cleanliness only because the visitor bathrooms weren't kept as clean as they should've been; my dad's bathroom was very clean, however, as was his room. He enjoyed dining with other residents in the dining room, and I joined him for a couple of meals. The food was not gourmet, but there was variety and it tasted good.

There are bound to be negative experiences everywhere. The hospital where my dad had his surgery assigned a nurse to him who brought him highly-sugared foods even though he has diabetes. They even allowed him to go PT with a few other people but only one therapist was in the room. When my dad stood up to do an exercise, he fell onto the therapist when his BP dropped. Not smart. Luckily, no serious damage in either situation, but we became sensitive to things like that when he went to rehab. Powerback listened to our concerns and they were attentive to his being a fall risk and having diabetes. I recommended Powerback to a friend who had difficutly walking because of arthritis and other ailments; he enjoyed his month-long stay there. A co-worker took her father there and was pleased with the care provided. Another co-worker took her grandmother but wasn't all that happy for various reasons. Everyone's expectations are different. Luckily, Powerback was a good fit my father.


Worst Place EVER!!! AVOID!!! There have been so many issues it's not funny...I'm not going to right a book I'm going to list the problems.
1. UNDERCOOKED CHICKEN AND FISH was given to my loved one! So at that point we started bring food for them and the roommate.
2. My loved one was stuck on a potty chair for over an hour. Nurse was making her bed and did not finish when she hit the call button the NURSE IGNORED HER!
3. I had repeatedly spoken to NURSES about her bed sore and was told it was there when she came in. Problem: after a week had they taken care of it? Nope. I had to request what I needed and take care of it...plus they argued there was no open would. MY LOVED ONE WAS/IS DIABETIC and I took care of the problem and there was/is a documented open wound!
4. I have seen nurses come in and tell patient "I will be back"....over an hour later show up
5. Another woman was left in a wheelchair for 6+ hours asking to be taken out of it. No avail because they didn't want to deal with it.
6.Everyone loves their phone and could care less about their patients.
7. DIABETICS are supposed to get snacks...what happened? B/C that is a lie.
8. NURSES are LAZY as I don't know what and really...I do not plan to send anyone I love back to this place.


Not impressed

My husband's been there almost two weeks now. The administrative staff, the NPs, and the drs are wonderful. The nursing staff and techs need to be trained in patient care. They need to put away their personal cell phones. It takes forever for anyone to show up when the call button is pushed. The medicines are mostly given late. My husband has been made to feel like he's an afterthought and is mostly left alone unless he has visitors and then everyone goes to great lengths to attend to him. The sad thing is, I was told by an xray tech that this is one of the better places.

Very nice and clean

These reviews are crazy the place is wonderful, clean and friendly staff. I had a friend there with broken leg in 2012-2103 and brother in law right now since July 2014. It's convenient and very experienced staff in rehab and physical therapy. Food is wonderful for patients and special treat nights. Outside areas are wonderful and relaxing. I've heard a few folks that may have had problems but if you are nice you get nice back. No problems at all. Try somewhere else and I bet it's worse.


My mother just got there ,the place is not clean , there is a smell as soon as I went to her floor. Her first meal was chicken that was still pink in the center and she was just hospitalized for a GI issue. Instead of giving a fresh newly cooked piece they simply recooked the piece that pass thru 3 different people. The food is awful. The techs are not kind or patient . My mother has say twice at Keswick rehab and they are wonderful , all the staff they treat you like you are family and the food is delicious ,better than most home cooking. We can't wait for her to get strong enough to leave. I have no piece of mind as long as she is there. I feel that she is not happy or safe the family spends long days there to make sure she is cared for and brings her meal.
The facility doctor is professional and attentive and most nurses are ok but most of the staff need training in customer service training in how to deal and talk to the public.

This place is awful. My father has be...

This place is awful. My father has been here for about two weeks now, and I can't wait for him to get strong enough to come back home. This is the worst health care facility that I have ever seen. The nurses are extremely slow and have no sense of urgency. When a call is placed for a nurse to come to my father's room, it can easily take over half an hour for someone to come. Medicines and other things do not come in a timely manner. As far as care goes, the majority of nurses do the bare minimum. The trash will stay in the room for a very long time and the room is not kept sanitary. Therapists seem to be pretty good, however. Overall, this facility is terrible and I urge everyone to find another rehab center that is more sanitary and staffed with nurses that are more professional, kind, and attentive.

Bad experience

My husban when here for rehab after suffering a stroke. When he wanted to leave, they said it was against medical advice. So he sign himself out . Because he did that they would not write prescriptions for his medicines nor would they tell him what his new medicines were. They are only interested in keeping you there for the insurance money.

Then they called 2 days later to ask how he was, really? Especially since they didn't provide a way for him to get his medicine.

I give a zero, but I have to rate to post

Wish we could have stayed here!

My mother was here for rehab and her room was almost right across from the nurses station and she was responded to very quickly, the care was phenomenal. I say this to everybody, but this was the one place I could walk way from at the end of the day and not worry about my mother (and I'm the worrier of the family). I said to the girls there, let her live here! I would have been fine with here, and I really wish she could have stayed.